Monday, 2006-10-09

Lloyd Cole, Södra teatern, 2006-10-09

Lloyd Cole

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This consert was every bit as good as I hoped it would be. The setting was minimalistic: a Macbook, a sequencer, a collection of guitars. Enter Cole in khaki, teasing us with some electronica from his Plastic Wood album. He’s joined by Neil Clark on electric guitar and they launch into the set.

I nearly wish I’d noted what the songs were, but that would have detracted from a mesmerising performance. Using just two guitars and some spare beats from the sequencer, Cole and Clark bring the classic songs to life in the intimate theatre. “Pay For It”, lushly orchestrated in album form, was just as good in this setting. Same for “No Blue Skies”, another favourite of mine.

The place was packed, I’m really glad I got the tickets.

Here are Linus’ impressions (in Swedish).