Thursday, 2021-01-14

10,000 dead in Sweden

719: Number splitting

I’m a bit fired up after Advent of Code, so thought I’d start by picking off some “easy” recent PE problems.

My first brute-force attempt found a solution after 4.5 hours, but access to the forum showed much smarter solutions so that’s what I’ve added to the repo.

Wednesday, 2021-01-06

9,000 dead in Sweden

Also a coup or something in the US…

Monday, 2021-01-04

Advent of Code 2020 wrapup

This was a good year, in my opinion. It was a return to the 2015-2017 era, before the unfortunate experiment in collective puzzle-making in 2018, and the “armature” of the intcode puzzles in 2019. These were fun, and impressive, but if you missed out on doing them there was ~45% of the puzzles gone.

I managed to solve all puzzles before the end of the year, with a personal score of 48 out of 50, which is the best I’ve done since 2016.

AoC has grown hugely, even compared to last year. Here’s how many solved both parts of day 1 and day 25 (essentially solving every puzzle):

Year 2 stars day 1 2 stars day 25 Personal best ranking
for 2 stars
2015 50,358 3,521 422 (day 16)
2019 101,125 3,137 2,111 (day 23)
2020 148,468 11,285 5,040 (day 18)

Favorite puzzle was probably day 20, where we had to do some image recognition. I didn’t finish this on the day it was released but had some fun polishing it later.