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tweets for 2015-08-30

Sign of the end times: “vlog” is a word, and people use it as a verb.

tweets for 2015-08-29

“Your Retweet got retweeted!” - I feel so validated and unique now, thanks Twitter!

tweets for 2015-08-25

Utan Google stannar världen #fb

tweets for 2015-08-23

Vi så #tvsoffan. Det var inget bra. #fb

tweets for 2015-08-17

Ron Paul / Rand Paul ‘16 - BRAWNDO!!! It’s got what wingnuts crave: ELECTROLYTES (and #Bitcoin)

small earthquake in SF, entire Twitterverse trembles

tweets for 2015-08-14

Danmarks utrikesminister: “jag är glad att jag inte bor i Sverige”. Det är jag också.

tweets for 2015-08-11

Today’s FWP: only fruit-flavores Skittles available in my store, no Sours #woeisme

tweets for 2015-08-07

North Korea setting its clocks back 30m is like the least crazy thing they’ve done.

tweets for 2015-08-06

Re creditworthiness from your social media profile - who posts their tax returns to Instagram?

tweets for 2015-08-05

The internet is for cats. And porn. And Linux zealots. And pedants. And… that’s it, really

tweets for 2015-08-04

Det kryllar av turister i #Stockholm. Enda stället dom står still är till vänster i rulltrapporna. #fb

tweets for 2015-08-02

Apple has sleek laptops with chargers like maddened octopi.

A bunch of Midwesterners are planning a family reunion and my email address is included in the list!

I’ve politely asked them to amend it so the intended recipient doesn’t miss out

So far the emails are continuing to arrive… it’s a fascinating view into the planning


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