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tweets for 2017-05-31

From now on May 31 will be known as #Covfefe day

“I used to be a beard model” - most 2017 thing to say?

Staffers will desperately try to get Trump to delete the #covfefe tweet but he’ll refuse b/c he doesn’t want to lose the retweets

tweets for 2017-05-24

Goodreads: “Start Planning your Summer Reading” - man life is a project for some people

tweets for 2017-05-23

I’m born in the 1970s, baptized and confirmed in the Lutheran Church, and I still have no effing clue why we celebrate Ascension

tweets for 2017-05-22

What’s the online forum equivalent of “esprit d’escalier”?

The older I get the more I realize lots of things I thought were true aren’t, and I DON’T LIKE IT

tweets for 2017-05-19

What is 4chan’s positioin on the Iranian presidential elctions?

tweets for 2017-05-18

People who are trying to keep Trump from rage-tweeting, have you considered changing the PIN to something other than 0000?

What is a “councel”? Is it a higher form of “incel”?

tweets for 2017-05-16

Dynamics CRM (a Microsoft product) didn’t work in IE, used to work in Edge, doesn’t anymore so running in Firefox. Brilliant #work

tweets for 2017-05-13

Österrikes bidrag har en egen måne! #eurovision

I’m reading a great book and its author (@iannmcdonald) is snark-tweeting #Eurovision right now. I love the internet.

Germany doesn’t deserve to come last with that song, but they’re not gonna win either #esc2017

tweets for 2017-05-12

it’s weird how security companies, meant to instill a feeling of bedrock permanence, change names so often

tweets for 2017-05-10

Comey firing is a sterling example of not attributing to malice what can be more likely explained by incompetence

tweets for 2017-05-09

Och nu snöar det. WTF.

I realize I always use Insert mode when editing in the middle of some text. Who the hell uses Delete mode?

tweets for 2017-05-04

I’m glad the multi-billion dollar movie franchise owned by Disney has its own day to raise awareness #maythe4th

Greek-born German/Danish immigrant, supported by the state his whole life, finally stops afflicting the public. Brexit works! #hrhphilip

Sign you’re old: Twitter suggest you follow obit feeds


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