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The Gun by C. J. Chivers

A technical, social and political history of the AK-47 assault rifle and derivatives.

Chivers does a good job tying the design of the gun into Soviet defense policy, and compares the development of the weapon favorably compared to the US introduction of the M16.

The author explores the issues with the massive proliferation of these assault rifles worldwide, but he seems to have a blind spot for the similar proliferation of semi-automatic weapons with large magazine sizes in the US. He has faith that the situations that lead to the widespread uses of the AK-47 will never occur in the USA.

Sunday, 2019-03-31


Skisser för sommaren - Bosön mars 2019

Kristallvertikalaccent i grönt - Stockholm mars 2019

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Hammarby sjö

Stairway to heaven

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Fotografiska, 14 Feb 2019

Jonas Bendiksen - The Last Testament

Magnum photographer photographs seven people around the world who claim they are Jesus Christ. Great reportage.

Anja Niemi - In Character

Self-portraits (sometimes doubled), with that “2-stops overexposed Portra” aesthetics that the kids like so much these days. It’s nothing we haven’t seen before.

Kirsty Mitchell - Wonderland

Exceedingly lush tableaux, backed by a tragic backstory (the memory of the creator’s deceased mother) and a hugely successful Kickstarter campaign. There’s no denying the craftmanship nor the quality of the work, but somehow it feels a bit weird for an artist to so publicly involve crowdfunding in something so private. On the other hand the work of Niemi (above) struck me as very cold and solitary, so what do I know about how artists get inspiration from others.

Thursday, 2019-01-31


The only image worth posting this month is in this post.

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Monday, 2019-01-28

Fotografiska, 27 Jan 2019

Arvida Byström - Inflated Fiction

Byström’s sui generis blend of selfie photography, feminist critique, and social media chops doesn’t translate well into one single room exhibit. It’s a shame but I’m glad she’s getting the recognition see deserves.

STHLM Forever

Every large city no doubt has its fair share of introspection but as a (relative) outsider to Stockholm I’ve always felt Stockholm’s has been a bit over the top. Probably because the entirety of Sweden’s population is hardly bigger than a “real” big city like London or Paris, the capital has to do double duty as something for locals and the focus of the nation.

Most libraries here have a section called Stockholmiana where books on street names etc are shelved.

So exhibits of photographs of Stockholm are usually a big hit. Here were the greatest hits from greats like Christer Strömholm and Lennart Nilsson, along with newer works. Weirdly there’s very little color. The genius loci of Stockholm is apparently only visible in B&W.

Under the bridges

This photo was taken under Skanstullsbron, the construction of which was subject of one of Nilsson’s images from the exhibit. It’s a nice connection I think!

Monday, 2018-12-31


NYE 2018 / Sjöstan

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Tuesday, 2018-12-25

Advent of Code 2018 wrapup

This year was a tough one. I believe the abundance of week-ends this December added to the number of quite tough problems. Day 15 seems to have been a really big stumbling block for many people.

I’m still not finished at time of writing, I’m at 38 of 50 stars. The TODO list is at the main entry for this year’s contest.

Despite miserably failing in completing each challenge in the day it was released I’m still happy I have some problems remaining going forward.