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tweets for 2007-05-30

Heading to daycare, then to IKEA shudder

tweets for 2007-05-27

stupid DVB-T box has lost its channels

tweets for 2007-05-26

Shopping for a fridge/freezee

tweets for 2007-05-25

Heading in to work after the weekly sub rosa breakfast

tweets for 2007-05-20

In an exclusive interior decoration store in Alvik

Waiting for Leo to arrive from basket camp in G

tweets for 2007-05-19

off to spend the money we do not actually have

Got my D40

52mm UV filters are hard to find. This is the 3rd store I’ve tried

tweets for 2007-05-18

Latest bid: 4,250,000 SEK, up 50k

final price for the house: 4,900,000 SEK

observations for 2007-05-17

Les Orchard:

Twitter becomes immensely interesting when it turns out that you’ve amassed a group of contacts who tend to run in similar circles as you, because even their off-handed remarks and random burps have a decent chance of surfacing something interesting or entertaining. When it’s good, this sets up a nice ambient chatter like sitting in a coffee shop filled with just your kind of people.

This hits the nail squarely on the head.

Man, I can’t believe I’m getting a cold. I do not have time for this.

tweets for 2007-05-17

Testing posting to twitter via Fring

tweets for 2007-05-16

latest bid: 4,200,000 SEK (asking price)

tweets for 2007-05-15

no bids yet, getting a bit nervous

tweets for 2007-05-14

listening to an early version of “Werewolves of London” by Warren Zevon. Fantastic!

doing the bugzilla tango

heading to the in-laws while the second showing is on

tweets for 2007-05-13

First showing done, one more tomorrow. Then hopefully the nightmare will be over…

tweets for 2007-05-12

cellar finally done, a literal ton of crap accumelated

Finishing an Equus cigar at the Riddarholm quay in Stockholm. Perfect weather.

tweets for 2007-05-10

ok I’m alone at the support desk and the mailbox hasn’t been looked at for a day

tweets for 2007-05-08

Making chicken and rice for dinner

tweets for 2007-05-07

coffee break!

public folders in Exchange are the work of the devil!

god I’m beat

tweets for 2007-05-06

drove 2 carloads of crap to the recycling center

man I’m tired, I just want this to be over

tweets for 2007-05-05

Eating that Swedish fast-food staple, kebab with fries, in Högdalen

man I’m beat

Thinking of going to this Maria McKee concert: http://tinyurl.com/yppzpu

tweets for 2007-05-04

signing into the salt mine, fscking Symantec is going medieval on my HDD

currently the ad for the house is the 1st one listed here: http://tinyurl.com/ysomd4

tweets for 2007-05-03

ok both the building inspector and photographer have been here today. Ad should be up tomorrow.

to bed!

tweets for 2007-05-02

being back at work feels like a vacation

I survived IKEA


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