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Wishing she could call him “Heartbreak”, but it’s not a boy’s name

tweets for 2012-05-31


Just got a shopping list from my son via Skype. “There’s no toast bread!”

tweets for 2012-05-30


Looks like #Assange has put on weight while in the UK…


32 cases, 2 x A, 9 x B, rest C. Considering quitting for the day #work


Today is a 3-finger Scotch day. So was yesterday though #work

tweets for 2012-05-29


Mycket gnäll i Sjöstans twitterflöde idag, kallare vädret drar ner humöret #whitewhine #fb


30 cases, 1 x A, 7 x B, the rest are C. Bit stressed. #work

tweets for 2012-05-28


Man China Miéville is a fucking genius. “Kraken” rocks.

tweets for 2012-05-27


not surprisingly, Facebook makes it non-obvious to remove “friends”.


BTW the quotation marks around “friends” are intentional, I don’t really buy into the FB newspeak in this regard


Big surprise, zero keepers from 2 evenings out shooting


Arcade Fire and the Linklater movie “A Scanner Darkly” - two things that go great together


Paul Simon’s “Hearts and Bones” is one of his best albums, in my humble opinion


Of course “Graceland” isn’t far behind #paulsimon

tweets for 2012-05-26


instead of #eurovision I’m watching Paul Krugman’s fav Arcade Fire clips from YouTube


well that sucked #Engelert #eurovision


Thanks Twitter for buckling under #eurovision load


That hair… #nightmarefuel #albania #esc


How did #Albania survive the semifinals?


That air guitar solo… please kill me now #esc


Leo: “will the Russian grannies be able to keep awake?” #esc


“Baku: City of Fine Cuisine…. and oil pollution”


it’s 01 AM in Baku now?


well 10 to 01


so apparently it’s “Garabach” and not “Nagorno-Karabach” - or are they separate?


Leo appreciates Ms Romania’s legs #esc


Viking: “oh it’s Denmark?! I’m not voting for this” #esc


The dude playing bass in the background is like “yeah w/e I just walked in and started playing” #denmark #esc


Poor Macedonia still has to put “F.Y.R.” in front of its name. Alexander the Great’s reach is long


Jedward? More like Squidward amirite?


Watersports. Really? #esc


I always forget Moldova’s technically a country. EBU membership fees must be pretty low.


that’s a lot of lasers #esc


Chicks with torches! violins! clapping! flames! If I were gonna drink I’d be dead by now #esc


OK we now know what the Azeri flag looks like. #esc


12 points to Serbia from Montenegro. SURPRISE AVERTED #ESC


WTF San Marino #esc


Wow the Greek 12 to Crete was unexpected… NOT #esc


and Moldova returns Romania’s 12


Still a bit positive that Croatia gives 12 to Serbia #esc


thank you ICELAND


Mr Lordi presents the Finnish votes #cringe #esc


First country not to give Sweden points, thanks for bucking the trend Italy #esc


Poor German presenter looks like she’s Carrie #esc


Sweden has won, move along, nothing to see here. See you next year Europe! #esc

tweets for 2012-05-25


Wow I could really use a beer after today. #work


Thanks, Internet, for making me feel self-conscious for liking Wes Anderson movies.


If there was a dimensional portal around here I’d beam over to CPH for beers with @jedrek, @tkjaer, and @dubcroster

tweets for 2012-05-23


Man, “Meat is Murder” is truly a dreary emo hymn. No wonder so many people love it #thesmiths


29 cases assigned to me, getting a bit excessive I think #work


I wonder, will Microsoft’s #So.cl be equally, more, or less boring than #Google+ ?

tweets for 2012-05-22


Facebook share price still slowly deflating like a social media soufflé too long in the oven #fb


This day is amazingly slow

tweets for 2012-05-18


I must sadly conclude that “The Wine-Dark Sea” is the last good Aubrey-Maturin novel.


Deleted the foursquare app. Not prepared to delete to account just yet though.


Maybe NASDAQ should be delisted?

tweets for 2012-05-17


Visst är “ultrarapid” en konstig term för något som ska vara långsamt? #fb

tweets for 2012-05-16


Big surprise, Macromedia Flash video hangs Chrome. Yahoo! page too, completing the fail trifecta.


Looks like hopefully Leo’s #Diablo3 issues are solved… fingers crossed


Nope, spoke too soon… still crashes hard

tweets for 2012-05-15


How did it take me so long to discover @baconmeteor? I fail the internet.


Some quick googling shows me that #WinSCP is the solution for us to snag files from a Linux host #work


I have only contempt for my younger self who didn’t appreciate The New Pornographers. The back of my hand to me!


Mildly perplexed by this ep of Desperate Housewives, trying hard not to get involved in thinking about it

tweets for 2012-05-14


Connecting to Armenia, listening to The New Pornographers #work


Att Pär Nuder avslöjar sig som amoralisk opportunist kan väl inte förvåna någon? #svpol


mind blown, @BretEastonEllis referencing a @billybrag song


I’m idly wondering whether my stepson has someone to queue with for #Diablo3 or if he’s auditioning for being #foreveralone


Monitoring my son’s homecoming from school by checking the Minecraft server logs


…and here he is!


whoah he’s banning like a mofo! what have I created!?

tweets for 2012-05-11


At breakfast today: 4 people voted for Sweden joining the EUR in the ’94 ref, 4 people who said “wow we dodged a bullet” (including me)


``no copyright intended’’ – motto of our times!

tweets for 2012-05-10


watching my son through his interaction with the Minecraft server running on my host #moderntimes

tweets for 2012-05-09


wow installing Java on Freebsd it pretty involved…


If this epic “make” fails I will be sad :(


Fuck yeah The Soundtrack of Our Lives

tweets for 2012-05-08


is there a way to expand t.co URLs in @ttytter?


Happy that my customers in Ukraine and Armenia will enjoy a day off tomorrow #work


Thanks Twitter, I now know Maurice Sendak has passed. Please do not mention it any more. Thank you.


Trots mitt gnäll om svenska Twitter vore det coolt att få Superettan-resultat via Twitter. Någon?


Surprised there’s no relevant hits for “vehicles in William Gibson’s fiction”.

tweets for 2012-05-07


It’s a sad indictment for the idea of Scandinavism that it’s easier to communicate with Danes in English…


Shorter reactions to elections in #France and #Greece: it would be much easier to protect global finance without this pesky democracy


“Alla” med Twitterkonto i Sverige har kalsingarna i kors eftersom Reinfeldt kallat dom gnällspikar. Jag anser att han har rätt.


Ledsen politiktwittrare men ert intresse är ett särintresse bland andra


Politiker måste ta hänsyn till fler grupper än folk med Twitter.


You’d think with the Great Depression as a given that the Very Serious People in charge of the world wouldn’t make the same mistake again.


Neo-nazis in #Greece, savage repression of protests in #Russia, but it’s the “socialist” in #France that will get the press


Sorry for the twitspam but I’m pretty mad right now.


So far this Monday has lived up to the horrible expectations I had for it


Listening to the opening tracks from the albums by @kittythefool. Calms me down some

tweets for 2012-05-04


Well this hasn’t been a very productive week. Short, though #work


Once again the Austerians run up against that little pesky thing called Democracy.

tweets for 2012-05-03


Off to pick up prescription meds for the wife

tweets for 2012-05-02


Snagged a used copy of Crackdown for the 3rd time (stepson sold the others for new games). Man I love that game…


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