Wednesday, 2020-06-17

Closing Time by Joe Queenan

An unflinching but entertaining memoir about growing up with an alchoholic father in working-class Philadelphia.

5,000 dead in Sweden

Monday, 2020-06-15

Britain’s War Machine by David Edgerton

A revisionist look at the material grounding of Great Britain (and its Empire) in World War II.

Unlike most contemporary views, Edgerton sees Dunkirk not as a low point but as a temporary setback. The real setback was Japan’s entry into the war and Britain’s need to divert forces and treasure to defend the Empire.

In the post-war years, with the Empire gone and Britain’s relative standing diminished, Dunkirk grows in stature, and the myth of the small island sacrificing itself for peace and democracy grows with it.

Monday, 2020-05-25

4,000 dead in Sweden

Thursday, 2020-05-07

3,000 dead in Sweden

Thursday, 2020-04-30

Thursday, 2020-04-23

2,000 dead in Sweden

Wednesday, 2020-04-15

Alsing dead

Adam Alsing.

Tuesday, 2020-04-14

1,000 dead in Sweden

Tuesday, 2020-03-31


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