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tweets for 2011-11-30

If I knew what a massive piece of crap #Ubuntu 11.10 would turn out to be I’d never have “upgraded” #fb

damn I’m sorry I missed Arcade Fire when they were here #sadface

tweets for 2011-11-27

Helt otroligt, vi fixade <1:a> advent i förväg. Borde få medaljer #fb

loaned all Scott Pilgrim albums from #Dieselverkstaden and they are awesome. I realise I’m way too late to say this #fb

tweets for 2011-11-24

Unsubscribed from the Photo Stackexchange RSS feeds, because eff that noise

Looks like work blocked port 22. Let’s see them try to block port 443… #ssh

tweets for 2011-11-22

Dom borde bomba #tveken från omloppsbana, det är det enda sättet att vara säker… #fb

Term that feels dated: p2p #Ifeelold

tweets for 2011-11-20

Gmail and Reader nearly unusable right now on Chrome. WTF Google?

tweets for 2011-11-19

Back on Instagram

tweets for 2011-11-18

Every time I have warm feelings for Apple, Quicktime gets updated and appears in my Start menu, and resets my feelings to default hostility

When I remove Quicktime from the Start Menu, “PictureViewer” takes its place as turd in the punchbowl #AppleOnWindows

tweets for 2011-11-16

Föreslår att alla som ivrar för att Sverige ska införa Euron ta en 6 månaders paus för att kolla om valutan finns kvar då. Just sayin’ #fb

tweets for 2011-11-15

Umberto Eco’s “The Prague Cemetary” sounds interesting - it was a long time since I read anything by him!

tweets for 2011-11-13

well well what do we have here, new Kathleen Edwards album?!

tweets for 2011-11-12

Max Barry’s “Machine Man” was pretty damn awesome. Review coming

tweets for 2011-11-09

Conference call with Germany! Wonder how long my Skype credits will last… #work

tweets for 2011-11-08

Project Euler #204 has me learning about quadratic sieves and factorization, fun!

tweets for 2011-11-07

Shocked to see the Netherlands prepare to forbid halal and kosher slaughter

tweets for 2011-11-04

This stupid Project Euler problem is making me nuts! But I WILL CRACK IT

why do things always go pear-shaped on Friday afternoons?!

tweets for 2011-11-01

my god but the new Google #Reader is fugly :P

God how I hate the new Google Reader


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