Friday, 2007-06-15

Shawn Colvin, Debaser Medis, 2007-06-14

Shawn Colvin

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Finally found some time to blog this. One of the best concerts I’ve attended. Shawn was all alone on stage with just an acoustic guitar and made every song feel new. I’ve been a fan since I bought “Steady On” in 1990.

After 3 songs she asked for requests, and got so many she had to say stop and tell us she’d ask again. Some kind soul wanted to hear “Kill the Messenger”, which would have been my request if I’d been quicker off the mark.

I’ll post the set list as soon as I’ve deciphered my notes (yes I am that geeky).

Update: here it is:

Another Long One
These Four Walls
Whole New You
Sunny Came Home
Killing The Blues
Wichita Skyline
Summer Dress
A Matter Of Minutes
Steady On
(more requests)
Shotgun Down An Avalanche
Kill The Messenger
I’m Gone
I Don’t Know Why
I Don’t Want To Live On The Moon (“Do you really want to hear that song?”)
Fill Me Up
You’re Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go