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The banner bright, the symbol plain
Of human rights and human gain.

tweets for 2008-12-31


Falling into bad habits, drinking, up late etc. I see it as training for #NYE


Zunecalypse 2008! http://is.gd/eh0g


OK time to move!


At the Loman’s. Spotify providing music. Great party app!


Happy New Year everyone!

tweets for 2008-12-30


Dropping Viking off to an old kindergarten buddy


Expensive meat purchased in a pretty busy BEA. No luck finding a new wallet. Next stop: wine!


“2008 is the worst year in history for the Stockholm stock exchange”

tweets for 2008-12-29


Up way too early


Guerilla smoke in a condemned building in #sjöstaden


relaxing with the computer, Viking’s cousin will be sleeping over… gonna park them in front of Wall-E :)


Swedish Xmas shopping to break record – econocalypse on hold? http://is.gd/e2aw


enjoying seeing Leo getting ass-whupped in Gears 2


btw Leo’s so-called friends are a bunch of irresponsible assholes

tweets for 2008-12-28


Slept, but not well


phew bills entered into the bank’s system. I hate doing that, especially with 20-digit OCR codes


pruned my Reader list from 1000+ to 250 in a day

tweets for 2008-12-27


Could use an hours more sleep, but need to start packing etc


Safely home after predicably boring drive. Cruise control ftw. Now to return the car!


Car returned, an altogether more pleasant experience than actually renting it. Gonna avoid that station in the future, they have ISSUES


catching up on feeds


feel a cold coming on

tweets for 2008-12-26


Mad oversleepz. Guess I needed it


Checking out the post-Xmas sale in central Halmstad


Stuffed after Boxing day dinner at Holms

tweets for 2008-12-25


Xmas day coffee and chocolates


Åbro Julbock 7,0 FTW!

tweets for 2008-12-24


We Swedes do it early, Xmas eve is the big day here. Up early again to see the finale of “Skägget i brevlådan”


Frantic last-minute gift wrapping!


Viking had an absolute blast being Santa’s little helper and giving people their presents. Dad as creepy Santa freaked out his cousin


Back at the apartment, relaxing with a well-deserved glass of calvados

tweets for 2008-12-23


Early morning day before Christmas. I woke Viking up so he wouldn’t miss TVs advent show


Harvested a Christmas tree from the ancestral bog


Pope still a reactionary German fogey, film at 11


Tonight’s dinner cancelled due to vomiting

tweets for 2008-12-22


Up early. Breakfast, then get the car and swing by the storage locker for some last-minute stuff


The funny thing is I’ve managed to rent a car twice before with ID and a police report. Hence didn’t think it would be an issue.

tweets for 2008-12-21


testing ttytter v. 0.9<something>, can’t get readline support to work. Oh well


missing some previously-purchased xmas gifts


yay presents found


getting to bed early, gonna drive 500km tomorrow

tweets for 2008-12-20


LOL @ “Chinese Democracy” being a flop… hugely disappointing download… :)


once again Internets, you disappoint me… but I will have my revenge!


As expected, got a call for the phantom server someone assigned to our hostgroup.


Peter Englund tar över som Akademins ständige sekreterareà http://is.gd/cIZP


I didnÃt know Baz Luhrmann directed ÃAustralia”

tweets for 2008-12-19


Last work day for 2008, rounded off by Xmas party tonight


I buggered up the weekly backup, this means I’ll have to drag my drunk ass back to the office to make sure the offsite people get it tonight


xmas party starts at 5pm … 1.5 hours to go… work motivation rapidly nearing zero…


1 hour to xmas party, we have “no route to host” the the main DB


syncing fresh ’casts onto the ’pod


Dude offers a 40 yr old woman his seat in the subway. Awkward pause until a 6 ft shemale takes it


Gullmarsplan stinks of sewage again

tweets for 2008-12-18


Next stop: Jakobsberg. Luckily the train is one of the new ones, not the older carcinogenic models


Meeting’d. On our way back to civilisation


whoops Leo forgot to pick up Viking. Hope it’s not too late

tweets for 2008-12-17


Still mad that Johan Norberg is playing shill for the idiots who’re blaming the housing crisis on the CRA


of all the ecological disasters we’re facing, overfishing is scaring me the most. Dunno why really. I just love those fishfingers

tweets for 2008-12-16


Some web pages are simply too much for the E61. Maybe I should I just get Opera Mini


call from the monitoring service. Oh well, rather get it at <8:35> than <4:35>


guy across from me reading a brand-new copy of “Nineteen Eighty-Four”


Zounds! Escalator at Karlberg is working!


where did my search folder go

tweets for 2008-12-15


Quantitative Easing… not really what you think it means: http://is.gd/bMvK

tweets for 2008-12-14


I need to shine my shoes


touching base with photo.net

tweets for 2008-12-13


cat + superball == endless hijinks


hehe JPGs from the Canon 5D mkII break Flickr’s 20 meg limit


ropelight up


thinking about the evening meal

tweets for 2008-12-12


What a shitty morning


man the econocalypse is looking especially grim today


adding tasks from emails in gmail like there’s no tomorrow!


Swedish motor journalists are reasoning with their hearts, not their heads, about Volvo & Saab


destination: Pizza!



tweets for 2008-12-11


This morning is greyer and rainer than usual, if possible. Crammed into on of the designed-for-tiny-pygmies blue bus


opened a doc from the auditors, Word crashed…


slowly started getting into tumblr


waiting patiently for a page at DN.se to load


it was not worth the wait


enabling gmail tasks…


On my way to the school’s xmas carol show + coffee. No daytime gathering of adults in Sweden can occur without coffee greasing social wheels


running late


brrrr time to dig out the winter coat


incredibly depressing radio show about some woman laid off from Ericsson


man this bluetooth headset is amazingly uncomfortable (Nokia BH-700)


time to get rid of my vox blog, I haven’t used it at all for nearly 2 years

tweets for 2008-12-10


So far everything has gone rather well this morning. Maybe it was because I went to bed early last night


punching in


back from a short walk, took some pics and bought a slab of frozen carbs for lunch. Plus candy!




red metro line not running due to fire #stockholm #publictransportfail


looking for gingerbread man costume


The Fates have conspired against me. But I hope to soon this wrap this up #xmassecrets


From my horizon LeWeb 08 should have been cancelled #leweb08


the hunt for the gingerbread man costume continues!


my dedication to the cause awakes ridicule, but I shall prevail!


BEA comes through! Cheap too

tweets for 2008-12-09


punching in


trying to multitask and failing


enjoying the retro-progressive style of The Soundtrack of Our Lives


backing up music and photos


inbox zro


Coldplay sells out 2 concerts in Stockholm. I am mystified. Who the fsck will pay to hear Coldplay?


§``Dying of grey hairs with black dye’’ – sign of the End Times: http://is.gd/aR6a


heading home via downtown


whoops did a boo-boo earlier today, must fix

tweets for 2008-12-08


I sense a twitterstorm brewing over Guy Kawasaki’s article.


Tram went by empty #publictransportfail


sod this for a game of soldiers - I’m changing at Årstaberg


ok this route was a bit suboptimal


my eyes are tired


omg is that the time?

tweets for 2008-12-07


Waiting for the blue line


I wonder if I’ve been in Spånga before, and if so, when and why


horrific accordion music played by buskers on the train :P


On our way back from Cornelia’s birthday party


at Max’


feet are like ice cubes after walking around w/o shoes in the cellar where the party was


haha latest scammy Twitter follower’s account has been suspended


re Scott Cleland; being a shill for the telcos is better than being a shill for Big Tobacco, but only a little


historical moment, Social Democrats announce a coalition: http://is.gd/aBi6. Sahlin is gonna get crap for this from hardliners


trying for a reprise of http://is.gd/aBAU but today’s proggit headlines just aren’t funny enough

tweets for 2008-12-06


Misslyckat försök att gå på Konstfacks julmarknad. Kön sträckte sig 250m


why am I reading bellyachings in forums about the D3X pricing? Maybe I just enjoy random middle-class whiners

tweets for 2008-12-05


Running late


i was planning to take some pics before work this morning, but the light just isn’t there


set up gmail imap access on the E61


for all their education, US policy makers are strangely ignorant of how a market works: http://is.gd/alYg


started to use Picasa web albums for crap photo sharing, gonna keep Flickr for the “good stuff” (quotes intentional)


here’s the crap stuff: http://picasaweb.google.se/gerikson


feeling very web 2.0 all of a sudden. Must be the beer and alcopop


yay 7 new spam followers on Twitter! Welcom spambots!


Not for the last time regretting I don’t know more Latin



tweets for 2008-12-04


Gah the train is the old model where the breaks smell like asbestos


Zounds! I just spelled brakes as “breaks”. It was really easy to do! I blame the sweet stink of asbestos


I wonder if Jackson Browne’s “Lawyers in Love” is a bitter denunciation of “Ally McBeal”


Âtarek @jimh good to know, bit surprised finding my posse has stopped following me!


best IRC morning EVAH


Âtarek try mibbit.com


phear my elite bash programming skillz


newspapers and economists are happy about the rate cut, ignoring that the Riksbank does this because we’re staring at an economic abyss


central banks are pushing on a string


BoingBoing posts link about fractional reserve banking, Paultards emerge in the commentsà http://is.gd/afwW

tweets for 2008-12-03


back in the office


unsubbing from “This American Life”, can’t find the time to listen to it


booked a car for the trip down to Halland over Xmas


not looking forward to driving 500km even though I’ve done it many times before


Picked up 2 kids, now waiting wife before heading to Viksjö for Xmas dinner


running late


Dinner eaten, now saying goodbyes


Leif GW Persson is a fucking fraud

tweets for 2008-12-02


Man dude across from me has a chin like an inverted obelisk


another dude is either dog tired or an imbecil, hard to tell


time to review my Flickr exit strategy


Nokia N97 is cool but it’s yet another mobile I won’t be able to afford http://is.gd/9QYY


wtf Statoil won’t let me have my car until <11:30> tomorrow?


Heading home, but first I need to buy a cheap toy and a pair of pants


indulging my inner old fogey, listening to Jackson Browne


Just picked up a pair of black Dockers, cementing my old-fogey status


“the number you dialled can’t be reached right now” never happened to me before, wonder what’s up

tweets for 2008-12-01


Forgot ipod, lunch at home, returning there to pick them up #amnesia


feeling sooo far away from Oscar Wilde right now. Otoh I have not been humiliated in a show trial. It evens out. #oscarwildeday


can’t help but think that Calacanis is worried about future warranties on his Tesla here: http://is.gd/9Eks


why do people solicit advice for +$500 CE purchases on random IRC channels?


having a bad case of the Mondays today


even though I have no intention of ever owning the Nikon D3X I’m obsessively scouring the nets for commentary. I’m such a nerd


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