Monday, 2018-04-30

Saturday, 2018-03-31


Stensund III

March reflection II

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Monday, 2018-03-12

Photos and gear Sunday

Fotomässan 2018

After a couple of years on life support, the annual Stockholm photo fair is reborn, embedded in a huge exhibit of boats and outdoor life. This makes a lot of sense as the fair was always popular with arrangers of photo trips, and nature and wildlife photography is one of the last redoubts of “traditional” photography (as opposed to mobile phone photography).

Sadly this cut into the space assigned for actual photographs, which was actually a big part of previous fairs. This, along with the relative lack of space for photo gear compared to outdoor stuff, left the fair being a bit underpopulated.

Notably missing from the exhibitors was Canon and Hasselblad.

That said, I had fun fondling expensive gear. It looks increasingly like a Sony A7 of some sort together with a compact prime is the best way for me forward, gear-wise.

Handling the Fuji GFX50 was fun as well. Another standout was the Samyang 50mm ƒ/0.95. Both are really big and heavy, it really feels as if the industry is overdue for a Maitami-like size reduction across the board.

Tired of the hustle and bustle, I hied myself off to


All exhibits had been refreshed from my last visit.

Ellen von Unwerth - Devotion!

If you’re a fan of scantily clad female models this is a show for you!

Christian Tagliavini

This one was pretty fun. All the works look like they’re digitally rendered, but the USP is that all props, clothes, etc are hand-made by the artist.

Zanele Muholi - Somnyama Ngonyama

Powerful self-portraits explicitely referencing the experience of being a gay black woman in South Africa.

Wednesday, 2018-02-28


Against and with the sun.


Kungl. Djurgården

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Tuesday, 2018-02-06

Fotografiska, February 2018

Nick Veasey - Inside Out

Huge, wall-spanning X-rays. Boring.

Chen Man - Fearless & Fabulous

Chinese fashion photography. A lot of digital manipulation, and a whole lot of skinny beatiful models.

Åsa Sjöström - Silent Land

Reportage photography from Moldova. Beatifully presented. The highlight of my visit.

Wednesday, 2018-01-31



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Tuesday, 2018-01-09

607: Marsh crossing

A fun problem!

My initial idea was to utilize Snell’s law, which was indeed the right idea, but I didn’t have the right constraints.

After a while I rethought the problem to minimize a multi-variable function using the “downhill simplex” algorithm.

Thursday, 2018-01-04

301: Nim

Problem description.

Brute-forcing for 5 minutes gave the correct answer, and access to the forum and an even faster solution…

Wednesday, 2018-01-03

118: Pandigital prime sets

Problem description.

Pretty happy with this solution!

Tuesday, 2018-01-02

111: Primes with runs

Project description.

Algo adopted from this solution.