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Wishing she could call him “Heartbreak”, but it’s not a boy’s name

tweets for 2008-09-30

whoops massive mis-paste! sorry about that

running a grep -f on a 914K line file with a 8.6K line match file… let the computer do the dirty work!

new pic on Flickr: http://flickr.com/photos/gerikson/2901046077/

tweets for 2008-09-29

Commuter train delayed some godawful while, caught the bus instead #publictransportwhine

obsessively re-listening the songs I missed while iTunes was on during lunch

3 bugzilla queues to check is at least one too many

will I ever get IM with Twitter again, I wonder?

great TOAD has hung

So tired

tweets for 2008-09-28

Tired even though I’ve slept all night

playing “Force Unleashed”, stepson making derisive comments

tweets for 2008-09-27

Amazed at the number of people in the supermarket today, then remember payday was on Thursday

Waiting for the bus, bored by the TWIP photo podcast

I can’t believe I haven’t known about irssi’s Alt-a “switch to latest channel with activity” key combo. Lifesaver!

tweets for 2008-09-26

public transport foul-up – apparently my bus broke down and blocked the road. Now on bus 4, rocking along to Latin Quarter. Sun is shining!

middle aged woman on the tube reading Steven Erikson, wow

crap red line delayed - it will be packed to the gunwhales with tired, sweaty humanity

can’t wait until morning, more testing of my new used 28mm

wtf the new Nikkor 50/1.4 will cost nearly 4,000SEK ! Not sure if it’s worth it at that price

tweets for 2008-09-25

fsck you bash getopts

10 minutes google makes me a bash GOD

hmm, google documents offline? Can’t open any of my spreadsheets

tweets for 2008-09-24

Feeling cut off from news about the bailout and the G1.

spotify beta account, yay! thanks Magnus H!

hmm I think I;m gonna bid on a E-series 28/2.8 if I don’t get a good bday present

I need to get something to eat but I’m stressed and I have no appetite

Be seen dead in them outside though - mutton dressed as lamb

boring billboards galore

I love it how Americans say "pick up" when they mean "buy a $3,000 DSRL". So casual!

tweets for 2008-09-23

Rolling into Centralen

Resolved: DECLINED

damn forgot the stupid tech meeting @ 10

Nikkor 45mm P is still my fav lens. It’s a bit too long on crop and not really fast enough but i love it anyway

“Updating Inbox: (136 MB)” WTF

yay treasure trove of old Lloyd Cole videos on Youtube, including http://tinyurl.com/4wqafz

not for nothing was my 1994 motto ÃLloyd Cole Overdose”

thought weÃd have a late-evening meeting so stocked up on candy, turns out meeting cancelled so I have a giant bag of temptation

gonna purge my playlist from Ryan Adams, such a git

guy across from me is me in 15 years, I’ll take that as a warning!

tweets for 2008-09-22

I have to change my password AGAIN??? What is this, the CIA?

We suspect a delivery guy has walked off with a pair of loaner phones

WTF there’s no manpage for ssh on this system??

damn where did this day go???

Stupid utf8 encoding bites me in the butt again. God I hate that crap

shitty service at Max, I had to go back and bawl them out to get half our meal. Really bad

tweets for 2008-09-21

using Atom to generate a feed from scraped data, sooo easy!

hmm, how to I get the ‘type=“html”’ attribute in Atom’s title tag using Perl’s XML::Atom?

oh nooooo no more entries in Reader!!!

tweets for 2008-09-20

no keepers today from the trek to the store, but felt good to be out shooting

careless crontab editing yesterday earned me a call :P

cool, textareas in Chrome are resizable

tweets for 2008-09-19

Read in Metro that the transport authority’s SMS tickets have been hacked… I had that thought as soon as I saw one. Simple checksum algo

yay sunshine!

so I’d like a Twitter plugin for Chrome… I can haz dat?

time for bed

tweets for 2008-09-18

on call and alone at the support desk - not conductive for long term projects

sigh time for password change

feeling about overwhelmed by all the settings on the D200

Hope to go to an Aimee Mann concert before I or she dies

wow total 70s hippie colours on the young couple across the aisle. Purple, orange, facial hair, PDA

ordered 2 tickets to Aimee Mann on 10 Nov. You wanna join me, just gimme a shout!

tweets for 2008-09-17

Feck it’s getting dark early

here’s hoping the new Canon 5D2 will lead to a flood of used Nikon gear as the switchers switch back!

wow the AIG bailout sounds HUGE. Government gets a 70% controlling stake? How Republican is that, exactly?

crazy day

tweets for 2008-09-16

sweet, tab tearoff in Chrome

man i’m getting tired of new release bugs

tweets for 2008-09-15

man Stackoverflow questions have exploded since it went into public beta

tweets for 2008-09-14

For the longest time this morning, the kid tried to fool us it was Mon, not Sun, and we’d overslept madly

Browsing thru today’s shots. No keepers, but I might return to a location and try again some other day

tweets for 2008-09-13

Heading to Uppsala to pick up a D200


on my way to the man about a gun – I mean camera

cold and grey in Uppsala town, heading out into the ’burbs on a bus

spice theme on the street names

strawberry street is my stop!

new used camera: Nikon D200. So much to set …

i hope my kid is having a good time at the amusement park!

Avoiding the loud knot of stag party assholes taking the same subway as me

tweets for 2008-09-12

cargo-cult coding regexps in Oracle SQL. Thank you, internets!

Baroque SNMP specs are baroque

Interesting mix of fellow-passengers

one of the lures of alcoholism is that the most boring commute can become interesting after 2 beers

tweets for 2008-09-11

Every year it gets harder and harder to remember the world before 9/11

Bus driver missed the the stop, pandemonium ensues

bah fscking restart

knee deep in rsync logging options

Deathly tired

hehe I do believe Telenor is blocking access to TPB

“This account is currently suspended and is being investigated due to strange activity.” maybe following 1000x your followers? nice Twitter!

the google chrome logo reminds me of that weird droid in Halo 3

tweets for 2008-09-10


one minute to the end of the world

tweets for 2008-09-09

I need to ask a question in Stackoverflow to get the beta-tester badge, but I can’t think of anything to ask. My knowledge is complete

RSI Stockholm


I think I’m using Twitter via SSL right now ;)

today is meeting day, I’ve had 2, 2 to go, including a PTA one this evening. Must carbo-load beforehand

Aimee Mann’s “Driving Sideways” is supremely depressing commentary on relationships

fuck missed the tram

PTA meeting done, waiting to head home w/ sis-in-law

VCLK just keep going down, tomorrow I sell

tweets for 2008-09-08

Investigating which flavour of public transport will take me to work fastest in the morning

I’m really happy work changed from Tele2 to Telenor. Much better network

tweets for 2008-09-07

I’m liking the new Delicious interface!

I have the following tags in Stackoverflow added to my feedreader: perl, emacs, excel. I am sad

hmm I wonder if the Fannie/Freddy bailout will rally the stock markets tomorrow. I do think they will. Government to the rescue of private

tweets for 2008-09-06

tried to install a CLI script to integrate twitter with irssi, but it looks like it’s b0rked. I’ll have a look at it later

do I give a crap about Albania-Sweden in the World Cup qualifications? I do not

testing twittering using wd.pl

yet another update test

twittering from within irssi via wd.pl

tweets for 2008-09-05

Off to spread infection and pestilence at work

Good strategy when setting up an email filter: wait a few days to spot recurring patterns

feeling surprisingly chipper

delving into the mysteries of bash programming, restraining myself from typing “;” after every line

time ot head home

Crap tram is out, just wasted precious minutes looking for the replacement bus

where the hell’s that bus?

huh misread the signs, no stop where I’m going

I will actively not add my stepson on Facebook … it’s just too creepy

tweets for 2008-09-04

working from home, damn this tiny screen!

new role at work, starting by fixing some broken windows in our cron routines

tweets for 2008-09-03

starting the workday crawling under desks fixing connection issues

how come I have no unread mail? That’s not natural

google chrome logo looks like a pokéball

first Gustav, then Hanna. My family has it in for the Caribbean

damn I need to use File::Find, I never remember how it works

I wish ttytter had better readline support

productive half hour!

LOLing at the geeks with their knickers in a twist over the Chrome EULA

Looking forward to debugging a script tomorrow. That’s just the geek I am!

Using m.twitter.com as my startpage in the S60 browser, works pretty well!

ok now the cold is official. Nose is running like Uisain Bolt

tweets for 2008-09-02

At least this US election has some drama!

trying to write a simple time counter for analysing logfiles, brainfreeze!

need to eat less candy

trying not to think “omg I need to install Chrome NOW”.

tweets for 2008-09-01

registered on Stackoverflow, subbed to “perl” tag feed

first biz day of month is like the 100m sprint for headless chickens around here…

fscking E-trade

getting hungry enough to consider frozen food for lunch

triple-whammy infodump at meeting, feeling pretty groggy

at the last moment, I’ve decided to spare New Orleans

Great, subway driver is the sarcastic type


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