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tweets for 2014-11-27

Stumbled on my first “real” Windows 8 app - Reader for PDF files. Got stumped on how to create a new folder for saving the file

tweets for 2014-11-25

Just spent 10 minutes trying to disable autocorrect in Windows 8.1. I can’t believe why people dont’t just loooooove this OS #fb

Learning about the care and grooming of poodles, they sound really high-maintenance!

tweets for 2014-11-24

o/~ Jag betalar mina räkningar i tid / Det ger my inre frid #fb

tweets for 2014-11-15

Spam email with subject “PLEASE WORK”. Makes me even less interested in opening it than I was before.

tweets for 2014-11-11

``Microsoft has not identified any mitigating factors for this vulnerability.’’

tweets for 2014-11-07

Wow I’m sure I’m glad I checked my date arithmetic before announcing my results, my new 8-day weeks are not yet ready for prime time.

I 5 days, @ESARosetta will land on a comet, and #Bitcoin price will be negative year-over-year. Humanity marches forward.

tweets for 2014-11-03

Hören I dessa visdomsord! Lita aldrig på SL-appens tidsangivelser. #fb


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