Tuesday, 2018-01-09

607: Marsh crossing

A fun problem!

My initial idea was to utilize Snell’s law, which was indeed the right idea, but I didn’t have the right constraints.

After a while I rethought the problem to minimize a multi-variable function using the “downhill simplex” algorithm.

Thursday, 2018-01-04

301: Nim

Problem description.

Brute-forcing for 5 minutes gave the correct answer, and access to the forum and an even faster solution…

Wednesday, 2018-01-03

118: Pandigital prime sets

Problem description.

Pretty happy with this solution!

Tuesday, 2018-01-02

111: Primes with runs

Project description.

Algo adopted from this solution.

349: Langton’s Ant

Problem description.

I had to write some code for AoC 2017 day 22 which matched up with this pretty nicely.