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The banner bright, the symbol plain
Of human rights and human gain.

tweets for 2010-04-30


Apartment to be cleaned for the open showing on Sunday, I’m starting to think this shit ain’t worth it


Apple has fanboys, Google has fanboys, MSFT has fanboys… I guess Photoshop has them… but does Flash? #godhatesflash


AWSUM “Hugo Chavez Asks Fidel Castro to Join Twitter” http://bit.ly/dxwHIL


Big night out for Stockholm’s teens, a good number of them will stomach-pumped later #valborg

tweets for 2010-04-29


random fact: Japan has 17 times the population density of Sweden


cute, NPR has its own link shorterner URL: n.pr. Not that npr.org is that long

tweets for 2010-04-28


finished Band of Brothers yesterday, I kinda like The Pacific better actually


dear lazyweb, anyone know how to show week numbers in Google Calendar?


Week numbers in Google Calendar, subscribe to g0k1sv1gsdief8q28kvek83ps4@group.calendar.google.com (via @hult)


Grant McLennan was a friggin genius #aussiepop


best site found today: Radioactive Consumer Products http://is.gd/bLBzy - includes cat litter, tape dispensers


Why people can’t be arsed to move more than 2 steps into the subway carriage eludes me #idiots #stockholm


dudes being a politician is a “real job” too. May be a shitty useless job, but it’s work

tweets for 2010-04-27


Bus 74 is eerily empty this morning


photogeeks love gimmicks like HDR and panoramas because it lets them spend more time computing than shooting #photog


hmm the #Spotify app doesn’t offer to auto-update to the new version? That’s a bit #lame, innit?


haha Skatteverket har delningslänkar till Twitter osv på sina sidor, det är lite coolt men också lite skitnödigt #web20 #fb


I wonder why the Drive-By Truckers are classed as alt-country and not simply rock? http://open.spotify.com/track/4FgpUqrNPbSG8bFViHPqz3


finally done with the SXSW torrents, winnowed them down to 50 odd tracks


I’m pretty sure if Steve Jobs was prez Jason Chen would be in iGitmo now #iphone4g


o/~ Help Save the Youth of America - http://is.gd/bJQRQ #seewhatididthere


testar #Skatteverkets ärendehantering via epost #fb


Hmm twitter in WirelessIRC isn’t updating?


ahahhah alla som blir brända av skumma skitartister i sin nya Spotify får mig att vilja vara kvar på classic #fb


The Pacific’s opening score beats Band of Brothers’ schmaltzy choir to a reddened pulp

tweets for 2010-04-26


Whoah dude my age with a Barbour satchel #moremoneythansense #oldbeforehistime #hipsterfail


even if Sony’s going to stop selling floppy disks, it’s still the icon for “Save file” in lots of programs. Computer appendix!


Headline in Metro: “after the ash disaster, the pollen-chock!”


I can’t believe there’s a local race condition in emacs’ movemail function again #freebsd #emacs


Teknisk fysik på KTH <5:e> mest populära civing program, efter typ all Indek-program: http://bit.ly/9ymMm1 #kth #fb


ah the joys of remote support: downloading a 82M file from a customer via UMTS


Finally on my way home!


you know what would effing rock? A pancake 45/2.8 af-s Nikkor #gearwank #photog


seriously, if you’re a student and have an iPhone you are legally barred from complaining about how poor you are #kidsthesedays #fb


i think tonight will be some R&R, back into the prettify-the-apt trenches tomorrow! #toomanywarmovies


.@janole @jfourgeaud @caaarlo the Hipstamatic app on the iPhone is one way to go, Holga that crap camera

tweets for 2010-04-25


om ni ska söka avdrag för hushållsarbete inför deklarationen så är det blankett SKV 4501 som gäller! #fb


Korv Stroganoff FTW! Nu ska det planteras äppelträd i kruka #medelklassmys #fb

tweets for 2010-04-24


great sense of entitlement http://www.kungfugrippe.com/post/544097636/developing-art-world


På Indian Garden på Söder för lördagsmiddag efter en produktiv dag! #fb

tweets for 2010-04-23


buy our apartment! http://www.hemnet.se/beskrivning/651547 #fb


wow The Pacific has me hooked! Can’t wait for the next episode


man I wonder who pays for Sean Reid’s writing, cos it’s not very good http://is.gd/bFgky #photog


wow McNulty in The Wire and Leckie in The Pacific are like peas in a pod

tweets for 2010-04-22


wow that @daringfireball post about the poor little lost iPhone was totally TL;DR. Dudes need to be chillin’


Hell hath no lengthy blog posts like a @gruber scorned


``Dear Iceland, we asked you to send CASH, not ash. Rgds, The UK’’ – my cuz Jonte, on FB


dear lazyweb, I’d like to script some tasks in a web interface on Windows XP. Good tips for a s/w package for this?


estate agent’s ad copy makes us want to buy the apartment we’re selling, good sign


channeling my innner @gruber by complaining about the UI of an internal app at work


Winter has made a comeback in Stockholm, 3C and rain


April is the cruelest month etc


looked into the irssi /recode documentation and fixed sending UTF-8 from #tircd, yay!


so far The Pacific is slathered in that patented Speilberg-Hanks Sentimental Sauce


so far the Supreme Court justices have proven to be smarter than most tech journos

tweets for 2010-04-21


big influx of customers at work today, “where’s your namebadge?” Namebadge, what namebadge? #snafu


they may have thought they sent a reminder mail to order nametags but they didn’t #sothere


why are the flight cancellations beating earthquake in Tibet? Journalists don’t live in Tibet


ok time to document howto update stuff in FreeBSD


somehow it’s always CUPS that needs to be updated on Unix systems. Active development or really bad code?


the #iPad is just a physical paywall for media companies and it will fail as such #pundit


here’s a protip if you have a school-issued laptop: put some duct tape over the camera #webcamgate


photo of @DougCoupland and a border crossing story http://www.keatleyphoto.com/blog/archives/4116


Jobs said ‘no iPads for Europe’, the volcano erupts. Coincidence? I THINK NOT


countertops look much nicer now!


interesting to read that “Manic Pixie Dream Girl” is a US movie phenomenom http://bit.ly/ezSOD (HT @RussB)

tweets for 2010-04-20


Wow a train to Mörby was waiting at Slussen. Awesome


SR says Iranian regime won over protestors. Never forget, IRL truncheons beats tweets


man this day is not looking good so far :P


set up #tircd with debugging so I can try to find out why I can’t tweet w/ unicode characters


being a fanboy means you’re letting your consumer choices determine your personality. Is that what you want?


timezones and DST are a fucking pain in the behind


lunch at my desk, oh joy #work #fail


finally checked in my little pet project into the main source control


today in the wide end, 24mm is the new 28mm. I happen to think 24mm is a tad too wide #photog

tweets for 2010-04-19


mounted the 28 series E after a month of 18/3.5. Love that lens but it’s bulky as all hell #photog


wow the inbox is full of cancelled meetings for the auditors who are stuck in London


Swedish copyfighters all up in arms over warrantless laptop searches at US borders… hello, welcome to 2008


yay new Foyle’s War ep up on tvtorrents!


all this whining about the iPad threatening free speech is amazing, it’s a $600 luxury item fer chrissake http://is.gd/bz5oA


I’m no vulcanologist, but this can’t be good http://hraun.vedur.is/ja/Katla2009/stodvaplott.html #ashtag


F Katla, fear the Yellowstone supervolcano! #ashtag #doom


why the HELL do I need to restart after Adobe Reader is updated? Seriously, WHY??? #adobe #fail


great now I’m logged out of the CRM system


det vore inte Expressen utan binde-streck: “Vulkan-askan”


why am I hating on the freetards so much lately? Must be the stuff they put in the Kool-Aid at the office!!!


.@Eorlingur I’m installing Foxit tomorrow, life’s too short for Adobe software

tweets for 2010-04-18


the Donner party only ate a dog, not themselves? Why must the myths be busted? http://is.gd/bxQDx


I can’t believe I’m at #IKEA on a Spring Sunday. Customer density is unbelievable. Lunch queue miles long. #1stworldproblems


investing in a blue bag at#IKEA


wow this comparatively piddly eruption on Iceland now could trigger Katla: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Katla

tweets for 2010-04-17


wtf I lost my screen session

tweets for 2010-04-16


bra artikel om @xboxflickan i dagens SvD! #fb


Customers - every answer they give just raises more questions #work #demotivators


ok earthquakes, global warming, ashen plumes of doom - Mother Nature’s a bitch and she’s hoppin’ mad! #ashtag


maybe we need a volcano-induced nuclear winter to deal with global warming #balance


I feel I have a good flow dealing with issues now.


Tactical query: start working on the weekend list this evening or relax and gather energy for Sat-Sun?


På väg till dansen för att hämta Viking #fb

tweets for 2010-04-15


Hos #Folktandvården med Viking #fb


Erry day I’m reminded that I’m lucky to have neither a car or a house


wtf still can’t open attachments in our case handling system? That’s not good … #work #fail


UK and Scandiwegians, be sure to add the following tag to all volcano-related tweets: #ashtag


I’m betting this dude is single http://sites.google.com/site/khromtor/


finally got to listen to Miss Li. Not a fan


first they destroy the world economy, and now we can’t fly! BLAME ICELAND!


good writeup on the Volcanic Ash Cloud of Doom: http://is.gd/btWft #ashtag

tweets for 2010-04-14


a perfect nerdstorm: atheism, stick figures, and Mythbusters http://bit.ly/cRelrI


giving Wolfram|Alpha fits with my input

tweets for 2010-04-13


New Nokia E5 looks very interesting! http://is.gd/bqNw8


the next Facebook will appear when teenagers realise they’re “friends” with their parents and flee #predictions #fb


mmm new MacBook Pro 13” now has 4GB memory in the base config polishes credit card


damnit the Nokia E5 won’t drop until summer??? Let’s hope my faithful E61 holds out until then!


for all my bloviating about the #iPad, this entire manufactured brawls between Apple and Adobe bores me to tears

tweets for 2010-04-12


gotta love how when IE freezes, so does Windows Explorer. Thanks M$ for that “integration”!


one problem with the popularity of micro-4/3s is that used prices are high


Katyn, Khatyn, what is difference? Quite a lot actually http://bit.ly/bkdYnJ (via @mjomark)


“Any plan that assumes the perfection of the human race is doomed to failure”


Nice, the pedestrian walkway from work to the subway has been swept clean of gravel #spring


back watching the Wire season 3… it’s a damn high-quality show

tweets for 2010-04-11


back from a trip to Sickla, lovely weather! I needed it yesterday when I was puttering around the terrace


fascinating vignette from the Finnish Continuation War 1941-1944 http://is.gd/bopHS


time to catch up on the Mobitopian’s blogs in Reader

tweets for 2010-04-10


another reason DRM is bad for business: e-ARC’s aren’t worth @scalzi’s time http://is.gd/bmT2b


I think KT Tunstall’s intro music to ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ is the best part of the film :P

tweets for 2010-04-09


no multitasking in #iPhone OS4? Guess we’ll have to wait for OS version 10 if history’s any guide ;)


ok apparently I didn’t read enough in the #iPhone OS4 announcement, there is apparently multitasking. My bad


haha, “RPG” is actually a backronym from the original Russian. Thanks, Wikipedia!


Activision: “Urdu, Arabic, what is difference?” http://www.inquisitr.com/54229/modern-warfare-2-is-culturally-sensitive/


``[The US federal govermnent is] essentially a huge insurance company with an army’’ – Paul Krugman


closing cases like a maniac! #work


YES! Cracked my first “current” problem in #projecteuler! Problem 283 took a long time but was worth it!

tweets for 2010-04-08


bah had WirelessIRC connected all night, drained the ole battery


Hint to social marketers, if someone tweets <your company> and “crap” at the same time, don’t follow them


got my #projecteuler mojo back (I hope!). Cracked problem 98, perl very helpful here


Massive public transport fail in Stockholm due to a tragic accident

tweets for 2010-04-07


this big new monitor I got today just emphasizes how puny my laptop is


Testing a quick post from #gravity, lessee if it turns up in #tircd!


solved #projecteuler problem 95 with some googling and a hunch

tweets for 2010-04-06


Thanks for the 4-day weekend, zombie Jesus! #fb


birds are singing outside the open office window #spring


all the Easter candy at the office has been snarfed, I miss it :P


amateur photos “too good” to be printed http://techdirt.com/articles/20100331/1100018810.shtml #photog


photos “too good” to be printed http://techdirt.com/articles/20100331/1100018810.shtml #photog


regarding the Hugo Award, what’s the diff between a novella and a novelette?

tweets for 2010-04-04


Nice to hear that travel #photog Bob Krist still uses DX format for weight reasons #imagedoctors #podcast


Started playing GTA4 on the #xbox #runninglate

tweets for 2010-04-02


Planning to get me some Xbox Live, can you get that w/ a credit card like a grownup or do you need to buy a prepaid card? #clueless #xbox


right after I buy a month’s Live Gold membership for 7EUR, Leo says you can get it for 1EUR #fml #xbox

tweets for 2010-04-01


omg Adobe Reader is such a huge honking pile of festering mammoth dung


lol best AFJ today RT @Spotify libspotify now available for CP/M http://bit.ly/byIJ84


Cory @doctorow and Charles Stross to write an Atlas Shrugged sequel! http://is.gd/b9ACO


ok that #xkcd Lulnix interface is cute, but geeking out like that is a bit precious nowadays


haha Lilla My cosplay http://is.gd/ba2rJ #moomin


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