Wednesday, 2008-11-12

Aimee Mann, China Teatern, 2008-11-10

Aimee Mann

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I finally got to see Aimee in concert and it was pretty awesome. Only gripe is that most of the songs were from the latest 2 albums which aren’t my top favs. Totally worth going anyway!

I missed all but the last 3 songs from support The Submarines but they were pretty good too.

Set list:

  • Stranger Into Stardust
  • Looking for Nothing
  • Dear John
  • Save Me
  • Wise Up
  • Freeway
  • The Great Beyond
  • Going Through the Motions
  • Calling It Quits
  • Red Vines - acoustic version, just Aimee and a guitar.
  • It’s Not
  • Lost in Space
  • 31 Today
  • Borrowing Time
  • Today’s the Day
  • How Am I Different
  • Driving Sideways - this was not rehearsed, and it showed ;)
  • 4th of July
  • One
  • Stupid Thing