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The banner bright, the symbol plain
Of human rights and human gain.

tweets for 2008-03-31


Gah, 0630 is actually 0530 and it sure feels like it. Gonna be hard to get the kids up


One of the selling points of Windows Mobile is that it runs Windows. Since when was Windows something people wanted more of?


ethauvin my French ain’t too hot but that sounds juicy


already submitted 2 error reports about display issues in IE


since we started using bugzilla, I’ve submitted 1,592 issues. 122 are not resolved. The oldest is from Mar 3 2006


so our payroll (and thereby time reporting) is being outsourced. We’re gonna timereport via the web. I FORESEE FAIL


i can haz emailz?? YEZ KITTEH, YOU CAN!!!


from now on, all my calc.exe needs will be handled by the emacs scratch buffer. Elisp evaluation FTW!


bah, allsvenskan.se one day after the league starts: no stats available. SEMI-EPIC FAIL


Proposed new Support desk motto: ODERINT DUM METUANT


Tram is buggered, riding a bus instead


dreaming about tilt-shift lenses

tweets for 2008-03-30


DST timechange sux. Gimme my hour back! Why can’t we be on summertime year round???


w00t I got the least unattractive cashier at Max. My day is complete :P


“not unattractive” does not translate to “quick on the uptake” though


Man I’m gonna be tired tomorrow. Damn DST

tweets for 2008-03-29


Planning Viking’s first solo walk to the store. We’re gonna do a dry run first…


I’m pissed I lost out on an online auction. I need to realing my priorities I think.


Show on TV is a contest between choirs. WTF?


how the hell can the cat arrange herself over my legs to make me so uncomfortable? gerroff, you!

tweets for 2008-03-28


On my way in to sub rosa


Lloyd Cole’s “Fall Together” feels strangely apropos this morning


whoah ketchup effect


suddenly thinking about Arthur Ransome’s “Great Northern”. Need to dig it out of storage


time to knock off for the week?


Heading home for the weekend


srsly Picasa is a fucking dog at the moment


stop spelling “lens” “lense”!!!


google confirms: lens has 88 million hits, lense only 3 million

tweets for 2008-03-27


punching in, need tea

tweets for 2008-03-26


punching in, Symantec hogging all the resources as per usual


i have not prepared for the coming meeting :(


listening to some Kate Voegele after a recommendation from @mc. Nothing too earth-shattering but female vocalists are always nice


enjoying @gruber’s linkfeed

tweets for 2008-03-25


Taking a break at McD’s at Klinga, south of Norrköping


arrived safely


whoah too much unread in Bloglines…

tweets for 2008-03-24


Grabbing a meal at Gustafs in Halmstad. Freakishly snowing still


Easter Monday dinner - 10cm snow

tweets for 2008-03-23


Relaxing in (relatively) snowy Halland. Hung out w/ nephew Erik an hour


Bit miffed I missed the Elin Ruth Sigvardsson concert on Thursday



tweets for 2008-03-22


Arrived safely at parents in Risarp after nice smooth sunny trip

tweets for 2008-03-21


horrible visit to IKEA afflicted with rampant mission creep


Visiting Hanna with Joanna and Viking

tweets for 2008-03-20


I’m by myself at the support desk today, gonna have to watch the stress levels…


my handwriting, never good, is now perfectly atrocious


“De mortuis nil nisi bonum” seems to apply to most commentary on Arthur C Clarke’s death


trying hard to care, and failing


man I’m bored




Scary video: http://tinyurl.com/3by2bj


jeez the angst of ex-Reddit users is hard to take seriously: http://tinyurl.com/2mj9p2


trying to find out why my office amplifier bugs out randomly


now’s the time after the conf call when I really should move my ass home but seem glued to the seat…


The only thing wrong with tumblr is that I’m sharing a platform with that ass Jakob Lodwick

tweets for 2008-03-19


twitcing with info-stress


getting a handle of the messed-up date ranges


I think Disqus is trying to do a bit too much. They don’t really seem sure what problem they’re trying to solve


listening to some Ryan Adams after recommendation from @tarek, enjoying it so far


eyelids drooping

tweets for 2008-03-18


punching in


I feel my work here is done


Arthur C Clarke has passed on, that’s sad

tweets for 2008-03-17


On the tube in to work, running late and listening to Kent


Valleywag sez Ebay will dump VCLK for affiliate marketing, that won’t be good for the stock


punching in


fsck you Outlook


Outlook finally(?) snaps out of its catatonia


of course Symantec does its bit to hinder productivity


hankering for candy


yup confirmed, Ebay kicks out Commission Junction for affiliate marketing in the US. Stock down


Late fall of snow is making me cold wet and miserable


Where the fuck’s my fucking train?


Here it is looking indescribably gloomy and wet

tweets for 2008-03-16


Damn John Scalzi and I are the same age

tweets for 2008-03-15


pity I care zilch about birds, could’ve taken some nice pics of the coots in the canal


Viking disses Charlotte Pirelli


also has issues with Amy Diamond’s dancing


Poor performance by Björn Gustavsson


Pirelli wins

tweets for 2008-03-14


back in the saddle after yesterday’s course


no sauna for me tonight, I’m gonna go see Hanna @ SCÄ


I forgot what I was gonna tweet


Weird color combo this woman is wearing: yellow shoes, cerise pants blue jacket with lime liner, purple scarf


Still too low volume on my Sahara Hotnights tracks :(

tweets for 2008-03-12


sigh what’s the use of getting in early when Symantec sez “I’m gonna freeze your computer for 15 minutes looking for bad stuff”?


there’s something deeply wrong with this lappy


turned out that just because outlook couldn’t start, nothing else worked (including USB ports). Thanks MSFT, thanks a fucking bunch


thank god for bash history


80s era Elvis Costello still rocks the socks off his later work


Internet abstinence is hard :(


Stuck in front of the computer again, sigh.

tweets for 2008-03-11


Still psyched after last night’s Call of Duty 4 session. Awesome game, but a bit too easy on Regular difficulty

tweets for 2008-03-10


Was settling down for 2 hours of work before daycare duty, then got a call. Been here since 9


omg VCLK stock is in death spiral


gah work lappy screen went haywire after 15 minutes, back on backup machine


chicken coming along nicely


pondering replacement kit lens: used 18-70 or new 18-55 VR?


ok time to log off

tweets for 2008-03-09


Work lappy screen is acting up again. I got a blue screen too, which points to the motherboard. Problem is, I need that machine tomorrow


finished up the Gunroom email

tweets for 2008-03-08


In Kungens Kurva, running errands to IKEA


Long wait in the post-checkout delivery part of IKEA. After that I have to use the cargo rails. Joy


YES Carola går inte vidare till final!

tweets for 2008-03-07


the kid is with me in the office this AM


i’m pissed I hve a bunch of Elvis Costello songs marked as unplayed, I’m playing them silently to get rid of them from the list


the day I get a Volvo is the day someone buys it for me


Seeking Alpha sez MSFT should buy the mothership. I can be a ’Softie, no sweat ;)


dang, I’d like to be able to edit my tweets instead of having to delete and post again


heading off home for the weekend

tweets for 2008-03-06


yay managed to get VPN to play along with wireless


1024x768 is just too darn small for serious work


laundry sorted


doing the SOX delaying tango

tweets for 2008-03-05


What’s with Leo LaPorte? Latest TWiTs have”featured” Scoble and Dave Winer. Not interesting at all


“en dag utan dig är som en dag utan nikotin”


WM-data finally ditch their 70s name


trying to get back into the work groove


mmm my merino wool cap is now washed and warm. And to all you mulesing protestors: wear polyester and shut up


argh Tumblr down


Train is pax0red

tweets for 2008-03-04


cold this morning


sooo hungry… early lunch ahoy


gonna head to daycare and pick up a very tired young man


working at home


political temp in the US is heating up, normally neutral bloggers are taking sides

tweets for 2008-03-03


punching in


w00t stock purchasing plan netted me 19 shares ;)


pondering a ticket


unexpected fun reading: Berkshire Hathway’s chairman’s letter


heading off home, no internet for me when I’m there, scold me if you see me!


On the tube, going home. Internet moratorium not in effect on public transport!


For some reason, Docenterna’s “Sverige varken ser eller hör” is excellent tube music. Great female backing vocals by Idde Schultz

tweets for 2008-03-01


Gonna play me some Red Alert 2 on my fav map: Bay of Pigs!


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