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Wednesday, 18 May 2022

Allmän info: nya gröna SL-kortet behöver inte skannas optiskt

När jag skaffade det nya gröna SL-kortet så observerade jag den lilla QR-koden på baksidan. Den används för att skanna av kortet i SL-appen, för att köpa biljetter mm.

Dom nya läsarna har en optisk läsare som används för att läsa av biljetter som finns i mobil-appen. Av någon anledning trodde jag att även QR-koden var det som lästes av i spärren.

Så är det inte, kortet har även RFID. Man behöver inte visa QR-koden i läsaren.

Se bara till att inte läsa av kortet från en hållare som också innehåller ett betalkort. Då finns det risk att båda läses av och du betalar resan i onödan från betalkortet.

bUt wHatAbOut aZoV


NEW: In 17 villages & small towns in #Ukraine that had been under Russia occupation, Human Rights Watch found:

⚠️ 31 summary executions & other unlawful killings;

⚠️ 6 enforced disappearances;

⚠️ 7 cases of torture;

⚠️ 21 cases of unlawful confinement.

By Russian forces

Tuesday, 17 May 2022

Every sunny day now is just a subtle reminder the Earth is burning up.

I’ve added a bunch of old blog posts that I removed from my main blog. Most of them are from 2005-2006, and when I started tweeting seriously they tailed off a lot. Check the archives if you feel interested.

Looks like the Husk/Twitter deal is a pile of 💩.

Monday, 16 May 2022

Pondering gemini.

I have decided, announcement soon.

PSA: unmaintained project channels on Freenode automatically redirect to #freenode

During the management changes at Freenode in Jul 2021, all access lists and channel ownerships were reset. Existing channels that were not reclaimed by projects now automatically redirect to the main channel, which is #freenode.

If you have a specific question about a project, please make sure you’re actually in a maintained channel, and not in the main channel.

If the channel is not maintained, try checking the project’s homepage for their IRC presence. It’s usually under the “Community” section.

(crossposted to my main blog.)


Shorter Russia, crying like a wojak behind a smirking mask…

“We pulled troops from the Finnish border to invade Ukraine, which spooked Finland to join NATO, but now we can’t invade Finland to force them to not join NATO because all our troops are in Ukraine getting killed in the invasion we started to force Ukraine not joining NATO.”


“Russia is so weak now they couldn’t risk another humiliating defeat,” Toveri said. If Russia were to attempt to send troops into Finland “in a couple of days they would be wiped out. The risk of humiliating defeat is high.”


“Gamers” has been a wholly right wing captured demographic since 2014. ‘Gamergate’ was nothing but a mainstreaming of white supremacist ideals into gaming culture.

You will now find someone repeating them in almost every mainstream gaming outpost you go.

Finding out that an online privacy activist is also a COVID denier is surprise level zero.

Sunday, 15 May 2022

More minimal blogging faffery

Serve plain text and make RSS 2.0 (sic!) the main delivery option.

Neither of the above render correctly in, for example, w3m, because it doesn’t handle line breaks

You too can be a member of the exclusive club of people who… publish RSS feeds? Note that they’re all dudes, quelle surprise.

4chan can fuck off and die.


Seeing a lot of goths about again, which is bad news.

Goths are the harbinger of recession whether its the 2008 recession, the 1980s recession or 5th century Rome and the collapse of the empire.

They may not be the cause but they are the warning we should heed

TFW when you forgot you reimplemented a part of your site and moved it to another location in the code tree and started working on the old location…

Saturday, 14 May 2022


Interesting submission about a super simple way to blog.

I must say I’m pleasantly surprised how fast this blog setup is. All data (basically most tweets since 2007 plus stuff I’ve written since the end of April) is 1.8MB of text in fortune format, and takes under 3s to render to HTML from Markdown.

Anyway, people should do whatever. I’ve long held the opinion that manually writing HTML/XML (closing tags etc) is a huge pain, and the advent of Markdown was a sweet release from that pain. For some unfathomable reason static site generators have ballooned in complexity. If you just want a frikkin’ site, MD + some perl has you covered.


There are two things that get in the way of blogging: not having an inspiration on what to write, and having too many steps between wanting to write and publishing.

So true.

Ta gueule, Macron!

Eurovision 2022

Man it’s hard for me to resist going back to Twitter to snark-tweet.

CZE: should have a flashing light warning

SUI: this is causing depression

FRA: what language were they singing in? - it was Breton

NOR: I am at a loss for words

SPA: ¡muy caliente!

AZE: defeated by ARM in this competition

ISL: The Corrs go to Iceland

MDA: Russia, please invade and put a stop to this

SWE: Go Cornelia!

UK: it’s like the BeeGees and David Bowie had a love child

POL: morbid

SRB: at least they tried


La Suisse: null points

UKR wins!

What has Putin wrought.

@michel_v: Allemagne ou Royaume-Uni pour la dernière place cette année ? #Eurovision
@gerikson: La France, par chance?
@michel_v: Our Belgian vassals would never let us down.
@gerikson: at least FRA has 1 more point than GER right now, they have 0. But GBR in the lead :D
@michel_v: [Narrator’s voice] Of course the Belgian vassals let us down.

GER didn’t deserve last place btw.

At the same time we’re watching the glittering confection of Eurovision, a racist kills at least 10 in Buffalo NY and livestreams it on Twitch. Sickening.

The Gamergate carrion birds are coming home to roost.

Friday, 13 May 2022

Friday 13th - Champagne Day! 🍾

Make sure to enjoy today with your favorite bubbly.

Update: this is mine

single glass on Fri 13

Rasmus Paludan and “free speech”

Rasmus Paludan is a craven little shitweasel and I hope he meets the fate he deserves as soon as possible.

@ChrChristensen thread

Danish far-right “activist” Rasmus Paludan burnt 3 Qur’ans in Sweden yesterday. There’s a tendency to claim that people who criticize these acts are “against free speech.” That’s not only intellectually juvenile, but shows a lack of understanding about how free speech works.

Critiquing the MANNER in which free speech is exercised isn’t the same thing as saying the right should be revoked or speech banned. For example, I was opposed to the US occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan. I was also opposed to any bans on protesting against these occupations.

But, if anti-war protesters staged a protest at the funeral of a soldier killed in the war with signs saying the solder deserved to die, I’d critique both the MANNER and CONTENT of their speech. That doesn’t mean I’d ban either their right to gather or their right to speak.

Citizens exercising their free speech rights to question how others have exercised their free speech rights is actually the perfect crystallization of free speech and democratic engagement in action. To suggest hard critique of speech stifles free speech is counterintuitive.

When Paludan wraps his Islamophobia in “free speech,” don’t be surprised if others exercise their rights to then call out what they consider a transparent attack on a religious group. Labeling those who do so as “anti-free speech” is, ironically, an attempt to stifle speech.

Journalists, politicians, pundits forever whine about behavior that’s perfectly legal, but they consider anti-social. The message? Just because you have the right to do something doesn’t mean it’s the right/responsible/democratic decision. Precisely what critics tell Paludan.

It’s amusing to see opinion leaders who spend a huge amount of time telling citizens about the “correct” and “incorrect” way to exercise their freedoms – like, say, telling Muslim women what they should wear – suddenly wetting their pants when Qur’an-burners are criticized.

What this comes down to is how framing of freedoms/rights varies dramatically depending on whose rights are discussed. Paludan? Then it’s the letter of the law that matters. Immigrants? Well, then we begin to critique based on things like “values.” Legal rights less important.

Guidelines for company event in Germany next week: we have to take a COVID test and a personality test.

Melon Husk putting the Twitter deal “on hold” is today’s LOL moment.

(@bruces tweet, not linkable, ID 1525077147332886528):

The amorphous blight of nethermost confusion which blasphemes and bubbles at the center of the Milky Way, gnawing hungrily in inconceivable, unlighted chambers amidst the muffled, maddening beating of vile drums and the thin monotonous whine of accursed flutes

black hole in the center of the milky way

HN loves discussing online censorship - when it fits their preconceptions.

Two posts about Empty Husk buying Twitter garnered almost 7,000 comments.

A submission about Texas literally banning companies from “censoring” their users racked up 16 comments.

NATO: A wild Erdoğan appears!

Jonas Sjöstedt: Natoanhängarnas tystnad om Erdoğan är ömklig


Russian Casualties in the Ukraine Have Reached “6.9 Trillion,” Say Sources; Pentagon Confirms Russia “Has Now Lost More People Than Have Ever Been Born”

Thursday, 12 May 2022

I’ve been a card carrying member of /r/Buttcoin since BTC was priced in 3 digits, and I’m excited to see it heading that way again.


Crypto bros now demanding the Fed to backstop the meltdown

David Gerard: The Cryptocurrency Crash Is Replaying 2008 as Absurdly as Possible.

From Web3 is going just great:

One of the greatest misconceptions of the new gilded age in which we live is that having money makes you smart, and that being smart makes you money.

This is an amazing thread, but you gotta wonder if this dude is acting as cover for the UKR/US intelligence services fully penetrating Russian comms:

What I did to destroy Russian pantonne bridge over Siverskyi Donets - a thread 🧵

Here you go -> -> ->


More supporting evidence for this being gleaned from unsecured Russian troop comms via cellphone:


“Debian - Linux like it’s 1999!”

Wednesday, 11 May 2022

Prompted by a submission to lobste.rs, I finally researched Mr. Brian Lunduke and feel fully justified adding him to the killfile.

Hertig Lögnhals

15:05  < gerikson> ok let's see if his fans have some hissy fits
15:06 < Brekkjern> Maybe he should try what angersock did and become Lugnduke?
15:06  < gerikson> badum-tisch
15:07  < gerikson> right now he's Lögnduke
15:07 < Brekkjern> Hahaha

Tuesday, 10 May 2022

Not feeling too good about the USA today.

It’s OK that Emacs isn’t part of the “Unix Philosopy™”, because GNU’s Not Unix.

Monday, 09 May 2022

Fueling Secession, Promising Bitcoins: How a Russian Operator Urged Catalonian Leaders to Break With Madrid

As the kids say, huge if true.

Undrar varför Mullvad känner att det är värt att ta ut stora annonser i t-banan för att kränga sin VPN-lösning. I dagens läge känns det som en hundvissla åt högerextremister.


Har inte Ukraina lidit nog?

Screenshot from DN showing Bono and the Edge playing in the Kyiv subway
U2 play in Kyiv subway

OK, unfollowing now, I was a big fan of their spirited defense against illegal invasion, had no idea they liked U2.


Back in uni, there was a room in the computer lab with a bunch of Sun pizza box workstations - I believe they were Ultrasparcs.

The naming convention was celestial satellites, so we had names like Callisto, Miranda, Phoebe, and … Moon.

Moon. Not Luna. Not Selene. Not Cynthia. (OK, Cynthia would have been weird.)

Still haven’t gotten over it.

(update 2022-05-13: after this was written, some shitty “algorithmic stablecoin” with Luna in its name went tits-up and disappeared. This post is entirely coincidental to that. Unfortunately.)

Sunday, 08 May 2022

Austrian economics - a twitter thread by @davetroy

Thread starts here

Austrian Economics (gold, crypto) is rooted in a desire to make the world work in the way some people think it should work.

The problem is… it doesn’t actually work that way, unless you are a sociopath. And even then, there are limits.

Some examples…

“People will move to where tax rates are cheaper,” they say. But most people don’t choose where they live based on tax rates. Sociopaths do, sometimes. Time after time this analysis never holds up, despite the alarming chatter. https://t.co/HSjMRK1H40

The other big myth is that increasing the monetary supply alone contributes to inflation. In the current moment, we know that cartel influence over energy prices gives the oil+gas industry special leverage outside of monetary supply.

Inflation doesn’t always directly correlate to increased monetary supply; and oil+gas cartels can “juke the stats” to achieve whatever outcome they like. As usual, complex chaotic systems don’t lend themselves to reductive theses. Behavioral economics and complexity theory exist for a reason, to understand actual vs. surmised behavior. Why would proponents go to such lengths to disregard actual behavior and reality to impose their deductive (wrong) ideas about how money works on everyone? Because they think it will advantage them.

It also enables various shady activities and Ponzi schemes; crypto is just playing back every financial scheme ever invented before regulators catch up. Tech often is a medium through which social misfits and miscreants reshape the world in ways that make them comfortable and fit in. Rather than try to adapt to a world they don’t understand, they wish to remake the world in a way that suits their view of it.

We should all resist this. We definitely need to have big hairy messy conversations about money and its regulation. But reliance on poorly conceived and mostly wrong frameworks that make sense primarily to teen boys and sociopaths, and has no bearing on data, human behavior, or reality, is not the way. It’s time to discard this bad hand and move on.

Today we celebrate 77 years since the remnants of the criminal gang that led Germany to ruinous defeat in World War 2 signed an instrument of unconditional surrender.

Saturday, 07 May 2022


Högskoleprovets orddel, VT 2022

Friday, 06 May 2022

Utterly unsurprised that Gemininaut with fundamentalist views on “free speech” is also writing Very Bad D&D lore.

Eschew smol web, embrace swole web.

Thursday, 05 May 2022

HN thread about filtering out assholes makes a lot of assholes surface in the comments.



When at Uber, I remember this change to make sure a female interviewer is present on every hiring loop.

The strangest thing happened.

We started rejecting candidates just because they were unwilling to make eye contact with the female interviewer or acknowledge their presence.

I am no longer muted in #freenode@freenode.net, which means I can continue to passive-aggressively let confused users know where their favorite projects hang out on IRC nowadays.


A friend put “Leftism is the political expression of” and “The most leftist country is” into GPT-3 and got this result.

Twitter screenshot
Twitter screenshot.


“Ban abortion, ban trans people, ban words, ban kneeling during the national anthem, ban books, ban masks, ban vaccine mandates, ban history, ban science, ban math, ban cartoons… TO PROTECT OUR CHILDREN!”

What about guns?

“Banning guns won’t solve anything.”

Wednesday, 04 May 2022

Oh fuck here come the bad Star Wars puns we’ve all definitely never heard before.

Where we’re at it, what’s the Jedi religion’s stance on abortion? The one example we’ve seen in the movies show that the life of the mother isn’t really a priority…

Weaver: Didn’t you take the Hippocratic oath?
Romano: I kept my fingers crossed.

Tuesday, 03 May 2022

Well today could have started better.

(context: a draft decision to overturn Roe vs. Wade was leaked from the US Supreme Court. Abortion rights in the US are under concerted attack by misogynist ideologues, closely tied to the global Right)

Oh, and there’s a tired re-hash of “free speech” on Gemini. Here’s my take.


I spent a lot of time last night reflecting on how one of dominant narratives of my lifetime has been that freedom of speech is the most fundamental freedom, and how only a bunch of white guys who have never had their bodily autonomy threatened could have constructed that concept

Russian fascism mask off


Welp, looks like Russia wants a fight with Israel. Russian Foreign Ministry says that Israel “supports the neo-Nazi regime in Kyiv” and that Lapid saying ““The Jews did not murder themselves in the Holocaust” is “anti-historical.”

Jerusalem Post: Russia claims Israel supports neo-Nazis in Ukraine after Lavrov-Hitler flap

Russia says Astrid Lindgren, Ingmar Bergman and Ingvar Kamprad were Nazis on billboards (in Swedish).

Well, one out of three is more accurate than most Russian propaganda.

Sandra has more about Astrid.

You know what else is not “deeply rooted in history”? The privacy of your internet search history.

Fucking 2022, don’t make me root for Disney and John Deere.

Monday, 02 May 2022

Muted the terms “Elon” and “Musk” on Twitter.

Blog todo


Jag är kluven i frågan om Sverige ska ansluta sig till NATO. Men jag tycker att det är viktigt att Sverige har ett starkt och avskräckande försvar. Om ett NATO-medlemskap är det som krävs för att det ska vara fallet så kanske det är bäst ändå.

“We need to intubate!”

I wonder if there’s any episode of “E.R.” where they don’t intubate someone.

(in this episode, they intubate two people.)

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