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A waste of space and alcohol

tweets for 2008-05-30


Cough worse, I’m gonna have to skip the party tonight


hmm @twitter_status has 9,340 followers, somewhere less than that is the max number of followers you can have apparently

tweets for 2008-05-28


I haz a headache. DO NOT WANT


wat, still no IM and pagination? Twitter, I’m so disappointed. I think a 1-day boycott will convey my displeasure in the most effective way!


I need a tropical-weight suit jacket or sports coat


Rumours are that the FRA (Swedish NSA) will be scanning voice and text for “suspicious” words during the Iraq conference here


OK Twitter, I’ll be over at Jaiku until you get your shit together: http://gerikson.jaiku.com/

tweets for 2008-05-27


Guy over the aisle has the ugliest pork-pie hat ever. Rockin som sub-sub-Michael Stipes vibe


Why is woman in her 30s hiolding a green sippy cup?


Twitter IM still not working, at least the web server is up


cancelled my petrol/parking card


thank you bugmenot.com


lol TeliaSonera to sell the iPhone – what a mismatch!

tweets for 2008-05-26


Making progress with selling the car


tending the social garden over at LinkedIn


I’m missing the Twitter IM interface…


In Gullmarsplan, waiting for the tram. ETA was 7 minutes, wtf


fake or not? funny anyway http://i30.tinypic.com/et6ump.gif

tweets for 2008-05-25


Random non-existence of “Older” link in Twitter is teh suck


Need a bottle of H20, too fscking hot in the sun


Was gonna let the Salvation Army have my crap lens, but of course they’re closed on Sundays. Duh

tweets for 2008-05-24


Today: cleaned up terrace, recycled, went to park, borrowed a book for the kid. Next up: sushi


damn this is the 3rd time I’m ripping this album, stupid abcde insists on using ogg instead of mp3


One knows one’s arrived when someone posts long, stilting posts about unsubscribing from one’s blog: http://snurl.com/2afen


heh, the “Hummer more ecofriendly than a Prius” meme still going strong in places. However with gas @ $4/gallon, money talks, bullshit walks


Sweden is buggered in Eurovision, can’t help but think if Pirelli didn’t look so much like a space alien we’d have done better


Eurovision: Russia Resurgent. Expect a mini-Olympic charm offensive when they host the competition next year


I fail to see the appeal of a skinny Russian dude, but obviously I’m not a teenage eastern european girl.

tweets for 2008-05-23


Still no fixed-line internet, why am I not surprised?


gah Twinings Darjeeling Himalaya is not good tea to start the day with


frustrating, I want to give a seller my money but my email is not getting a response


man I hate it when my screen window stop recognising Ctrl-q…


make that ctrl-s, can’t save my emacs buffer


ok time to wrap up


an entire blog devoted to Moleskine alternatives: http://www.blackcover.net/


dude seems to prefer lines pages though, heathen!

tweets for 2008-05-22


On the tram, in transit to daycare


Gah subway delayed due to power cut


Stackoverflow podcast is the new fav in my ipod


Bad IRC connectivity on the subway today


my life is better since I unsbscribed to scripting.com. I trust eyeonwiner.com to find the real nuggets of stupidity


the weather was great this morning, going down to the dank fetid cellar that is my workplace sucked


I feel a bit bad for not waking Leo for the CL penalties yesterday. Will make it up to him with a can of Coke


futzing around with different IRC clients


HydraIRC just ain’t cutting it, irssi is so much cleaner and works “out of the box” in an entirley better way


ny klassiker av Kalle Lind: http://tinyurl.com/6nyerh


Internet connection being upgraded

tweets for 2008-05-21


right-clicking on links with the Wacom Bamboo is a pain


putting the wacom aside for now


yay 1,111 links posted on del.icio.us/gerikson


off to read a good-night story for the kid


Leo’s going wild with his jailbroken iPod Touch. There are a lot of cool little apps out there!

tweets for 2008-05-20


errands run, back in the office


not much you can do when the main database is out of commission :P


installed my new Wacom Bamboo tablet


Picking up Viking, enjoying the Musikresan series of music compilations (see TPB)


Picked up a pocket calculator for the kid, brief explanation of square roots

tweets for 2008-05-19


crap this orange isn’t ripe


spent a few hours this weekend hunting pigeons in GTA4 with Leo. That game is fun to watch.


emptied car of a lot of crap


trying pidgin as an IM client


man the pidgin interface is really ugly for twitter posts. I love gtalk’s presenting

tweets for 2008-05-18


man this flat grey light is incredibly boring for photography

tweets for 2008-05-17


Twitter mobile missing “older” links again, trying to throttle utilisation momentarily?


trying to convince Viking to go to the library… but it’s hard to compete with Reader Rabbit


went to the library anyway, scored 5 CDs

tweets for 2008-05-16


Up early to put stuff away before cleaners arrive


I wonder why I can’t open a new window at will in the S60 browser. Wanna have both bloglines and Twitter




in phone queue hell with Telia, gonna cancel my old number




not getting into MacDonald’s Brasyl as much as I’d want. Gonna give it the weekend. Otherwise, just return it. Life’s too short


man Matthew Sweet is kinda heavy: http://tinyurl.com/6996aw


great now I really need to find my “Complete New Yorker”… I want to read Anthony Lane’s review of The Fountainhead


re-enjoying the Shrine of the Mall Ninja: http://lonelymachines.org/mall-ninjas/


time to hit the sack, having good vibes about the weekend

tweets for 2008-05-15


Bleary after bad sleep night. We need darker curtains

tweets for 2008-05-14


gonna make a stab at playing some Gears of War when I have the time


Expensive lamp store has no LED in GU-10 socket form. Lame


Gathering of the weirdly dressed feminists, across the aisle


Yay got an LED lamp at store-that-has-everything, BEA. Only 18 LEDs, but should be enough


hmm doing the ubuntu update dance but no openssl vulnerability fix


ah here it is


twhirl is a bit too “busy” a client for me, I think I’ll keep using gtalk as my primary Twitter interface


wish I had something to code


the Debian open-ssl fiasco is sure showing some faultlines between the Debian and (Open)BSD cultures

tweets for 2008-05-13


Premature senility day: forgot to lock front door, missed tram stop… How will this end?


Forgetfulness could be due to unusually bad night’s sleep


not looking forward to boring meeting


“Force Unleashed” sounds like a cool game: http://tinyurl.com/5exv9d


now following @zappos and @seocolumbus to get the latest skinny on Zappos vs. DSW: http://snurl.com/28p5h

tweets for 2008-05-12


punching in


man restarting everything after the weekend sucks




the return of APL: http://tinyurl.com/5e9unn


reading programming.reddit is a step up from Digg, but not by much


Seeking cheap entertainment by trolling photography forums. Yes, Virginia, stupidity is endlessly amusing


plz yanks, wake up and fill my feeds?


2 words I hate: prosumer and lense (note spelling)


thanks http://tinyurl.com/5sgo6p for feeding my photo blog habit!


25C yesterday, 15 today. Why?


I kinda recognise the dude opposite, can’t place him though


Leo is spending the week at his dad and he took his Xbox with him :(

tweets for 2008-05-11


Anyone know what Doris Lessing said in English re: the Nobel prize (BBC interview)? I only have her words in Swedish.


should be starting on “Brasyl” but need to digest “End of the World Blues” first


Fake Steve Job’s site seems b0rked… no content just blurbs for the book


sigh bloglines empty again, reduced to reading Digg


I go sleep now

tweets for 2008-05-10



tweets for 2008-05-09


Nice live version of “No Blue Skies” belied by the actual weather. Glorious


We now have to put a stupid sigblock in our emails saying that this email is confidential and similar bullshit


Wonder *why there are *flags on all the buses?


how can my bloglines be empty again???


In the same restaurant as @ghostganz, paying for the meal


On the train home, can’t connect to IRC?


Weird group dynamics among the 3 people who got on at the last station

tweets for 2008-05-08


Morning… Again


the “older” link is gone from the Twitter homepage. WTF


rumours that MSFT are interested in the mothership


damn forgot the lunch box at home AGAIN


nothing more depressing than an empty bloglines :(


time for bed

tweets for 2008-05-07


punching in


lol, mothership considering delaying general Vista rollout in favour of Windows 7


blindly adding a field to a Perl report… I might have introduced a Cartesian product


ultimate web 2.0 http://uselessaccount.com/


wondering why the mothership stock is falling after a strong report


XP SP3 is released… Vista is looking more and more like a Windows ME for a new generation!


St Eriksplan open again, strong smell of smoke and all trains are delayed

tweets for 2008-05-06


Having breakfast


reading Mark P http://tinyurl.com/3ewpx6, makes me wonder where the Zune is nowadays

tweets for 2008-05-05


doin’ the Bugzilla tango


stupid mothership have invited us to a webcast “all hands” meeting on Friday… US time. That will be 8pm for us Euros


heading off home


Smell of strawberries in the subway: Spring


damnit can’t fix the last boss in Crackdown

tweets for 2008-05-04


Tax filing hell


Simple Minds: talk about a band that’s simply dropped off the map


I would have thought it still too chilly for bare legs and short skirts but I’m glad to be proven wrong


time for bed

tweets for 2008-05-02


groggy from just 5 hours sleep, entirely my own fault though


i’m hating Symantec Backup Exec with the FIRE OF A THOUSAND SUNS right now


damn I’m getting a random bluescreen related to bluetooth (which is ironic in some boring way)


fucking SOX

tweets for 2008-05-01


Found Leo’s old Gameboy Color. If it works Viking can have it.


Grocery shopping


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