Wednesday, 2021-09-29

Setting up a Gemini server

I host my stuff on a Digital Ocean VPS.

I already have a webserver running, and my domain points to it.

I followed the steps in this instruction with some added wrinkles:

  • I could not get agate to start correctly, it would not bind to the ipv4 port 1965. After some desultory troubleshooting I used gemserv instead.
  • I didn’t bother compiling gemserv to use GGI, just static content.
  • The cert and key .pem files generated from the instructions worked great in gemserv
  • I used the systemd service example from the instructions, just replacing the call to agate with the call to gemserv

Update Wednesday, 2021-10-06

The main site can be reached on gemini://

I’ve set up a gemlog using Blosxom on gemini://