Unofficial Freenode FAQ

This FAQ is deprecated

Since 10 Aug 2021, the network formerly known as Freenode has implemented radical changes that have led to me dissociating with the network. I still have an account but there's no longer any interest for me to continue to monitor changes as they are announced ad-hoc in the #freenode channel.

This FAQ remains online for historical reasons.

Why do I need to re-register my nick?

On 15 Jun 2021, Freenode switched IRC server software (ircd) and services software (NickServ, ChanServ etc). The information in the previous versions was not migrated.

You will have to re-register your nickname. /msg NickServ HELP for more.

The previous version of ircd was ircd-seven. The current one is a forked version of InspIRCd.

The previous versions of services was Atheme. The current one is Anope.

Since 29 Jul 2021 it is mandatory to connect via SSL and to authenticate with SASL on Freenode. This requires a registered account.

Why am I no longer owner/op of a channel that I used to be owner of?

See the previous question.

To get help with regaining ops in a channel, please join #ChanHelp.

What do all these new usermodes and channel modes mean?

Not all modes are listed on the web pages, these commands will show them in your client

Set user mode +I to hide your list of joined channels from non-staff. This is not enabled by default.

How do I get a cloak?

All nicks’ originating IP addresses are automatically cloaked.

When you join freenode, you are given a generic hostmask that looks similar to freenode-qv9.ri1.7p3p9r.IP. If you connect using SASL, you will receive a vhost in the format of freenode/user/accountname. You can also activate this vhost by issuing the command /msg hostserv ON (assuming your nick is registered).

Why were services not migrated?

Update 24 Jun 2021, logs from #freenode (edited):

14:04:29Z   < gustaf> as to why? who knows
14:04:42Z <@sorcerer> Because services and ircds were outdated
14:05:10Z   < gustaf> sorcerer: ok, I will add that to my faq
14:05:25Z <@sorcerer> and alot of projects left, so why leave a 
                      bunch of nicknames and channels registered 
                      that arent going to be used anymore
14:06:16Z <@sorcerer> If people are gonna move, then their 
                      nicknames and channels shouldnt be sitting 
                      in the database. So we gave freenode a fresh 
14:06:44Z <@sorcerer> Other people should get the oppertunity to 
                      have nicknames and channels

/whois sorcerer
-- [sorcerer] (unknown@freenode/staff/sorcerer): unknown

I’m in a channel for a FLOSS project but it’s almost empty. Where is everyone?

Freenode’s mission is no longer to be a host for free and open source projects’ IRC presence. Freenode is now a general purpose IRC network. Many FLOSS projects have decamped to other networks.

Most projects should have information on their respective websites on where their official IRC networks are located.

As of 2 Jul 2021, the following channels from the top 20 list (and selected others) have official statements concerning their IRC channels.

Here is a more complete list.

I’m trying to join a channel with a double hash but I’m redirected to one with a single hash. What’s going on?

There is no longer a policy where single-hash channels are officially owned by projects, and double-hash channels are unofficial. Anyone can create a channel with a single-hash now.

Can I inform about other networks?

I would strongly advise against this. Conveying such information through topics, notices or other means is seen as spam by network operators and can lead to banning from the network.

I need more help!

Please join #Help. The people there are friendly and will do their best to help you.

For channel help, join #ChanHelp.

Is this an official FAQ?

No it is not. I am not affiliated with Freenode. This FAQ is not affiliated with Freenode.

I wrote this FAQ to help users navigate the "new" Freenode.

© Gustaf Erikson 2021. All rights reserved.

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