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tweets for 2015-12-30

Tried to be cute and write “linq” instead of “link” and was revealed as giant dorq

tweets for 2015-12-29

I knew it was a mistake to connect iCloud to Outlook - now my Calendar has locked up

tweets for 2015-12-14

The older I get the more I think that “Mainstream” might be my favorite Commotions album

tweets for 2015-12-12

hmm set alarm for <6:00AM> to get new #adventofcode or sleep in on Sunday?

tweets for 2015-12-08

So many attempts to Godwin @realDonaldTrump but he’s too good a troll to be stumped by such a tactic.

Looking through my playlists and stumble upon U2s “Songs Of Innocence”. Unwanted and unremovable, like herpes.

tweets for 2015-12-07

Change Windows password, can’t logon to Office 365. Ah well, “productivity” apps have always been named ironically.

tweets for 2015-12-03

Told coworker I was listening to @atpfm. “What’s that?” “3 middle-aged white dudes talking about tech… it’s funnier than it sounds.”

Office 365 is down… CLOUDAPOCALYPSE

o/~ Prison for 98 and a year we’ll call it even Johnny 99

tweets for 2015-12-01

Speak of the devil and he sends mail in his open case #work


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