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The banner bright, the symbol plain
Of human rights and human gain.

tweets for 2008-06-30


Having to go to work sucks


I wonder how I ended up with 212 songs in my “never listened” list


ventilation system has developed an annoying whine

tweets for 2008-06-29


On the airport bus to Stockholm. Viking packed off for a week at his grandparents. Feels strange


Man this bus is uncomfortably warm


Contributing to the current Twitter overcapacity problem by twittering about it. Meta-fail


The music I like the most is more than 20 years old, or might as well be


I wonder if the fly travelling with me on the bus is a harbinger of a global pandemic. That would kinda suck


Stuck at Haga in a traffic queue. This never happens with the train

tweets for 2008-06-27




planning a plane trip tomorrow, Viking’s first!

tweets for 2008-06-26


Lovely sunny day, not too hot either


sigh password change time again

tweets for 2008-06-25


Oh IM, where art thou?


In queue for a double kabanoss from Günthers


Finally got to order, 2 helpings of the hot sauce, strong mustard und saurkraut!


I find it “amusing” that Outlook hangs while searching through mails. That is, if “amusing” is a synonym to “bollocks” in your language


what a semi! great play by Turkey by the Germans won in the end. Here’s hoping Russia will win tomorrow!

tweets for 2008-06-24


still no IM, I feel like someone waiting for Godot (or rather, the Giro)


O Canon repair person, where are thou?


now the Swedish anti-piracy group thinks the French 3-strikes law against filesharers is “basically good”


fucking Swedish anti-piracy group makes me pretty mad


ever since 1789, no good political innovation has come out of France…


Eating dinner in Nyköping after scoping out apartments


Returning the car, doesn’t look as if we used quite as much petrol this time

tweets for 2008-06-23


alone at the support desk for 2 weeks, not looking forward to it


already too stressed to even get a cup of coffee :(


Windows Live Messenger - what a total waste of scree real estate it is


you know what they say about Mondays? IT’S ALL TRUE


everyone complains about Twitter, but no-one does anything about it


time to head home

tweets for 2008-06-22


suspecting Alastair Reynold’s “House of Suns” is a previously refused work now published to take advantage of his current status


Spain-France is on, least interesting of the quarterfinals if you ask me


wicked stink of polyvinyl chloride from the giant inflatable hand Viking got in his Maxbox


penalties are cheesy but great TV

tweets for 2008-06-21


talking to the taxman, but not about poetry


I’ve just re-enabled TwitterSync on Facebook, this is a test of the functionality


hmm TwitterSync can’t update my Facebook status, reverting to the “official” Twitter FB app


Viking: “Why do they have goalies? It’s too hard with them!”


how the f*ck did I end up with 120 “friends” on Facebook?


Go Russia!


Viking’s room is the messiest ever


sniggering at outdated ads still celebrating the Swedish team


what an amazing goal!




ok I’m betting Russia - Turkey in the final. This is football as it should be!


ouch toothache :(

tweets for 2008-06-20


Getting ready to head in the subrosa breakfast


unexpected upside to the FRA law: http://shorl.com/prypapedrykosy


On our way back from Vitabergsparken, it was packed with people


wow what a turnaround by Turkey!! Absolutely last minute equalise leads to penalty shootout


not a good start for Croatia


great game by Turkey

tweets for 2008-06-19


It’s gonna be a hot day


gonna hit Systemet later for some booze. Gonna be a scrum-fest


man I should make a webservice counting the days i’ve been without Twitter IM


damnit I have mislaid my fav pen


wondering if all the brouhaha over the recent Swedish wiretapping law is due to NSA arm-twisting


Waiting for the (late) tram


first Sweden approves domestic wiretapping, then the USA: http://tinyurl.com/3trjdh



tweets for 2008-06-18


another day, another bout of Vista


Oravcle Client install, happy happy joy joy. Ugliest fscking app on the planet


those who let their apps manage their passwords are doomed to forget them


testing windows vista twitter gadget


nearly all my USB input devices are flakey after installing Vista. Having the mouse/kb hang is driving me NUTS


omg I’ve forgotten how crappy Adobe Reader is


going back to GNU Emacs on Windows after a spell using xemacs


starting a Vista SP1 install

tweets for 2008-06-17


dentist appointment in 2 hours, gonna be productive at home instead of spending time in public transport


yay flight booked, screw the environment!


teeth is starting to ache after the brutal treatment this morning :(


of course that should be TOOTH not teeth


ah Vista, how do I hate thee? Let me count the ways: STACK OVERFLOW: NaN


hmm Vista sidebar applet devel is pretty vibrant, found a stock applet that lets me track oil and gold prices


it’s been a loooong day


It’s public transportation fail day here in #stockholm !


as per instructions, I haven’t washed my jeans for 6 months


I’ve been seeing ``We’re working to restore IM services to all users. Thanks for your patience!’’ for weeks now…


FireFail 3.0!


FRA-ITA, fight to the DEATH

tweets for 2008-06-16


removing Microsoft SMS console wiped out large parts of my programs, now trying Windows restore


OK restore didn’t work (BIG surprise) so now I’m committed to Vista


making a list of all the crap I need to reinstall in Vista


Vista: “Your computer will restart several times during installation” – WTF


Vista up and running, facing an endless list of re-installs


going for Firefox 3


still can’t believe the amount of MS programs that still require you to be an administrator to install them




ok so loading a CD freezes my computer


I have officially joined the ranks of Windows Vista haters. What a fucking load of stinking faeces this is


that’s it, I’m reinstalling Windows XP


looking more and more as if the new FRA law is a stalking horse for detecting copyright infringment


against my better judgement, I’m trying Vista again


screw you guys, I’m going home


Twitter IM is taunting me… I get messages, but I cannot post. Please Twitter, I promise to learn Rails, pretty please???

tweets for 2008-06-15


heading to bed

tweets for 2008-06-14


gray and cloudy Saturday morning, slightly hung-over after an excellent dinner yesterday


I wonder what idiot decided to make Firefox 3 beta the default on Ubuntu Hardy Heron


crap 1-2 in the last minute

tweets for 2008-06-13


Up early to put everything in order before the cleaners arrive


Swedish law will legalise wiretapping by the Swedish NSA: http://www.stoppafralagen.nu/


ok, who do I need to fsck to get my Twitter IM back???


people here are kinda freaking out about the coming FRA law.

tweets for 2008-06-12


sucks, the voucher my dad has from SAS doesn’t work for domestic flights


why am I coughing? Gonna hit hte purple drank when I get home…


starting MSN messenger for the first time in weeks


hmm no pricing info on Telia’s iPhone page, just a stupid “I’m interested” link


waiting for the phone meeting, looking forward to dinner with our guests later!


off to dinner

tweets for 2008-06-11


hmm new version of TTYtter adds formatting of usernames, pity it’s fugly


car deal finalised, a portion will go to cash to Leo who graduates today!


man Twitter IM is sending me messages but I cannot post thru it

tweets for 2008-06-10


working from home today, the kid has a cold


Hopefully soon finalising the car deal


Damn my screen is scratched. Maybe I should get an iPhone ;)


looking forward to Greece-Sweden in half an hour

tweets for 2008-06-09


punching in, Aimee Mann’s “Freeway” blasting in my headphones for the second time today


a glimpse into the geekgeist: http://wwdc.twistori.com/#iphone


not satisfied with making you login, the NYTimes.com website shows interstitial ads too??


original iphone was a hard act to follow. now for the inevitable Apple triumphalism :(


big surprise, the “nuclear power plant” bombers in Oskarshamn were anything but http://is.gd/tIP

tweets for 2008-06-08


finally got the sunshade on over the hanging sofa, now enjoying the evening air after a hot and stuffy day


Feeling bad for Poland losing to Germany, but they’re a rough nut to crack!

tweets for 2008-06-07


On our way home from a shopping expedition

tweets for 2008-06-06


Heading home after a very nice Nationaldags-picnic


gonna relax in my swinging sofa for a while


Twitter and Amazon – partners in FAIL

tweets for 2008-06-05


Testing GD twitter, a google desktop app. Seems coded by a 14-yr old by the looks of it


staring at a tsunami of issues


who wants to bet there’s a Twitter interface for Emacs?


testing TTYtter




reading the TTYtter manpage, I think it should be quite possible to make the output nicer as you can get the stuff in JSON


home from daycare, lovely hot day, catching up a bit before playing some more with Viking


Systembolaget is open until 7pm. Win!

tweets for 2008-06-04


I loaned my good dress shoes to Leo yesterday, wonder if I’ll get them back




time for some shut-eye

tweets for 2008-06-03


Coldplay’s Stockholm concert sold out after 25 minutes. Why in the world would ANYONE pay to see Coldplay?


plurk seems inane, if rather left-field: http://plurk.com/user/gerikson


off to pick up Viking


stilll don’t think Twhirl’s UI is any good


I still feel like shit, but in a subtly different way


New Aimee Mann album! This is a red-letter day


hmm so far every song on the new Aimee Mann album sounds the same…


time for bed… but first, empty the dishwasher!

tweets for 2008-06-02


hmm here’s to see if Twhirl gets me back into the Twitterverse




gonna have a lie-down


time to make some dinner


reading the Twitter vs. TechCrunch nerdfight and marvelling at grown people wasting time on nattering about these things


Valleywag: “As fingerpointing goes, this Twitter battle takes the prize.” http://is.gd/pCb


how come I’m still awake?


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