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tweets for 2016-09-30

Tickets for @Lloyd_Cole concert in March purchased, I’m gonna get tickets for @drivebytruckers in 40 minutes #giddy #fb

speaking of @drivebytruckers, their new album is available today!

Whelp, Car2Go lägger ner i Stockholm #fb

Put a #youtube video in “Watch Later”, get an iPhone reminder about it an hour later

tweets for 2016-09-29

Researching OneDrive sync issues at #work. Realize it used to Groove. Enlightenment dawns

Va! Ska @manmedskagg och @isobelsverkstad bilda lag i #PåSpåret?! Mäktigt i så fall!

tweets for 2016-09-28

How many bets on that Google will send all mentions of Google+ down a literal memory hole in the coming years? “Google+? That never existed”

Following the R&D Slack channel at #work provides an illuminated look at how the sausage is made…

tweets for 2016-09-23

#TIL you can control-middlewheel to change the font size in Putty

tweets for 2016-09-22

What’s with the constant ads for Reddit gift exchanges on the site? Feels like someone somewhere is making money from this. Referral links?

Back on track with @ttytter. Its replacement @oysttyer shows promise but is not yet ready for prime time for me!

The Trump administration will make Brexit look like a tea party

Looks like the classic version of Byline, one of my absolute fav apps, isn’t working well on #ios10

tweets for 2016-09-21

Electric Car Kool-Aid Acid Test

OK those weird tweets were from the buggy @oysttyer, now gone back to @ttyttyer :P

The fact that the new Messages “features” in #ios10 are not widely ridiculed is proof that the Reality Distortion Field is bigger than ever!

Cast out from console Twitter heaven after I tried to fix what wasn’t broken: my @ttytter setup. Now my API access is suspended…

Apple’s new phone: courageous Huawei’s new phone: “for the brave” Samsung’s Note7: you gotta have balls to carry that one!

(h/t @tybstar)

On Twitter, there are no good eggs.

tweets for 2016-09-20

Finally making the move from @ttytter to @oysttyer

tweets for 2016-09-19

Hörde låt på radio.

“Fan vilken bra parodi på #Kent!”

Det var Kent…

tweets for 2016-09-15

I didn’t know Peter Thiel was trained as a lawyer. Suddenly the penny drops

tweets for 2016-09-13

iOS 10 is out - install fast, and brick your phone!

tweets for 2016-09-12

CEST best TZ

tweets for 2016-09-08

Props to Microsofts Timezone team, those guys see human folly up close and personal on a regular basis

Hehe Tele2 sänkte månadspriset på sina iPhones med 50kr mellan kl <7:15> imorse och nu

tweets for 2016-09-03

Smällar i fjärran i Stockholm - antingen fyrverkier (varför?) eller en #kupp

tweets for 2016-09-02

Had to google Uzbekistan to find out if it was the repressive police state or the country where the prez renamed the calendar @mjomark


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