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The banner bright, the symbol plain
Of human rights and human gain.

tweets for 2010-05-31


I’ve read 3 of the books on @GreatDismal’s list of great SF novels, and heard of 3 more. Some great tips for more! http://bit.ly/9GkiyG


wow, the Jewish state sure used to handle its PR better


my work computer freezes when trying to logon to both OCS and Windows Live… I only have problems with MSFT software, what gives?


wow I didn’t realize Israeli military had killed unarmed(?) activists. I guess Avigdor Lieberman is happy with that


seriously my work lappy is like an ancient radio, it takes 15 minutes just to “warm up”


one of the (many) problems with the “War on Terror”, calling groups “terrorists” both dehumanizes people and devalue the term


stöd för Israel är inte nödvändigtvis stöd för den nuvarande israeliska regeringen


we rented a storage space when we moved from the house in 2007. Yesterday we finally emptied in time for a new move #fb


nothing in my US news feeds about the deadly #shipstogaza attack, smart move acting during Memorial Day weekend


I stand corrected, BoingBoing has lots of links

tweets for 2010-05-30


At Veddesta centrum


damn Leo won’t be in New York when Crackdown 2 is released, I was planning on camping out with his Xbox! #fb


enjoys a well-deserved beer! Today was very productive thanks to bro-in-law Niclas #fb

tweets for 2010-05-29


gonna look at drapes and blinds and stuff. Fun


how come more people know who Gary Coleman was than Dennis Hopper? “Blue Velvet”, people!

tweets for 2010-05-28


you can’t call this precipitation drizzle… it’s like random small drops now and then #weather


tar reda på hur man lämnar mitt fackförbund #fb


Ojdå, det finns en snubbe som skriver för Lundagård som har mitt namn! Måste bevaka min Google-juice! #fb


Damn navigated away from a fascinating post about Stalin in the NY Review blog

tweets for 2010-05-27


today’s mystery, how come my virtual machine reports disk errors?


Hmm today is “iPad in EU” day! It’ll be interesting to see what they cost

tweets for 2010-05-26


``The first rule of code reuse is that the code needs to be worth re-using.’’ - http://is.gd/cpBCf


wtf with CDMA, you can’t use voice and data at the same time?? #mobitopia


Everyone on the subway has an iPhone! I dunno if I want to join their zombie ranks


turns out I didn’t need to drill that giant hole in the cabinet, good because the old coot at the hardware store gave me the wrong adapter


but I couldn’t deal with painting tonight, so I’m kicking back with a glass of Bordeaux

tweets for 2010-05-25


Considering the widespread buttache regarding the #Lost finale I’m glad I didn’t invest any time in the show


the Twitterverse, as summed up by @jwz: http://jwz.livejournal.com/1239804.html


so you didn’t think your bacon could be kosher? THINK AGAIN http://www.jdfoods.net/products/kosher.php


nice one of our GUIs truncated a SQL query w/o warning. Restoring the DB from backups now #work #fail


Today is Jordan’s independence day. Don’t ask how i know, I just do

tweets for 2010-05-24


assembling the puzzles of the impending #move


I’d like a headset with decent sound quality and a mic boom + USB interface. Recommendations?


Otippat, Svenskt Näringsliv gillar inte Arbetsförmedlingen http://is.gd/cmV7s #fb

tweets for 2010-05-23


wow Martin Gardner was alive until today?! I had no idea he lived that long

tweets for 2010-05-22


Nice product placement of @scalzi ‘s “Old Man’s War” in the latest Stargate: Universe episode!

tweets for 2010-05-21


At the company meeting #work


a cool breeze flows through the meeting room!


great company meeting, fallen short of our goals somewhat but the new products are looking good!


härlig lunch i solen på Hamnkrog Stocksund #fb


känns som om det ska åska, men klart.se säger nej! #fb


Hopefully gonna have dinner at RGB

tweets for 2010-05-20


So far a pretty crap morning


support call to Jordan, heard the muezzin’s call in the background


Hipster invasion at #Gullmarsplan!


got an email containing financial info adressed to me + someone else. Honest mistake or sophisticated 419 scam?

tweets for 2010-05-19


Managed to arrive at #Gullmarsplan w/o being crushed for once. Now waiting for the tram in diffused sunlight #spring


I remember … when Google Wave was cool….


back into Stargate: Universe, I think they’re keeping up the story well


Hey Tom Corbett - you’re a fucking idiot! http://techcrunch.com/2010/05/19/tom-corbett-twitter/ #pagovrace

tweets for 2010-05-18


in general, if you can’t abide Twitter’s 140-char limit, don’t use it


min underbara fru har fixat flyttfirma! Det enda jag behöver göra är att hjälpa till att packa #lätt #fb


popped down to Danderyd churchyard and snapped some pics with the new 35/1.8. Pretty poor light in the middle of the day though #photog


feeling bored, dipped into dpreview’s forums, found this inanity-filled thread: http://is.gd/ceyEP - FOR THE LULZ


Swedish Pirate Party taking over The Pirate Bay - brilliant PR move, the content mafia will give them tons of free press!


Hot walking to the subway! Time to break out the summer jacket


yet again I am reminded that the invite/kick interface is one of the cooler things with #tircd

tweets for 2010-05-17


nice summery feeling in the office today, I like! #fb


some massively overhyped pic on Flickr leads me to investigate “freelensing”. What fresh hipster hell is this??? http://is.gd/ccSom


Peter Wolodarski ställer inte den grundläggande frågan: är Euron över huvud taget en bra idé? http://is.gd/ccZIa (via @isobelsverkstad) #fb


man the shots @tkjaer has posted recently from his iPhone has me wanting a decent mobile phone cam! http://is.gd/cd0hA


“The Failure of the American Jewish Establishment” - http://is.gd/cd2zt #nyrb #israel


``[…] apparently, branding your children is not a crime in the state of Washington’’ - http://is.gd/cd7Xe


Cool that Lady Ada Lovelace is on a t-shirt, but what’s with the MySpace angle down her cleavage? http://is.gd/cdfyz

tweets for 2010-05-16


I get the feeling that burlesque, like sourdough and fixies, is a hipster thing I just don’t get #old


Sweden : “TrendyBingo.com” is the latest attempt to hype bingo online, and the name is seriously old-school #fail


maybe I’m missing some national pride thing here, because I seriously can’t see the attraction of the Shuttle among geeks


is Ronnie James Dio dead or not? en.Wikipedia says no, sv.Wikipedia says yes. I suspect a canard.net

tweets for 2010-05-15


Sunny day here, I’m going to do some cleaning in the storage area then shoot cherry blossoms!


Reordered our storage space, should be easy enough to move now #move2010


åt en burgare på RGB i ParkInn, funkade! #sjöstaden #fb

tweets for 2010-05-14


wow my computer and the network it’s attached to is even more useless than usual today.


I am not friend with my office hardware, not its network today!


I hate Gnome apps that simply assume I want their crappily translated Swedish language

tweets for 2010-05-13


meh my webserver is serving pages but I can’t login with SSH to post new content. Want to blog about Kraków!


Sakura trees at Luma Torg are in bloom, here’s hoping for nice light and plenty of people this weekend #photog

tweets for 2010-05-11


On the bus home from Skavsta. Long journey but at least I didn’t get ashclouded #krakow2010


Security at both Skavsta and Katowice scanned my shoes but missed the boxcutter I had forgotten in a coat pocket #beafraid


Ironically it feels I’ve taken more shots of this smouldering cig receptacle than I take in total in Krakow #photog


undrar om körsbärsträden har blommat ut? Hoppas inte det #sjöstaden #fb


pity the #Subway where I live is 2 tram stops away

tweets for 2010-05-09


Drinking beer in a garden after a show at the JCC in Kraków #krakow2010

tweets for 2010-05-08


Omg the sun’s out! Should we really be hitting the salt mines? #krakow2010


Off to the salt mines, literally #krakow2010


Chillin’ with a chicken kebab after a great night at Moment bar in #krakow2010

tweets for 2010-05-07


Woken up in a gray Kraków, gonna get some breakfast! #krakow2010


Chilling out after a walk to a rainy Jewish quarter #krakow2010


Drinking with @jedrek at le Scandale ;)

tweets for 2010-05-06


Slussen still smells of smoke, but at least the station’s open now #sl #stockholm


socialism used to be an ideology, now it’s just a pose


Leica M9 battery “only” $130! Is this the cheapest Leica accessory evah?


ser fram emot midsommar på Björkholmen 2010! #fb


On the bus to “Stockholm” Skavsta, the local airport for cheap flights


I wonder where all the good ole boys with their clanking bags of bottles are flying… #krakow2010


Magic number now over 4.6 …


Flight delayed more than an hour to <19:10,> relaxing with a Hof in the bar #krakow2010


Waiting in line for boarding at a new gate; no announcement was made, suddenly everyone just upped and moved

tweets for 2010-05-05


I wish there was a EU-wide information source for pending airspace closures #ashtag


wow I sure hope the volcano doesn’t stop my Poland trip tomorrow #ashtag


today’s happy number is 4.480… right now. Hoping it will change to 4.5

tweets for 2010-05-04


The Economist’s new map of Europe: http://is.gd/bTqYS


Finally some action on the bidding front


maximise your post-processing: make fake tilt-shift HDR timelapse panos! #photog

tweets for 2010-05-03


Ultimate argument against Flash galleries: won’t work on your precious iPad #1stworldproblems #photog


every time I try to compose an email in Outlook I have to wait 30s for Word to wake up and start accepting keystrokes. Yay


“Eating Disorder Not Otherwise Specified” - depressing reading http://is.gd/bRXLU #eatingdisorders


lunch meeting cancelled!


oh noes! My fav mug with the awesome “RTFM” on it has broken in the mad rush to make our home presentable :(

tweets for 2010-05-02


Out of the apartment for the showing


försöker deklarera men det är fullt! Köp flera servrar, Skatteverket #gnäll #fb

tweets for 2010-05-01


Stopp i pendeln mellan Älvsjö & Centralen, vi ska ta oss till Centralen för att försöka vidare mot Jakan #sl #fail #fb


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