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tweets for 2019-03-22

UK: we’re leaving, and nothing you can say will make us stay! EU: OK, we’re sad to see you go. Good luck! UK: why aren’t you doing more to keep us together?! We’re hurting and it’s all your fault!

(h/t @jedrek for inspiration)

Twitter wants me to celebrate me joining this cesspit 12 years ago…

tweets for 2019-03-16

Perhaps the most unrealistic scene in any movie is when the protagonists pull up in front of their destination and immediately find a parking spot

tweets for 2019-03-09

Biff Rydberg och Ripasso inmundigad. Jag är redo för #melfest

Var i världen är Mohombi en “världsartist”? The Googles, they do nothing! #melfest

tweets for 2019-03-07

Online photography discussion hierarchy

Defending a company > Discussing gear > Buying gear > Discussing postprocessing > Postprocessing > Taking pictures

It’s natural Trump would expect someone to name their company after themselves - it’s what he does.

tweets for 2019-03-05

Technically correct may be the best kind of correct, but order-of-magnitude correct is definitely next best correct!

tweets for 2019-03-04

Hur du vet att jag är gammal - mina mess ser ut som epost

The thing I have been dreading has happened: I have been logged out of Flickr. I will probably never get in again


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