Sunday, 2017-05-14

River of Gods by Ian McDonald

McDonald likes submerging himself in other settings and getting into the heads of their (near) future inhabitants. He’s obviously done a lot of research for this book, and from my bookish North European viewpoint his future fractured India rings true. It’s certainly easy to fall into the cadence of Anglo-English when reading some of the interior monologues, but it goes beyond that, to an appreciation of the culture and mores that nuanced and well written.

The framing SF plot (rogue AIs planning to do something) is beside the point. The central story is of the characters and their interactions.

Sunday, 2017-05-07

Luna: Wolf Moon by Ian McDonald

A sequel to New Moon. The series can now be read as a dialog and critique of The Moon is a Harsh Mistress, which I must confess I have never read, and purposefully written to make Heinlein, his epigones, and the fans who think his style of SF is the only real SF choke on a bag of dicks. Highly recommended.

Saturday, 2017-05-06

Napoleon: A Life by Andrew Roberts

A great biography over a man many times called great. A good overview of the key points of his career, wrapped up in a nice framework of history and anecdote.

Sunday, 2017-04-30

Wednesday, 2017-04-19

Goodreads account

Moving to reading electronically has broken up the reading experience for me. Books are now just a stream on a screen and I need to keep track of them in a better way. So I’ve got an account at Goodreads and I’m slowly transferring the reviews on this site to there.

I think I’ll still add the reviews here but this will let me keep track of reading dates etc. with a bit more precision.

Tuesday, 2017-04-18

The Plantagenets by Dan Jones

A narrative history of the Plantagenet dynasty.

Friday, 2017-03-31




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Saturday, 2017-03-18

Fotografiska, March 2017

Ren Hang — Human Love

Whatever one thinks of Hang and his significance to photography there’s no doubt he was a talented artist. He managed to transform the human body into art - disturbing, sculptural art. There is little eroticism in his work, more interest in creating sculptures from bodies.

Cooper & Gorfer — I Know Not These My Hands

Vast, photoshopped canvases of Nordic minorities in traditional garb - or modern recreations thereof. This left me entirely cold.

Patrick Demarchelier — Lumière

Standard B&W magazine portraits from the 90’s, fun for nostalgia’s sake but shopworn and almost devoid of meaning outside the significance the subjects have in the wider cultural context.

Monday, 2017-03-13

The Hollow Crown by Dan Jones

Fast-paced narrative history about the last of the Plantagenets and the ascension of Henry VII. Very readable and a good overview of the period.

Sunday, 2017-03-12

Drive-By Truckers, Södra Teatern Kägelbanan 2017-03-12

Finally got to catch this band live! It was a good crowd too, which is fun as as far as I know DBT are pretty unknown in Sweden. I hope we didn’t disappoint by being Swedish and reserved.

Great support by Ellen Sundberg.