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tweets for 2014-10-31

Starbucks tries to create monopoly on the pumpkin spice planet Hallowrakis, fails miserably.

tweets for 2014-10-30

You kids with your silly fears of Ebola, global warming, and extinct fisheries! Back in my day we had NUCLEAR ARMAGGEDON to worry about!

Relevant song title from Stars: o/~ How much more am I supposed to take?

tweets for 2014-10-29

Every new iTunes version I’m all like “wow, can it get any worse?” Subsequent versions prove that it can!

tweets for 2014-10-24

Någon borde berätta för Artur f Götet i Postkodsmiljonären att hipsterstilen han kör med var ute i Brooklyn 2007

TIL David Mamet wrote the script for “The Untouchables”

tweets for 2014-10-23

Att Kirunas hockeylag har HBQT-satsning värmer hjärtat hos denna hockeyhatare. Bra gjort! #fb

New console! #Bitcoin $360

“Legends of the Fall (of Bitcoin)”

tweets for 2014-10-21

Saw a physical therapist today about my hand problems. He suggested cutting down on computer time outside work. Everyone happy but me #fb

I forgot to ask about amputation and getting bionic hands. #fb

tweets for 2014-10-20

On Jan 18 2038 #Bitcoin becomes global reserve currency. The next day civilization crumbles because someone forgot the crucial time_t call.

tweets for 2014-10-16

En j-a massa skäggiga karlar i reklamen just nu #fb

tweets for 2014-10-14

Here’s a revenue idea for Google: Plus Prime - pay to leave Google Plus

I will be celebrating World Standards Day with an ISO cup of tea.

tweets for 2014-10-10

Bearwhale takes breath, prepares to sound deep, seeking the giant squid in the inky depth of bitcoiner tears

All is well in the world, I’m on Twitter and the kid is playing Super Smash Bros 3DS

tweets for 2014-10-08

Does anyone unironically use the term “the masses” outside /r/bitcoin and the remaining adherents of Marxism-Leninism?

“Grey’s Anatomy” has gone from jumping the shark to floating over the shark in a hot-air balloon.

tweets for 2014-10-06

Sun 05 Oct 2014 - The Day the #Bitcoin Price Stood Still.

In the mythical land of #Bitcoin dwells the BEARWHALE - a creature so fearsome, it can only be vanquished by showering it in FIAT

tweets for 2014-10-04

#Bitcoin meltdown right now, VWAP is 326: new yearly low. Down 9.3% over 24hr, -33% 1 month ago, -71% since peak.

tweets for 2014-10-01

Paul Krugman is using his Nobel Prize money and the guidance of the undead spirit of John Maynard Keynes to kill #Bitcoin

When is it International #Bitcoin Day?


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