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tweets for 2010-07-31

Fredells fail, inga konsoler och kapsågen trasig #brokendreams #fb

finished @UnlikelyWorlds “Gardens of the Sun”, it was all kinds of awesome!

tweets for 2010-07-29

catching a bus at #KTH, getting flashbacks and not in a good way #oldtimessake

the torrential downpour ain’t helping #endtimes

meh, Wapo.com crashed my puny browser #timeforanewphone

it would be a crowning moment of awesome if this were true http://is.gd/dRcx7 #adamspics #photog

hosting my own blog is starting to feel more trouble than it’s worth, I wonder how hard it would be to migrate to tumblr

tweets for 2010-07-28

US military spending is the elephant in the deficit-cutting room. Make that a white elephant…

otippad upptäckt, Nina Wormbs är ledamot i Granskningsnämnden #jagmöttelassie #kth #fb

Getting an itch to get a new phone, too bad most either suck or cost too much

tweets for 2010-07-27

digital might not be killing film but it’s probably killing colour transparency film #photog

took a quick peek into the subculture of “social media experts” and quickly backed out again. Wankers

trying to find evidence that Gauss had a heptadegacon inscribed on his grave, Wikipedia neither confirms nor denies

ah ``The stonemason declined, stating that the difficult construction would essentially look like a circle’’

hey itunes store, how about letting me see that sucker punch trailer, hmmm????

tweets for 2010-07-26

it’s probably time for me to re-read “The Book of the New Sun”

man back to work

researcher sez: monogamous societies are more succesful that polygamous ones: http://is.gd/dJCPt

so, those #iPad apps that were supposed to kill the web… how’s that working out?

10 years ago I envisioned the killer app for a phone to be a Usenet reader #marketingfail

tweets for 2010-07-25

undrar vad det kommer bli av blandningen jag precis satte in i ugnen… #fb

tweets for 2010-07-24

finished the last story mission in Red Dead Redemption

tweets for 2010-07-22

ticked I can’t find the watch I picked up from repair yesterday, where the hell is it?

tweets for 2010-07-21

feeling less like total shit today

Despairing of finding “Harry Potter 2” for Viking among the boxed books, I have embarked on a quest to the local library.

Vampires come from Rumania, who have just exhumed the Ceausescus… this can’t be good #doom

tweets for 2010-07-20

did some hoovering, now drenched in sweat

what is it with blogs these days where you can’t find the fucking permalink? I prefer copy-paste to some fucking button

the older I get the less complicated booze buying becomes. Scotch is always Famous Grouse, for example

tweets for 2010-07-19

it sucks to start my 3rd week of vacation with strep throat, but at least Viking is enjoying the Wii!

tomorrow I’m going to the doctor, fuck this fever shit

tweets for 2010-07-16

got a call from Franks Ur yesterday, my trusty quartz Omega is back from Switzerland!

I flyttagen med Hanna, nu kebabpaus på Gullmarsplan! #fb

where the fuck did I leave my copy of “The Fuller Memorandum” #messyhome

tweets for 2010-07-15

On “Stena Danica”, 20 minutes from Varberg

finally home!!!

tweets for 2010-07-11

I Tylösand på restaurang Punch #fb

watching the #worldcup final in Vilshärad after a sweltering day

rough match so far

tweets for 2010-07-08

online and looking at the pics from my sisters wedding.. thank god I was not the primary shooter

tweets for 2010-07-06

Hämtar Hannas Erik vid Halmstad C #fb

Trying to do many things in #Halmstad

slow connection via Bluetooth and 3G in Vilshärad

Stepdaughter’s b/f grilling some grub in Vilshärad

tweets for 2010-07-05

Breakfast on the patio in Risarp #fb

tweets for 2010-07-04

Partying all night at Fjelldalen #fb

tweets for 2010-07-01

cool, a friend of mine has ordered an unlocked iPhone 4 from the UK too. Any problems we encounter can be crowdsourced!

if I’d speculated in 2002 who would be perceived top dog in mobile now Apple wouldn’t have been in the running, MSFT would be a contender

Värnpliktsnytt läggs ner, “inget mer kritiskt granskande av Försvaret” enligt P1. Här finns ett utrymme for bloggare! #fb

someone sat down and reworked the Out of office assistant in Outlook, it’s actually pretty good now! #kudos

it’s with a heavy heart I realise I probably need to lug my work lappy on holiday with me #ballandchain

man I really want to read Gardens of the Sun by @UnlikelyWorlds but local SF bookstore is right out #woeisme

Late dinner by Stora torg in Linköping #fb


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