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tweets for 2012-01-30

Finally saw the latest Sherlock. Pretty good!

tweets for 2012-01-18

current number of active cases: 24. Cases I can close tomorrow: 5 #winning #work

this is a <em>test</em>, feel free to ignore!

tweets for 2012-01-17

sigh I have so much crap on my server :P

Wait what, “Little Earthquakes” is 20 years old?! But but but that makes me … OLD! #fb

tweets for 2012-01-16

Close three cases, get 2 new assigned to me #progress

This is awkward, customer’s Word file won’t open. Have to tell them to fix it :P #work

WTF happened with the Twitter homepage?!!!

Google Plus finally ensures googling for “Gustaf Erikson” returns me and not some long-dead Finnish shipowner #inyourface

tweets for 2012-01-14

Fuck yeah 301 redirect

tweets for 2012-01-11

Bye bye Xmas tree, we barely knew ye

tweets for 2012-01-10

I choose the wrong morning to take public transport - “signal error” backing up trains on the Green line

Setting up a Google Docs spreadsheet to handle the transactions from yesterday

I wonder why I’m getting “Could not authenticate you” when using #TTYtter… general thing?

tweets for 2012-01-09

North Korea may the world’s only modern functional theocracy

tweets for 2012-01-04

We have a day off on Friday! Who knew?

My workphone (Samsung Galaxy S+) actually has some decent features. They’re not marketed very well though. For example ->

the app Samsung Kies Air enables you to connect to the phone and read/write SMSs. Didn’t know that at all, found another app that did that

My wife has made awesome food.

tweets for 2012-01-02

So, my NY reso of not hanging out on photo forums died a flaming death today. FredMiranda Alt lens forum is a potent source of lulz

tweets for 2012-01-01

happy new year Twitter

I think I’ll wait until tomorrow to read Krugman’s blog, try to start the year on a positive note #econocalypse


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