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tweets for 2021-03-31

Pro RMS position has devolved to “our side has more sockpuppets”

Most common sentence fragments on HN

  1. Actually,
  2. Hard disagree.
  3. Care to explain?

tweets for 2021-03-30

It’s been 40 years and the easiest way to troll wingnuts is still to invoke Old Nick

People who photobomb the volcano feed should be thrown into the volcano

tweets for 2021-03-29

Spoilare har inga poilare

tweets for 2021-03-28

Härligt att se släkten Bernadotte hylla Julianus Avfällingen med det nya prinsnamnet. Ser fram emot Riddarholmskyrkan omvandlas till Zeustempel

Kompromissförslag: Sverige inför permanent tid UTC+<01:30>

tweets for 2021-03-25

I can’t get over how damn photogenic the volcano is

tweets for 2021-03-24

NFTs: all the price, none of the value

tweets for 2021-03-19

OH(*): “I’m just moving into 55 year old mom territory by getting an iPhone”

(*) online, it’s not as if I can hear people behind their masks

can I get the party line via RSS?

tweets for 2021-03-17

17 Mar is St. Patrick’s day in most of the world, but in Sweden it’s the day of collective bargaining (kollektivavtalets dag)

tweets for 2021-03-16

Hell is other people, and those people have Facebook accounts

tweets for 2021-03-10

Maybe the solution to online desinformation is to kick everyone older than 40 off the internet, Logan’s Run style

tweets for 2021-03-06

Cancela Andra chansen


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