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tweets for 2012-11-28

Snö i Danderyd! #fb

tweets for 2012-11-26

That Boomtown Rats song has seldom been more apposite #mondaysIhatezthem #work

Mondays suck but Drive-By Truckers help #doctorrecommended

No faith in humanity survives contact with actual users… #work

So happy US bloggers are back from being lazy and are posting content again!

Cyber Monday, Toker Tuesday, Woozy Wednesday, Thumping Thursday, TGI Friday, Satellite Saturday, Bloody Sunday #fb

tweets for 2012-11-25

One of the things I like about @pinboard is that there are no useless little buttons on websites promoting it.

“Beck”-filmerna är ju verkligen skapade enligt formulär 1A

tweets for 2012-11-24

Finished “The Hydrogen Sonata” - not sure what I think about it. Feels like an expanded novella.

tweets for 2012-11-23

Got such weird numbers out of the SQL performance script we’re using I had to email a developer.

Is there a nerdier name for a watch than “Omega Spacemaster”?

tweets for 2012-11-22

Imorgon ska vi diskutera #SAS på #subrosa. Min utgångspunkt: BURN IT WITH FIRE

tweets for 2012-11-21

Ugh Windows 2003 Server… so primitive admin tools compared to 2008 #work

Kinda feel like skipping work, going home, and lie in bed reading The Hydrogen Sonata all day. But won’t. Damn you John Calvin #work

tweets for 2012-11-20

På förekommen anledning, någon som läst Jan Carlzons “Riv pyramiderna” nyligen? #sas #fail #fb

Internal #work phone usage report says I’ve spent 5,000 minutes on the cell last month. My coworker has 25,000+ minutes.

Oderint dum metuant - “let them hate, so long as they fear” - […] Motto of the Russian Noble Family Krasnitsky #wikipedia

Also the favourite saying of Caligula, of course #oderint

Finally started on The Hydrogen Sonata, it seems stereotypically awesome #iainmbanks

tweets for 2012-11-19

Lär mig om uppställningen i nästa års Melodifestival genom att följa en skotsk superfans Twitterflöde (h/t @Ewan) #fb

tweets for 2012-11-18

Grannen tycker det är helt ok att borra i betongväggar med en slö borr kl. <20:28> - bryr sig heller inte om sista skämtet i Solsidan #fb

tweets for 2012-11-16

Är det någon som tycker att “Gustafsson 3tr” är det minsta roligt? #fb

tweets for 2012-11-14

Känns som om fredagens #subrosa-ämne är valt, eller vad säger du @gunderhaegg? #babbe-gate #fb

Say what you will about the US election, but for all its faults 120,556,276 ballots have been cast and counted.

Swedes point and laugh at US elections but in ours maybe 4 million ballots are cast

Next #work trip will be to Istanbul in April, really looking forward to it!

Nya direktiv inom SD: “Sluta filma när ni är rasister, så ska det nog lösa sig!”

tweets for 2012-11-13

This McAfee story is straight outta Warren Zevon country.

tweets for 2012-11-11

Really looking forward to the Village Voice’s right-wing blogosphere roundup tomorrow.

Wow I can’t believe I forgot about the New York Review’s post-election coverage…

tweets for 2012-11-08

POTUS election over, now I’m supposed to care about Swedish politics? Puh-leeze <reads more election post-mortems>

tweets for 2012-11-07

Fav part of this election cycle: “low-information” as a synonym for “dumb”

I can’t believe I’m saying this but I’m gettinga a bit tired of Wes Anderson/Bill Murray Tumblr mashups #toofuckingtwee

Reading Wikipedia’s entries on Electoral College results…

tweets for 2012-11-06

Leo has snagged my easy chair for his room so I’m in the couch for like the first time since we got it #fb

tweets for 2012-11-03

Everytime I penetrate the NYT firewall I feel insulted it’s so easy. #fb


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