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tweets for 2020-06-30

Switzerland - land of holes in cheese and mountains

tweets for 2020-06-13

“I love the smell of newly-cut grass in the afternoon. Smells like VICTORY”

tweets for 2020-06-12

All hail the Elder Crossword gods, Down and Across

tweets for 2020-06-11

“The #CHAZ is what happens when you form a society where the only law is Poe’s law” - @cukeking

Läser Wikipedia om PKK-spåret och Ebbe Carlsson-affären och påminns om hur kreyzy sena 80-talet var

tweets for 2020-06-10

TFW when you see a hackernews refer to “collectives such as monasteries, Google, or universities”

Just finished SE01 of “Proven Innocent”. It’s not good. Don’t watch it.

tweets for 2020-06-06

I’m trying to explain surströmmingsklämma to @jmusarra, and Google translate gives it as “acid current clamp”. Not unreasonable, many people consider surströmming to be akin to torture

tweets for 2020-06-03

I remember Errol Morris’ “The Thin Blue Line” as an excellent documentary. Sad to see the term now used by fascists

tweets for 2020-06-02

Novel coronavirus Short story coronavirus Graphic novel coronavirus Movie adaption coronavirus

(h/t @joshuajuran)


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