Friday, 2005-12-02

Defining acronyms

I’ve long wanted to automatically add a <acronym title="explanation">TLA</acronym> to all the TLA ’s and FLA ’s in my posts. And I don’t want to do it by hand, not when I use Markdown for everything else.

I asked around on the Blosxom list and got pointers to two existing plugins, Autolink by Fletcher T. Penney, and Automatic LuckyGoogle by Todd Larason. I found Fletcher’s code easier to grok, being more or less what I started hacking myself before I got bogged down in the plugin internals of blosxom… So I copy-pasted some stuff and now I can type XSLT and get a cool dotted underline and a tooltip.

One small step for me, an even tinier step for the semantic web.

Update 2006-03-02: you can get the plugin here.