Wednesday, 2021-10-20

Bonnie Prince Charlie: Charles Edward Stuart by Frank McLynn

A great biography, even if it’s showing its age (published in 1988). There’s a bit too much pop psychology and hidebound attitudes towards homosexuality for my taste. That said, even if the women in Charles Edward’s life are routinely described as “calculating” and “coquetteish”, the book does acknowledge that their situation was a difficult one.

There’s rarely a dull moment in this book, even if you’d think that after the excitement of the ‘45 and the “prince in the heather” things would get boring. On the contrary, it’s Stuart’s precipitous fall in health and wealth that grips you the most.

I also enjoyed reading about Gustav III of Sweden basically cajoling Charles Edward for the title of Grand Master of the Masons, something he really didn’t have the authority to give away. Masonry, like Jacobitism, was way bigger back then apparently.