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The banner bright, the symbol plain
Of human rights and human gain.

tweets for 2009-04-30


Home with Viking today again, his cough it worse and he has a sore throat. Also, #swineflu


gonna use #aporkalypse going forward instead of #swineflu, in honour of Pandemic Level 5! Hat tip @ewanspence


rounding out a great “sista-April” dinner with Ulrika and Rickard with some #ubuntu-upgrading


Player SwineFlu, you have infected 3 or more countries in one WHO region. LEVEL UP


if Tuvaulu sinks beneath the ocean, as mystics and statistics say it will, will .tv domains be the only remaining trace? #globalwarming


I wish every tweet I made contained a line from a Warren Zevon song.


Fiat taking over Chrysler? Talk about the blind leading the blind. Japanese too smart to get involved?

tweets for 2009-04-29


Dear Apple, I’d love to upgrade iTunes if I didn’t have to restart the computer for QuickTime, which comes bundled.


The Robot That Mistook a Head for a Rock - http://is.gd/v74R


I Travelled to Mexico and All I Got Was This Lousy #Swineflu


#swineflu has reached Germany! Commence panicking NOW


WHO sez only 7 dead globally in #swineflu. COVERUP! the WHO is part of the One World Government! #conspiracy


my earliest post on my blog about Twitter was March 2007, so I guess I’ve been on Twitter at least since then


excellent view on the #swineflu panic http://tinyurl.com/c8zubc


Only thing missing from the hipster opposite is an iPhone #lookatthisfuckinghipster


one day I’ll make fun of someone who follows me and get a punch in the nose. I will have arrived then!


I go back and forth between multi-paragraph descriptions on delicious and one-word grunts: http://delicious.com/gerikson


reading about the Mounties in Wikipedia after a tip-off on Kate Beaton’s blog

tweets for 2009-04-28


Im in ur global pandemic, spreadin my panix #swineflu


Loving how Israeli official thinks “swine flu” is offensive, but “Mexican flu” is A-OK


Finally on my way to Calle and a dinner w/ old KTH chums. If they followed me on Twitter they could track me


man I hate being late, even if I’ve said in advance I’ll be. I think it’s a reaction to my dad’s eternal time-optimism


On my way from #awesome dinner with Calle and Anna and (parts of) the old TTTU gang. Great to touch base again!


bah 11 minutes to the next tram


Reading about Le Corbusier in the New York Review


Why I love Valleywag: http://is.gd/vcZ6


so there’s this US pol called Arlen Specter. Don’t know anything about him except: AWESOME NAME. It’s like a D&D tag

tweets for 2009-04-27


Subway just breaked suddenly. Swineflu? #pandemic #stockholm


today was sports-jacket only, nice!


xkcd on #swineflu http://xkcd.com/574/ FREAK OUT NOW


7 emails from Qwitter telling me random people have stopped following me! I’m crushed, devastated… oh the humanity!


newly discovered Aussie band from the 80s-90s: Died Pretty


Excellent post about Twitter, misinformation, and #swineflu: http://techdirt.com/articles/20090426/2048044650.shtml #meta


Tele2 joins the rank of Swedish ISPs who won’t keep IP-address info on their customers. Nice!


in Lumaparken, soaking up the sun and missing film (just shot the last of a 24 roll)


everybody loves #swineflu


Lingerie Football League - WTF

tweets for 2009-04-26


woke the Vista work lappy from hibernation. What an incredibly crappy experience. Just a hair faster than a full start #windows #vista #crap


Terrace is now spring cleaned. Todo: water regularly, fix ornamental basin (sprung a leak due to me not emptying it for winter)


Lunching on nitrates and pork fats. Yummy! Wish I had a brew to wash it down!


wow, Ursula K. Le Guin wins a Nebula? I’ve never even heard of the novel.


when in danger or in doubt // run in circles, scream and shout


#PANDEMIC http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/30398682/ - start freaking out NOW!!!


Melissa auf der Maur is actually pretty decent

tweets for 2009-04-25


Gotta love the burglars who broke into a house on a farm isolated for anthrax


Coffee and biscuits in cousin’s courtyard. Awesome #spring day!


add #pandemic to the #econocalypse tag! #swineflu #fear #terror


I used to think it laughable that people would leave Google for Facebook, now it’s Twitter they’re heading to. The world is mad


so bored I’m gonna look at Twitter followers


these cheese cashew nuts aren’t half bad. nom nom nom

tweets for 2009-04-24


video conference meeting with the Shanghai team


got 3 rolls back, about 4 keepers (and they were family snapshots) I kinda suck. Ektar is a nice film though!


fun hack http://www.schneier.com/blog/archives/2009/04/fake_facts_on_t.html


hi there script writers, please don’t exit with code 0 if you raise an error. KTHXBAI


very pleased with the 35-70/2.8 AF-D as a portrait lens on crop


smells like … weekend


Sure #meatcards are cool, but we all know the ideal is BACON


I need to take a computer break, wrist is acting up


so far Lidle stuff >> Konsum stuff, specifically bacon


I can’t see what BTaccel’s bizplan is. They’re like the Napster of torrents and will be sued from orbit


när jag hör ordet “folkkär” osäkrar jag min flamkastare


O’Reilly publishes book about using Twitter. THE END IS NIGH


Bret Easton Ellis tweets? THE END IS NIGH


well 3 tweets so far… baby steps, @eastonellis

tweets for 2009-04-23


Tried a “smarter” placement in the tram to avoid the crush at #Gullmarsplan. Didn’t work


all hot air and smoke over TPB mistrial… so Sweden’s a small country, what about it? #spectrial


TPB might close, but Google won’t! http://www.thepirategoogle.com/


I’d like to thank the international worker’s movement for getting me next friday off! #mayday


plenty of Swedish torrent trackers are folding after the Pirate Bay trial #spectrial


I doubt the TBP case will go to a mistrial, but the next case will probably look at the judge much more carefully #spectrial


what utter douchebags StockholmGamlaStan.se are: http://www.stockholmgamlastan.se/opera.php


On the bus towards home, visited Lidl for the first time


so, judge with ties to content industry presides over court and makes judgement in laws made by same industry. What’s the problem? #spec …


time to review new followers!


none worth following, but none worth blocking either… though most are borderline


so I was gonna go to bed and stumbled onto James Lilek’s site. Thank you internets

tweets for 2009-04-22


Re: my earlier nit about Wolodarski not being online, turns out it’s a video(!). #DN should tag that in their RSS.


reading a fascinating review of the original Pinnochio in the New York Review #nyrb


pissed of at the international financial industry and the content industry. Fuck you, robber barons


I love the heft of the D200 in my hand, hate the weight of it over my shoulder #photog


the “known media profile” who allegedly shot 2 people today in Stockholm has like 1 hit on google… known indeed…


wondering if i can use our current database issues to get out of presenting our revenue-enhancing ideas


w00t meeting is in half an hour


Presentation time!


Jesus - Son of God, or ZOMBIE??? You be the judge!


planning on heading up to Schönherrs Foto to gawk at gear after meeting


the Sempler cartoon in today’s Ny Teknik was pretty funny, pity I recycled mine and it’s not online :(


Checking out cherry blossom progress in #Sjöstaden


I have memory like a goldfish


I got dissed by my wife for not being up to date with Swedish blog celebrities


do I dare to read Doctorow’s latest screed?

tweets for 2009-04-21


cranky kids make dad late


that brain-to-twitter interface is nothing, we need a toilet-seat-to-twitter interface


OMG Obama nearing a detente with Chavez. Waiting for the wingnuts to cry “high treason”


Google street view starting taking pics in Stockholm today


Coworker’s old S-E M600i has its touchscreen fucked, rendering it essentially useless


using the Miss USA gay marriage kerfluffle to marvel at Twitter wingnuts.


Oh yeah, twitter search in #Gravity rocks!


second phone related user request today, this time to transfer music files?! #wtf #support #nokia #pcsuite


Peter Wolodarski tar strid mot fildelning och mot Google. Nån annan som känner han inte tillhör framtiden?


DN säger att Wolodarski ska “utveckla sina tankar” om Google, men artikellänken funkar inte. Ironi, eller inkompetens?


idiot ignorant racists piss me off >:|


finally getting a bit of a background about libertas.eu. I guess you can call them “shadowy”

tweets for 2009-04-20


starting the day wrestling with outlook issues… sigh


“billig fulknark från internet”


the older I get, the more I appreciate the 80x24 terminal size


applied for a job


Oracle buying Sun - watch out #mysql!


off home to prepare delioious meal


Our former president was here for a quick Q&A, informative and funny


my goal with this roll is to be able to post a shot to http://is.gd/tvX2


I love it when I get @hotdogsladies’ references


still freaked by the Oracle buyout of Sun


It’s funny, i’ve never actually noticed to solar panels covering most of the facade of 2 building on Hammarby Alle. Pics forthcoming

tweets for 2009-04-19


back after a walk to the playground. Pics were shot, will upload later (maybe)


IFPI loses no time demanding Swedish ISPs block #TPB. ISPs say “get bent”


DN pontifikerar om #TPB http://is.gd/ti9x Undrar hur många potentiella prenumeranter dom tappade där?


oops “pontifikerar” var tydligen värsta anglicismen… äsch, vadsomhelst


Rubriken lovar mer än bilden levererar http://is.gd/tibA


J.G. Ballard has died


is “debate” Latin for “talking out of your ass”?


Ann Cthoulter - squamous and rugose


I love it how the Teabag movement is trying to get their drivel onto Urban Dictionary

tweets for 2009-04-18


new VoIP box leads to a much more stable internet connection, whew!


Forest Whitaker in 2 successive movies on TV4


TV4 will send a series on the Bonnier family… will they bite the hand that feeds?

tweets for 2009-04-17


heading in for a #subrosa breakfast for once


no issue of the New York Review is complete without an essay about the Founding fathers


shooting with a Canonet? You’re in good (or a least nice-looking) company! http://is.gd/sU3B


TV4 is here filming so I had to hide Twitter/IRC/Google reader. Free ad for Nikon D700 on the homepage


as noted elsewhere, new movies and court decisions, you get them first at TPB! #spectrial


LOL Twitter is full of amateur lawyers: http://www.roomatic.com/%23spectrial


how can anyone not have seen this coming? They sailed to close to the wind and got caught. #spectrial


hey content industry, I prefer to pay artists, not middlemen. Adapt and stay relevant, pls


oh hey, a bunch of new followers! Time to take a look at them and maybe follow back!


IANAL but the #spectrial seems to make it illegal to run a torrent tracker and make $$$ off it. Nothing about sharing as enduser


I would like to know how much of the damages will be distributed to artists #spectrial


checking out Swedish NCO ranks, apparently we have “sergeanter” again in an effort to be more international


friday beer!


thepiratebay.org still up and running!


Conservative America’s latest bugbear: DENIM http://is.gd/sE2d


``Seventy-five percent of American “gamers” – people who play video games – are older than 18 and nevertheless are allowed to vote’’ - …


``This is not complicated. For men, sartorial good taste can be reduced to one rule: If Fred Astaire would not have worn it, don’t wear …


“they can take away our Levi’s, but they cannot take our FREEDOM!!!”


Grr doesn’t look like the news are on the web


jag skulle vilja att vi i framtiden skulle kalla någon som gjort något dumt för “en riktig pontén”


NOM and now Teabagging, the American right has seized on weird Internet memes



tweets for 2009-04-16


doing the Bugzilla fandango: assign everything to someone else


heading into deepest Östermalm for lunch with @lsjoberg


Had a look at an F3 Press at Wibergs Foto. Sweet body but a collectible and priced thereafter #photogeek


running early for Viking’s trip to the dentist


yellow jeans, tan duffel, mod haircut, cigarette - dude’s too hip to live


itunes 2 star playlist in heavy rotation on the ’pod


Maybe it’s simply too cold for desert boots #spring


Fellow passenger looks like a blonde Sarah Palin


ok so VPN works fine from Vista, now to enable it on $other_OS #it #vpn #this-is-your-brain-on-drugs


man I’m kind of glued to this armchair… gingerly gets up


“Elin Ruth” is a bit rockier than the Swedish versions of Sigvardsson’s albums: spotify:album:5otqBkgyVFYj4wzma5ddb0


maybe cracking open another beer is a mistake. Or maybe it’s awesome. Who am I to know?


April 17 resolution: see Elin Sigvardsson in concert … <3 her music

tweets for 2009-04-15


Minor public transport fail, weird delays and packed carriages. Trying to keep my zen


punching in


Perl has Poland (.pl), Python has Paraguay (.py). Ruby has… zip. RUBY FAIL


back from a productive brainstorming lunch at TGIF


I (nearly) killed the database! Or at least my SQL did


when command lines are outlawed, only criminals will use find(1) - http://is.gd/soKR. Via @jimh


you are in a maze of Bugzilla tickets, all alike


thanks @jedrek for pointing me to Wonkette.com


#publictransportfail in Stockholm, commuter trains not running between Centralen and Älvsjö. Thank ghod I don’t have to take one


wow found the Twitter trends feature in #Gravity, pretty slick!


If it doesn’t rain tomorrow I’m wearing the desert boots. Also, need to find a new sports jacket


The gods punish me for commuter train quip by knocking out Tvärbanan #publictransportfail


my ISP destroys IP records, can’t turn them over to #IPRED: http://is.gd/sBvr. Go #Bahnhof!


wow google reader is pretty fucked up at the moment

tweets for 2009-04-14


best way to find photo ops: bury your camera in the bottom of your bag


Running late due to the rental dropoff


ho hum, yet another DX-format camera from Nikon


obviously we have no index on this field… <eyes TOAD’s execution timer hit 2 minutes>


is tar(1) the utility with the most options? sure feels like it


found an important letter from Stockholms Universitet … turns out it was the paper J needs to send in for her degree


suddenly exposed the seedy underworld of #Flickr “post 1 rate 3” groups… losing faith in humanity fast


following hte match thru Leo’s yells, sounds like a lot is happening… 4-4!

tweets for 2009-04-13


Pit stop at #Brahehus. Total queuing fail in the gas station.


Parking dearth strikes #Sjöstaden, had to place the rental 2 tram stops away.


Finally getting some grub at #Max


wow this compost bag I just dumped down the chute was really ripe

tweets for 2009-04-12


Stocking up on victuals at ICA Flygstaden. Next stop: grandma’s grave to give it a cleaning


Back from Oskarström, relaxing with a coffee in the afternoon sun #easter09

tweets for 2009-04-10


Soon off, running late :( but it’s not as if we’re in a ton of hurry.


Lunch stop at Klinga, south of Norrköping

tweets for 2009-04-09


Heading off to pick up the rental (in the back of beyond due to me being late booking it)


first thing I do when i get a new car is switch to SR P1 on the radio. Yes, I’m an old fuddy-duddy


hey, it was supposed to be great weather this Easter! What’s with all the rain, God???


today’s investment pan: Long Term Shrimp Funds


purchased 2 bottles of wine as a gift for my parents


must remember to pick up the car from its parking space on my way home


French 3-strikes law struck down by the National Assembly? Hard to tell from .se sources


I think I see a telezoom in my future… sigh, so cliche


Vive la France! http://is.gd/rB9c


off to Halmstad by car tomorrow, expect (or dread) occasional tweets, otherwise sparse online presence

tweets for 2009-04-08




maybe if I had been paying attention at the meeting I would have known it wasn’t over, just on a break. Oh well


feeling pretty sick of my perl app, now looking more and more like a big ball of mud


omg Mikael Rickfors on #spotify, thanks for the warning. AVOID


time to push off home


ordered some food from Restaurang Göteborg, sadly the food doesn’t match the setting http://is.gd/rr3U


I can’t believe people are posting about TweetDeck vs. Seesmic. 2 free apps running a free service… it’s like the second derivative of …

tweets for 2009-04-07


On the subway after a long walk in the morning sunshine. Snapped some pics of boats


lesson of the day: don’t automatically assume that the stuff in production is the same as in the repository


gonna have to go mano-a-mano with this stupid 3rd-party data upload


no matter how simple it looks at first, in the end it’s too complex for sh


feeling strangely tempted by the Nikkor 35/1.8 DX. Gotta see how it handles and what my long-range format plans are #photog


finally fixed the dark blue directories in my ls listing. Looks as if modern linuxes are optimised for white terminals


new VoIP box arrived and installed, we have internets!

tweets for 2009-04-06


great, the newly installed alarm is beeping and claiming “sabotage”


and on-call week is over!


3 execs @ $work have now got the iPhone … and we’re a hardcore Exchange shop. Tremble, Nokia and WinMo #mobitopia


geotarding in #spotify is really pissing me off. Wish rightsholders would realise that audience is global


babying re-runs of data exports. Moral: Net::FTP will not do your binary conversion for you


depressed over the Swedish “Lenin prize” brouhaha


if I had known I was gonna go to a dark pub I’d have taken my flash with me

tweets for 2009-04-05


finally grokked that the Italian “stampa” simply means “press”


obsessing over camera straps. If only it wasn’t such a pain in the ass to change straps on Nikons


idly considered taking a shot of all my gear but decided it was boring


like everything else concerning the DPRK, this article has an edge of the fantastic: http://is.gd/qQye


finally realised that as the VoIP box is fux0red anyway I might as well connect directly via the wifi router. See if I get a better conn …


scary I still remember the weird dselect keystrokes


heh, Swedish media are more inclined to believe the DPRK over Yank sources re: Juche rocket


oh no working week, Mon-Thu. Not looking forward to it. At least I don’t have to do school run

tweets for 2009-04-04


Last-minute bday prep. I now totally see the attraction of offloading parties on faceless corp franchises


grr forgot the magic mount(1) incantation needed for Swedish characters to show correctly on Win cdrom mounted on Ubuntu.


time to check today’s shots


wow, Colin Pantall’s blog is awesome: http://colinpantall.blogspot.com/ #photog


today is also the anniversary of the death of Martin Luther King


oh noes, google reader is empty


reddit.com sure is a cesspool

tweets for 2009-04-03


read a DN on my commute. Verdict: not worth the subscription cost. DEATH OF PRINT PREDICTED


putty, your crazy right-click for paste sometimes makes for funny tweets


listening to “Wrecking Ball”, reminded of it by @scalzi


man I feel like gaming


there’s a bag-in-box of red wine next to the coffee machine, TEMPTING ME


oh man Maciej Cegłowski is behind WrongTomorrow.com? I didn’t know!


impatiently waiting for the next LPfoto auction, 7 June


perhaps Fox News should be happy the Canucks are holding up their end in A-stan instead of mocking them: http://is.gd/quFb


I knew we were in a world of pain when we agreed to maintain the PBX and the adjoining DECT handsets…


I can’t say I give a crap if Twitter is bought by $bigco and then neglected. It’s jsut a website, people. Move on with your lives


Relaxing after shopping cake, picking up Viking on his last day as a 6 yr old, and getting stuff for dinner. Beer ftw


presents wrapped and hidden “in plain sight” behind the bedroom drapes


interested in decentralised anonymity services that don’t rely on payment. Central orgs == larger target for #ipred


well at least we aren’t France, where the 3-strikes law has passed

tweets for 2009-04-02


Routine dropoff of the kids


Eternally grateful I don’t have a hard time I have to be in the office. Oh wait, I do


commuter protip: don’t use an entire seat for your bag unless you want my ass-imprint on it.


Thursday morning demo meeting


thinking long and hard about IPRED and how it affects me


all perled out


the wrapping paraphernalia for Viking’s present almost cost more than the presents themselves


chivvied out of my usual workplace to make room for a motivational speaker


inspirational speaker is speaking too fast


hi there, @taptu!


oh yeah, I’m now living in a police state. Well, more of one anyway. #ipred


In 18th Britain, crimes against property were punished harder than crimes against people. We’re going back there now with #acta and #ipred


more presentations! Thank god I managed to snag a beer


wow, Dow breaks 8K going up, mothership stock on record levels. That relaxation of mark-to-market rules sure gave a shot to the financia …


to save the free market, we have to destroy it


Finally heading home, nice sunset


“I should have known // you’d betray me but without the kiss”


lol Swedish iPhone ads simply reuse Yank images. Weather forecast is 73 and sunny. That’s lethal in Celsius

tweets for 2009-04-01


sweet, I just noticed the nice little “actionstrip” that @janole has added to tweets in #Gravity. Great UI!


Tram’s late - naturally


sure Vilgot Sjöman was an awesome filmmaker, but the name is still not appropriate for newborns


preparing for the deluge of crappy April Fool’s stories


decent one http://is.gd/q2H9


perl, I love you truly


new printer/scanner is sending TIFFs instead of PDFs, like the old one. I miss the old one :(


shit like this infests ffffound.com, and I dislike it intently http://is.gd/q7dv


taking the easy way out re: dinner - fast food, fast road to fatty perdition and bankrupcy


oh noes, I’ve worn a hole in one of my fav shirts


it’s emo overdose in tonight’s “Grey’s Anatomy”


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