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tweets for 2014-09-30

Hur många tror med mig att hotet mot Aladdins trillingnöt är en planterad marknadsföringsgrej av Marabou? #fb

tweets for 2014-09-29

Fun #bitcoin stats this morning: down -6.6% since yesterday, -25.7% since last month, aggregated value under 5B USD, Draper is down 6.7M

If you ever feel the need to Google Image search “teratoma with teeth” – DON’T DO IT

tweets for 2014-09-27

Orwell for our time: “Three boobs are better than two”

tweets for 2014-09-26

wow Twitter really is trying to make us forget they ever made Lists.

yo dawg we heard your liked exponentials so we put an exponential on your exponential so you can exponate while you derivate

Skämskudde i Idol

Yet another area where #Bitcoin outperforms USD: dollar will lose 20% purchasing power in 11 years, BTC does this in ONE MONTH

tweets for 2014-09-25

If you can find compelling subjects during a rainy September day in Stockholm, you are a better photographer than I

Google+ - a ghost town with a working telegraph office. “There are new tumbleweeds in the street, click +1!”

tweets for 2014-09-24

Misplet “awful” as “awfuk” when describing an HDR photo. Strangely appropriate.

tweets for 2014-09-23

Field-testing the weather sealing of my Nikon D700, courtesy an uncapped bottle sharing a bag with it.

Sadly had to tell @peakdesignltd that I had 2 springs fail on my new Slide…

tweets for 2014-09-22

Some Mondays are more Monday than other Mondays

iTunes is shocked I click “Cancel” on its offer of iOS 8.0, immediately displays download prompt again

“But sir, it’s the new version of iOS!”

tweets for 2014-09-19

#Bitcoin price on Bitstamp right now: $404 MOON NOT FOUND

tweets for 2014-09-17

I’m not surprised but still disappointed that the latest Cisco Webex update made things worse

Bitcoin: the pyrite to Reddit’s Gold

Oh, and Tim Draper’s Silk Road stash is down -4.4M fecal-stained fiat paper

tweets for 2014-09-16

Det finns tid och plats för tankfullt strosande. Slussen i rusningstrafik är varken eller.

tweets for 2014-09-15

At least the #indyref drama will remove attention from the shameful Swedish election results last night. Thanks Scotland!

Why the heck doesn’t Outlook sounds volume follow the System sounds volume in #Windows7?

So far I’ve spend 2 hours at work juggling database restores because my harddrive is too small

tweets for 2014-09-14

Please do not use Elder Signs in your password, it drives the hashing function insane.

tweets for 2014-09-13

Fattar inte att jag bott i Stockholm i 22 år och först idag fattat att Skansen är AWESOME #fb

tweets for 2014-09-12

The power supply of my cheap USB hub failed and tripped the breakers for half the office at #work #mybad

tweets for 2014-09-10


Shoggoths have long been targetted by LE, “they see me oozin’, they hatin’”

tweets for 2014-09-09

Converted 3 lenses to one: 2 x 50mm, one 18mm => 35mm … it’s almost the average!

Wait, U2 still exist?

tweets for 2014-09-08

🎶 No milk! Oh god how I hate that.

I could retweet @pinboard tweets all day

tweets for 2014-09-07

Rolling on the floor laughing at the Danish version of the “Adventure Time” intro.

tweets for 2014-09-06

So weird to see Rusty Cohle making sweet sweet love to J.Lo (“Wedding Planner” on TV)

Gmail tells me I have 4.97G of mail. Is that even posible

tweets for 2014-09-05

PSA: Lev Grossman’s “The Magician’s Land” is amazing. That is all.

tweets for 2014-09-04

Message from /r/bitcoin to merchants looking at adopting crypto: “If you offer any other coin than Bitcoin we will boycott you”.

tweets for 2014-09-03

He who argues with a fool on Reddit loses both his karma and gets shadowbanned for his pains.

tweets for 2014-09-02

Well this is embarrassing. I’ve been tagging my images incorrectly on Flickr hands in geek license and keyboard, goes on unpaid leave

tweets for 2014-09-01

Fixed my home-made Flickr backup script. Inordinately proud of myself.

A vision of the future: only those with Bitcoins will have access to life’s neccesities - photos of nude celebrities


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