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tweets for 2018-04-26

When someone says you’re “technically correct”, it’s not a compliment

Looks like the endgame of late-stage capitalism is the elimination of usury through zero or negative central bank rates. Did not see this coming.

tweets for 2018-04-20

WTF ny Adolphson & Falk i min Spotify? (kollar kalendern)

tweets for 2018-04-19

today’s vintage is yesterday’s hopelessly old-fashioned

tweets for 2018-04-18

Windows has come a long way but its roots show when you attempt to use a command line (CMD.EXE/PS) to read a directory with a lot of files

“Weird weather we’re having” “Yes, it’s probably due to the excess carbon-” “IT’S UNEXPLAINABLE, oh well I’m sure it will be fine”

tweets for 2018-04-13

What’s the Japanese word for a song you put in your playlist and listen to obsessively for a week, then 2 months later it appears in shuffle and you’re like “wtf is this”?

tweets for 2018-04-12

How much money would you bet that there’s an indie movie in the works with the title “Be Sure to Like and Subscribe”?

tweets for 2018-04-06

Ändå lite kul att Svenska Akademiens personalkris toppar TV4s nyheter. Knugen är inblandad nu med! #fb

tweets for 2018-04-04

Won’t it be ironic if the human species is survived by cockroaches, panda bears, and polar bears


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