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tweets for 2021-12-27

Hur var julen? Norén eller OK ?


🤬 Fuck web3

What pisses me off about the people promoting “web3” is that they assume the future of the web is artificial scarcity. It’s a 180 from the promise and reality of the web - that information, on the margin, is free to reproduce infinitely. Instead of the values of open source and CC0 content we’re supposed to believe that card collectors and stock speculators are the ones to shape the future.

There is nothing in the debased vision that these people present that attracts me - and I say that as someone who is fully prepared to pay money for goods and services online. I refuse to pay inflated prices to greedy middlemen who will just clear-cut field after field of creative endeavor to pump their useless tokens.

tweets for 2021-12-14

Java: Write Once, Remote Execution Anywhere

tweets for 2021-12-04

Biggest problem facing humanity right now, according to Hacker News:

[ ] global warming [ ] erosion of human rights [X] YouTube removing dislike counts


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