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tweets for 2012-04-30

Realisation: the Spring of 1992 was the best time of my life #old

G&T and salt-n-vinegar Pringles = excellent start to Valborg

huh, did not know Joe Hill is Stephen King’s son

tweets for 2012-04-28

Of course Gwyneth Paltrow is playing Sylvia Plath #tv

tweets for 2012-04-27

I have 214 links from Twitter imported to Pinboard, most of a pretty low quality. Now my OCD tells me to clean them up…

Actually I don’t really have OCD… it’s just I wished I had been better at thinking ahead

about halfway along cleaning up my links from Twitter in @pinboard, the editing tools makes it easy! #ocd

tweets for 2012-04-26

I’m rediscovering Isildurs Bane’s Volonté de Rocher from wayback, didn’t really like it back then, but it’s awesome #progrock

ok time to stop faffing about and actually do what I’m paid for #zeromotivation

Once again I am reminded of how much I love @ttytter

Hmm, is there a way for me to determine if items in my @pinboard are from Twitter? Specifically in the feeds.

I want to #work but our crappy virtual machine server conspires against me!

I found out Matthew Sweet released an album last year from his Wikipedia page, linked from the Scooby-Doo Mystery Inc page #random

tweets for 2012-04-24

Ugh, updating Java… I always feel bad about it because Oracle tries to push some useless crap on you when you do

tweets for 2012-04-23

hmm probs with #ttytter extension, I’m trying to write the tweet ID to a file but I get it in scientific notation, not the entire ID…

Solved my twitter_id problem by using ‘id_str’ instead of ‘id’, showing the value of RTFM…

2nd time RTFM has answered my questions today!

Dear Internet, stop confusing “compliments” and “complements”. Thank you!

as usual I am making tools for content creation than actual content

tweets for 2012-04-22

Looks like I switched hosts just in time! My old one is unresponsive…

I had hoped to head into town to shoot the cherry blossoms but the weather is beyond depressing

Testar UTF8: räksmörgås

tweets for 2012-04-20

Fridays. Fridays never change.

tweets for 2012-04-16

Preparing to install #IceCreamSandwich on the work phone #android

Unsurprisingly, Samsung Kies is a piece of shit. Can’t see my phone.

[adds “Runkeeper” to the set of blocking regexpes]

Played through “Fallout”, using a walkthrough (boo!) It sure doesn’t molly-coddle the player!

I ran the Kies “connection error” wizard, didn’t help #Samsungfail

Finally got it to work, only getting a message that the firmware version doens’t support software upgrading

… and the connection was lost again. Somehow, I knew that this wouldn’t work. Secret to using Android? Don’t get your hopes up

Fuck yeah new #HourTime podcast episode!

Found my headphones… in the washing machine :(

tweets for 2012-04-13

W00t aquired a FLAC of Tribute’s “New Views” from 1984! Memories here I come #fb

Dear Internets, “infamous” does not mean “very famous”.

tweets for 2012-04-11

Gray day at #work… doing some routine maintenance for a customer.

Hardcoded IPs are bad, mkay? #work

tweets for 2012-04-10

Worst part about being member of a servicedesk: can’t have vacation when you want :( #fb

Wow, lots of new Twitter followers! I’ll follow back ASAP, I promis!

as an engineer I’m proud if having served in an artillery battery, even if it was as quartermaster ;)

tweets for 2012-04-05

Wow, finally finished listening to SXSW torrents for 2009 and 2011, so far filtered out 185 songs for 2009, 2010, 2011. Now for 2012!

happily, the very last one is one I want to keep…

Before tackling the 1200+ songs of SXSW 2012 I’ve picked the ones posted by @jwz on his blog, a few good ones there!

Down to 14 open cases before Easter weekend, feels good. #work

tweets for 2012-04-04

Lallarna i TV3s “Svenska Miljonärer” är ett levande bevis på att pengar och intelligens inte är kopplade på något sätt

Good principle when researching an issue from a customer: “Trust, but Verify” #work #fb

Only good thing with this episode of Grey’s Anatomy is “Change The Sheets” by @kittythefool

tweets for 2012-04-03

Creating a filter to bury unwanted emails in Gmail is way easier than to try to unsubscribe. Probably safer too.

Achewood, like Oglaf, has completely gone off the rails plot-wise but they’re still entertaining #webcomics

Watching the BBC version of “Tinker Tailor…” … some interesting casting… Alec Guiness is awesome as Smiley #fb

tweets for 2012-04-02

Hur har jag missat @p3spel med @FrokenNorgren fram till nu?! laddar hem fler poddavsnitt Ser fram emot hennes ny program P3 Browser! #fb

TIL “Vanadís” is a name for the goddess Freyja. Thanks #wikipedia!

After ISP uppgrayed router, IPTV works much better, ipad connects better. Cons: ssh and youtube don’t work on my Win7 box. Status quo ante?

tweets for 2012-04-01

When I become Supreme Dictator, all April Fool’s jokes will be punishable with drawing and quartering. You have been warned, internet

Disaster threaten’s my son’s Minecraft island! Maybe constructing a giant floating mass of lave was a bad idea… #fb


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