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En ålderstigen släkting kommer svartklädd
ut från Elimkapellet.
Säg att du brukar tänka på henne
när du onanerar!
Hon kan behöva lite uppmuntran.

– Göran Palm, Själens furir

tweets for 2009-05-31

managed to gouge a large sratch in the film wind lever of the FM2 yesterday, hope nothing bad happened to it #photog

tweets for 2009-05-30

I am procrastinating putting the bills into the bank’s system. Eh. Whatever. I’ll do it tomorrow

Hmm, I wonder if I can modify my irssi filter to remove mentions of #spymaster

tweets for 2009-05-29

pretty depressed at the so-called “intellectual” right in the USA attacking Sonya Sotomayor. So much latent racism and misogyny

getting ready to move stuff off Confluence onto SharePoint… this will be the 4th CMS in use at $company

when should I start caring about Google Wave?

stuff like http://lens.blogs.nytimes.com/ makes me hope NYT pulls through the newspaper Fimbulvinter

gjorde DN’s EU-valskalkylator och hamnade närmast… Folkpartiet. ARGH #fb

it’s beer-time! #fredagsöl #tgif

friday beer @ work winding down, caught some nice pics that I won’t post w/o getting permission ;)

found an incredibly depressing article about fundies in the US military that I just can’t read right now

tweets for 2009-05-28

ok I went for CVS for my version control. What can I say. I’m rocking it old-skool

I hope my son and his class survived their visit to Torekällberget in Södertälje!

My son survived his day out! So happy to see him not stricken by pneumonia. Now lazing by getting dinner at Max

now would be a perfect time for some Crackdown

so I want to start gnome-terminal with iso-8859 instead of utf-8, and there’s no option for this? such fail

why am I getting doubled tweets? #tircd issue?

tweets for 2009-05-27

M$ new search engine effort to be called “Bing”??!! Why can’t they choose a brand and stick with it? #bing #msft

Got wellies for the kid’s day out tomorrow

Lars Gustafsson made me happy today http://is.gd/GLDE - in Swedish, unfortunately. Hopefully it will be translated!

here’s a translation of Gustafsson’s text to English: http://tr.im/mxzD

wow http://gamesbyemail.com/News/DiceOMatic

created a makefile for the FAQ generation. Next up: version control!

I want to keep a (local) directory of text files under version control. What’s the simplest solution? Don’t want to mess with servers etc

I’ll by interested in seeing how #tircd handles the IDNs in @daringfireball ’s shortlinks ;)

nice, @daringfireball links show up correct in tircd/irssi/screen/gnome terminal, but aren’t recognised as links by latter app

tweets for 2009-05-26

pondering lashing up some perl for a ghetto CMS

förundras att jag får FB reklam för kontakannonser när jag är listad som “married”. Trodde dom visste mer om mig #fb

tweets for 2009-05-25

Kasey Chambers has great songs but her vocal style is a bit off for me… too whiny

vilken underbar dag det är idag! Tror det blir en tunnbrödrulle vid Adolf Fredrik till lunch #fb

tanke ang. SD’s försök att skrämma med halal-slakt i EU-valet… Hitler var ju också djurvän #fb

among my current gear, only the flash and some lensshades were bought new, everything else is used #photog

I can’t believe Microsoft made the Event Viewer even more crappy than it already was

urgh food coma

“make photography something you save money up for, not save money on” – @jedrek #photog

fin promenad i solskenet ikväll, hoppas det blev lika bra bilder. Vi får se imorgon! #fb

tweets for 2009-05-24

On our way to the Post museum where the party is to be held. Running late!

I survived the Postal Museum Children’s Party of 2009!

Viking’s fav present from today, a colouring book with mandala designs

plöjt igenom 6 inlägg av @Isabellestahl, fett bra allihopa

tweets for 2009-05-23

also http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Homoousios vs http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Homoiousian

vilken comeback för Schyffert!

neat, never heard of a process lens before http://is.gd/CK0X

sometimes Twitter reads just like a @codinghorror + @dansdata lovefest

Selective Twitter Status - only post some tweets to Facebook http://tr.im/mdGg. Via @staffanm

Goths in Hot Weather - http://gothsinhotweather.blogspot.com/

catching up on Xbox game reviews on Eurogamer.net

man Eurogamer sure have a hard-on for Crackdown - AS WELL THEY SHOULD!

tweets for 2009-05-22

man, Windows Vista can’t handle undocking of a lappy without fucking up the screen settings. #vista #fail

also right now having that issue with one of my cores pegged to near 100% #vista #fail


Emacs meets Mac http://bit.ly/TqnWr

I can’t believe I used to dis The New Pornographers. They’re brilliant!

Listening to indie Canadian music on CBC Radio 3 after a tip from @tiwilliam

I’m so happy FreeBSD has vi as its default editor and not the abortion that is GNU/nano

.@xboxflickan bättre än att räkna ryska ful-klick

Feeling inspired to shoot in Ekbacken this weekend (now Sweden’s smallest nature reserve!) but the weather conspires against me #sjöstaden

dude in Postkodsmiljonären is a dead ringer for @lsjoberg

I can never remember the syntax for the image tag in #markdown… always have to look at the syntax online

tweets for 2009-05-21

resisting the temptation to read all the tweets I’ve missed being offline all day

haha this is good for a laugh http://acquine.alipr.com/

finished The Confusion, System of the World is up next #stephenson #baroquecycle

Mark Helprin sounds like a total douche http://www.techdirt.com/articles/20090521/0313424957.shtml

Peter Watt’s “Blindsight” available for free! http://www.rifters.com/real/Blindsight.htm

wow http://bit.ly/AOZY6

tweets for 2009-05-20

Thank God (literally!) we have tomorrow off

argh looks like $company is going for an RT system at the backend, just got a ton of tickets “forcibly assigned” to me

since when are IRC channels “rooms”? Is this some sort of Mac thing? Or is it from AOL?

.@ewanspence LOL, that’s unexpected!

“smaller cars less safe” says US expert. Yeah, no-one has ever died in a SUV http://is.gd/BG22

some interesting stats on traffic-related deaths http://bit.ly/YahPd

Heading home to kid and fastfood #badparent

label search in #spotify? Can’t remember the last time I noticed labels, other than to avoid Sony

ok read the #spotify blog now, label search can be useful in some cases. Forgot there are more labels than the big evil ones

gotta love how you follow new people via #tircd, just /invite them to the #twitter channel!

back from Star Trek. The hype was leading me to expect more

drinking this cut-rate lager “Sarek” and snacking on store-brand (“Coop”) cheese doodles

.@caaarlo actually I was looking for a new beer to try, and the store was out of the brand stuff. But it’s a chilling glimpse of the future!

.@wryandginger yes, my unheated home will be a natural place to store the cheap lager with which I shall deaden the horror of the #econo …

tweets for 2009-05-19

ESR jumps the shark http://esr.ibiblio.org/?p=965

firing up TOAD for today’s wrestling match with Oracle

I see your Adium, and raise you irssi.

wow http://www.thebricktestament.com/ is FRIKKIN’ AWESOME

Reappreciating The New Pornographers

kebab @ Cafe Soir #sjöstaden

tweets for 2009-05-18

Against my better judgement I took the bus to Skanstull. The heat and discomfort aren’t worth the trifling time saving

punching in for a short week (Thu off, thanks legacy Lutheran society!)

43% of Swedes “don’t care” about FRA listening in to electronic comms, that makes it a “concern for the elite”?

protip, don’t have a dude called Messerschmidt as your spokesman if you’re a Danish anti-immigrant party http://is.gd/AWuN

HADOPI sounds like the content mafia’s wet dream, let’s hope the French people rise to the occasion and resist!

how come I suddenly have unlistened items in iTunes?

EU Commission in flames, will they blame this “Reichstagsfeuer” on the pirates?

I think those Bible-quoting intelligence briefing covers will be the next LOLcraze http://blogslut.com/pulpsecurity.jpg

all linked out, has 12 tabs open with stuff culled from IRC and Twitter

hmm looks as if the game I wanted to play has been traded in for something I don’t

I should stop obsessing over my vanished copy of Crackdown and go to bed instead

tweets for 2009-05-17

Man it must be crazy to be a Norwegian today… winners of Eurovision and <17:e> mai!

back from abortive kitty litter shopping, saw giant Norwegian flags and sea kayak paddlers. Lovely day in all. Soon, brunch!

Slight social scheduling fail at Jimmy’s Sjöstaden. Sipping coffee while waiting for J+B+L to arrive

not gonna try to get all beta on serverfault.com’s ass, I tried that with stackoverflow and I’m still stuck with 56XP

Twitter, the global backchannel - hat tip @isobelsverkstad

now commences 50 min of grade-A weirdness in “Nip/Tuck” #tv

watching Burn After Reading. Dunno if Elmore Leonard wrote the script, sure feels like it

tweets for 2009-05-16

At Teodor’s bday party, delayed since last week due to illness

best camera gear blog EVAH http://tokyocamerastyle.com/

oh noes, I find that Churchill never said ``The only traditions of the Royal Navy are rum, sodomy and the lash’’

something I’d like translated to Latin: “Judge me by my works, not my equipment” #photog

hah, the content mafia lawyers have reported http://www.internetavgift.se/ to the police for being a nuisance

it’s EUROVISION TIME #eurovision

haha at Dima coat throw fail #eurovision

ah La France, you never disappoint… there’s a whiff of high culture and tradition that NEVER WINS. Even a fucking accordion #eurovision

Viking is NOT a fan of Malena #eurovision

Greece’s singer is very… Greek. And not in a Ancient way #eurovision #gigolo

Armenia’s song is weird #eurovision

Armenia and now Azerbaijan, locked in mortal #eurovision combat!

poor plucky Moldova punching above its weight… knock me over with a feather if this wins. Would bankcrupt the country #eurovision

look, I like ethnic-flavoured music from Eastern Europe as much as the next guy, but it’s getting a bit rich, ya know? #eurovision

Denmark in the BoyZone - HT @ewanspence #eurovision

Germany, it’s like a gay Oktoberfest in Wiemar Germany - ON LSD #eurovision

I hear the heads of a million feminists exploding #eurovision

the rest of Europe has caught up with Turkey #eurovision

Dr Manhattan makes an appearance in Albania’s song! #eurovision

Alex gets the teen girl vote chez Erikson tonight #eurovision

Ukraine hits all the notes: disco smoker, poledance, gladiators… #eurovision

oh for the Swedish-impaired, “disco smoker” is a straight off translation of “diskorökare”

Musical ballad, I don’t think it will sell. Has any ballad won #eurovision since the expansion?

Finland’s entry sounds suspiciously like a current pop song… can’t remember which #eurovision

25 songs is at least 9 too many IMHO

#Eurovision is a great branding opportunity for Russia, wonder if the images of riot police bashing Pride parade marchers will mar that

French remains an official EBU/#Eurovision language, like a strange vestige of international diplomacy

voting begins!

Czech announcer has that nice clipped Warsaw Pact diction #eurovision

Sarah Dawn Finer (Swedish announcer) was a contestant in the Swedish contest #eurovision

Montenegro is a country now! I kinda lose track of these things #eurovision

Sweden is faaaaar down the list #eurovision

Andorra knows on which side its bread is buttered - douze points to L’Espagne #eurovision

Bulgaria is the Grumpy Old Man of Europe, only 4 points to Norway #eurovision

Cyprus 12 points to Greece?? SHOCKING #eurovision

is it just me, or do the Baltic state vote readers look scared as hell of the Russians? #eurovision

Norway smash the Lordi record, 309 points after Croatia votes #eurovision

Romania gives 12pt to Moldova??? SHOCKING #eurovision

Twitter buckles under the strain of #eurovision – @ewanspence ’s tweets not coming through in realtime

Moldova awards 12pt to Romania?!!! SHOCKING #eurovision

Slovenia tries to pull a little weird stunt #eurovision

I’m feeling strangely attracted to the dubiosly-gendered Hungarian vote reader #eurovision

night Europe! #eurovision

tweets for 2009-05-15

I’m in ur Twitterverse, inciting financial panic

Dick Cheney for prez 2012? that would be lulzy http://bit.ly/cbfNS

amazingly bad lunch experience at Pizza Hut Hötorget, Stockholm #pizzahutfail

just edited a database field and pressed ESC :wq to close it… VI’d much?

Swedish gov proposes ISPs keep user data for 6 mo. Will be compensated if requested by law enf, wtf? That won’t cover the cost for 2 hours

sad to see my country building the infrastructure of a police state at the behest of foreign content companies. Where’s the sense of pro …

Sweden’s biggest book publishers wants to screw authors over by demanding lifetime e-book rights

tweets for 2009-05-14

Should it really be this cold in May?

maybe I should try evernote… wonder if my invite still works

installed evernote… right now I feel it’s a bit meh

LOL @ this giant list of Dan Brown errors (via @dansdata) http://bit.ly/OX1U

the Finance::Quote module is broken due to Yahoo changing their website http://is.gd/zJDU #perl #fail

I need a quick calculator for which party to vote for in the EU election. Must be pro-consumer, anti-agri subsidies

I’d rather have a 28mm f/2 DX than a 35mm f/1.8 #photog

Don’t want to install this PowerPoint security update (I never use it) but it will be installed for me anyway. Didn’t need reboot at least

Come to the sobering insight that I really don’t need any new glass if I get a D700. I need to check out the DX mode on it though #photog

hmm google not feeling well

it’s the great GoogleFail of ’09 #google #fail

it’s the GOOGLECALYPSE!!! Start stocking up water and firearms NOW #google

other search engines than google? but what about my FEEDS

you know who sucks? downforeveryoneorjustme.com… they said Google was up but it wasn’t! I’m totally starting a Facebook group about th …

man identi.ca’s localization is the worst: @someuser’s status den Thursday, 14-May-09 <15:43:48> UTC

at least when there’s an issue with google, it tends to get fixed fast, unlike other fly-by-night cloud computing outfits

I feel the urge to play Crackdown again. Man, that’s a pretty sweet game

Grabbing a kebab after working late

omg did Twitter just die on us???

tweets for 2009-05-13

Whether you want replies or not should be an option imho, but the whole thing is very inside baseball #fixreplies #metatweet

Took a detour through Kolerakyrkogården on my way to work

this particular perl report I just finished is perhaps the worst I’ve ever written. So uninspired

nice seeing @scalzi has a way around the no reply rule, simply don’ put the @username at the start of the tweet

Tbh I don’t really care about the missing feature but I’m gonna pile into the Twitter-bashing anyway #twitfail #fixreplies

I’m down on this http://bit.ly/qBdOw

tweets for 2009-05-12

In the toothbrush-branded subway carriage, surreal

“designed by Pininfarina” the old coot will put his name on anything nowadays

back from a walk around Tegnérlunden

great now I’m hungry http://bit.ly/v2hK0

Mando Diao is vastly overrated imho

I kinda need a new computer

Not surprised dirty old man Trump thinks semi-nude beauty queen Carrie Prejean with her traditional view of gender roles is A-OK

Sweden on to final! #eurovision

tweets for 2009-05-11

Shaping up to me a bit of a #publictransportfail

punchin in

getting a crash-course in cookie-stuffing

all new mobile phones leave me cold

found a bunch of links via @gruber for perusal

nice, Twitter new follower notification emails now contain a little summary of posts/followers/following

ok @Blink__182 (if that is your real name), your 1 update, 35 followers and 521 following mark you as a lousy spammer

looking at the horror that is MS SharePoint

backing up my pics and music

went out for a walk but was driven back by the thin drizzle outside

So apparently it’s still quite cold. Hope my son didn’t freeze after I sent him to school w/o a jacket. Myself shivering in sports coat

a bit mystified why John Heartfield is described in media as “forgotten”. I remember his montages from high school

tweets for 2009-05-10

rainy day, bleh

Swedish hockey player: Bronze “would be great” in hockey world cup. How about gold, you idiot?

lazy Sunday afternoon… finished The Jennifer Morgue. Mini-review forthcoming

tweets for 2009-05-09

Heading into town to look for The Jennifer Morgue in paperback

good haul at the bookstore, Jennifer Morgue, Erikson’s Toll of Hounds, and Bank’s Matter

feeling obscurely pissed, dunno why

tweets for 2009-05-08

läser om söndercurlade barn, känner igen mig

looks like my bro-in-law left Ericsson in time, 400 to be laid off in Lund http://bit.ly/C2CzS

just invited coworker Magnus to my vacation as an “optional attendee” in Outlook

here come the spam followers (if you’re a recent follower and not a spammer, I apologise)

pondering dinner

when your disk starts nattering about “I/O error” you know you should have made those backups ;)

today is V-E Day, didn’t realise

tweets for 2009-05-07

bit my tongue. I hate that

Inbördeskrig i Centern, <lutar sig tillbaka med en öl och popcorn>

Chinese Geely bids for Saab: http://bit.ly/UlRcF

borrowed the office’s Kamera&Bild against a promise never to take it to the washroom (long story…)

Was planning to shoot our apartment building but the light is just too flat

ah Sun’s coming out, taking the long way round to shoot from across the canal

architectural photo is hard. Let’s go shopping! (for a perspective-control lens and a D3)

tweets for 2009-05-06

omg now people are speculating either MS or Google will buy Twitter #youcantmakethisshitup

Ah, the slaughtered pigs in Egypt were raised by Coptics. They’re understandably pissed off #aporkocalypse

Stora nyheten hemma idag, Viking fick bolibompa-namnsdag!

kan ses här http://is.gd/xaf0

45 people let go from TradeDoubler, a chill wind flows through the online marketing Stockholm

``the only pig in Muslim Afghanistan, a resident of a zoo in Kabul, has been quarantined for fear of spreading [#swineflu]’’

lots of new followers today! Hi everyone! I’ll get around to refollowing ASAP

cherry blossoms have fallen at #Luma

TPB seems down. IFPI stormtroopers to blame? Or just massive traffic from the free publicity? #spectrial

upgrading to Jaunty Jackalope

checked my latest followers, what’s up with the 0 updates, people? Re-followed the few who weren’t spam accounts

Jaunty Jackalope feels snappier somehow

on every Swedish keyboard, shift-4 gives you ¤, the universal currency symbol. What a useless feature

tweets for 2009-05-05

punching in!

the new MSN messenger interface sucks rotten baboon balls


Twitter is getting pretty good at suspending obvious spam users

today’s giant LOL: Apple buying Twitter

wish I was home reading Stephenson’s “The Confusion”

so tired

exhausted the proggit link list in my reader

Man Broder Daniel’s original “Shoreline” sucks balls. Anna Ternheim’s cover is the version

on my way to a PTA meeting

c’mon google reader, refresh you read counts already

I feel bad for mixing honey in Viking’s filmjölk, at least he’s not eating this http://tinyurl.com/6oc5wx

first post in FredMiranda.com. Hope they don’t see my slammin’ them here http://is.gd/x0MW

something I haven’t seen before, some Flickr user reposting other people’s images and linkgin to a spamblog

Canon should make those faux-pro EF-s lenses with red-white polka-striped rings on them

tweets for 2009-05-04

I’m seeing great vistas from the subway that cannot be photographed in a way that doesn’t get you killed

returning to a half-written script after 4 days off work… what the fuck was i thinking…

what should I have for lunch…

finally found a link to the awesome Planet Money show about the pirate business: http://is.gd/u0vb

best Twitter name so far: @auntykafka. Looks like a spam blog though

Heading home later than usual, kid is having dinner @ cousins

Where I not married I’d ask Margo Timmins to be my wife based on her voice alone #cowboyjunkies

why did i get sucked into reading the history of the Royal Marines #wikipeida

and from there it’s a quick jump to http://tinyurl.com/24ckax

the 18th Century was weird http://tinyurl.com/yx8qpc

tweets for 2009-05-03

digesting a bacon-bluecheese burger from Texas Burger Co. in #Sickla

so tired

this year’s cherry blossoms are falling, I haven’t really gotten the pics I wanted but learned a lot for next year!

when it comes to clueless photo gear comments, this is the thread that keeps on giving: http://www.fredmiranda.com/forum/topic/767483/0

tweets for 2009-05-02

hah! Ebba von Sydow in Expressen writes a gushing article about Google’s perks – 3 years after everyone else. #lame

dear lazyweb, can you combine tag searches in Flickr? As in get one result for tags “foo” and “bar”

unicode + Google translate = win! Or maybe I should say うれしい!

WTF is a YouTube video about sniping “not available in” my country? Seriously Google, are you fucking out of your mind?

tweets for 2009-05-01

Up helluva early to catch May Day #subrosa

Great #subrosa, but now I’m feeling sniffly. I probably got it from Viking, that walking bioterrorist lab

Discussed today at #subrosa: Mona Sahlin, SD, EU election, #aporkalypse, alternative ways of disposing of nuclear waste

All aboard the meta-train http://tinyurl.com/cx6vf7

teaching Viking to email. Couldn’t find the Compose mail link, as I always use the keyboard shortcut

note to self, you might want to stop starting replies with “you might want to”. Originality #FAIL


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