Wednesday, 2007-10-03

Mont Blanc cartridge in a Pilot pen

So I did the cartridge hack detailed here. I bought a Mont Blanc rollerball refill (medium), cut off the end, and inserted it into my trusty old Pilot Vega.

Mechanically it works like a charm, but as a writing instrument the original Pilot gel ink is better. The Mont Blanc is much narrower, and feels rougher to write with compared to both the Pilot or my real favourite, the cheap gel pens you can get at Muji.

So unless you’re a big fan of Mont Blanc rollerballs and cheap, don’t bother with this.

Update 2007-10-08: I must have gotten a cartridge that was all dried out, because after a couple of day’s use it’s much nicer! Still don’t know if it’s worth the money though.