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tweets for 2020-03-31

Why the heck isn’t “Increase indent” to the left of “Decrease indent” in most editing controls?!

There are no anti-vaxxers in the ICU! (just kidding, of course there are)

Victims of Covid 19 include: democracy in Hungary / privacy / April Fool’s jokes

tweets for 2020-03-20

Weekend plans: cower in fear

tweets for 2020-03-18

enforce social distancing - eschew showering

tweets for 2020-03-16

What if… we put Twitter and Facebook into quarantine?!

tweets for 2020-03-15

The hand-wringing about “shutting down the economy” to spare some olds and immunocompromised from death is beginning.

I mean, if those people had wanted to stay alive, they’d not gotten old or sick, right?

tweets for 2020-03-13

“Out of an abundance of caution” is the new “thoughts and prayers”.

tweets for 2020-03-11

TIL in Germany, #Corona is #Corina. Good for the beer, I guess

tweets for 2020-03-10

No wonder the world is panic-stricken, Covid-19 is affecting old men AND their money

tweets for 2020-03-09

Bitcoin plunges 10% but that’s totally normal and happens all the time

What’s the color of this Monday?

tweets for 2020-03-06

Trying really hard not to give in to the temptation to troll Python 2 dead-enders

TIL of the latest sign of the Apocalypse: “hard seltzer”. WTF people.

As the #covid-19 disease seems to affect older men disproportially, expect a massive response to deal with it

tweets for 2020-03-05

Covid-19 förvandlar flygskam till flygrädsla

tweets for 2020-03-02

I’m almost 50 years old and only recently found a quick mental model of how Arial differs from Helvetica

``Why Cloudflare Chose AMD EPYC for Gen X Servers’’ - that’s a weirdly specific provisioning. How many Boomer servers does Cloudflare have?


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