Tuesday, 2017-01-31


January, dark outside, time for portraits!

Jan & Hedda


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Exhibitions, Jan 2017

Salongsmåleri?!, Waldemarsudde

A fascinating view into the genre of salon or Academy art, as defined by the Paris Salon. Characterized by large canvases, and attention to (not always accurate) detail, this style of painting fell out of favor when Modernism came along.

In the same exhibit the photographer Miss Aniela showed huge prints of digital composites in the same vein, although these were “pure” images without the intellectual baggage of the classical paintings, where you needed to have some sort of mythical background to excuse showing nude young ladies.

The interesting contrast was between the very polished digital photographs and the photorealistic paintings, where the brushwork and texture made them almost more lifelike than the photos ostensibly taken from “real life”. Made you think!

Fria Fotografers Filial, Kulturhuset

In the 80s a gallery in Stockholm had shows with non-established photographers, without explicit curation. The concept is back in probably the most central space in Stockholm, and it was worth a visit. It’s an interesting cross-section of what experienced photographers consider good enough to show. Among the dross of cheesy travel pics (hi from Cuba!) and just-in-time ruin porn from the ongoing Slussen rebuilding, there was some good stuff.

Jens Olof Lasthein - Meanwhile Across the Mountain, Galleri Kontrast

Panorama images of life in the Caucasus, mostly of everyday life. Interesting glimpse into a world forgotten in the eyes of the West.

Friday, 2017-01-13

493: Under The Rainbow

Project description

Based on the difficulty raiting of this problem I guessed it had an analytical solution, and indeed the answer can be easily expressed in binomial terms.

Thursday, 2017-01-12

214: Totient Chains

Problem description.

Another Math::Prime::Util example.

211: Divisor Square Sum

Problem description.

Another Math::Prime::Util example.

131: Prime cube partnership

Problem description.

Scrounged around in the documentation to Math::Prime::Util and found this under the examples section.

Tuesday, 2017-01-10

105: Special subset sums: testing

Problem description.

The idea to use a bitmask to represent the sets is from this page, as is the clever way to test rule 2.

Thursday, 2017-01-05

Wednesday, 2017-01-04

The Corporation Wars: Insurgence by Ken MacLeod

Second volume in the series.

Unlike in Engines of Light, this second novel simply continues the action of the first, setting up for (hopefully) an explosive payoff.

I’m happy to read anything by MacLeod and I didn’t regret this either, but he has written better.