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tweets for 2013-09-30

The fact I’m seeing Breaking Bad spoilers in Swedish in my Twiter feed tells me TV has a piracy problem

Apparently my daily visits to Tumblr have failed to appease the marketers as I get reminder emails every so often.

tweets for 2013-09-29

Twitter tycker jag ska följa Annie Lööf?! Are you effing kidding me?! #fb

tweets for 2013-09-26

When I’m worried FB knows too much about me I check the crap they thing I “may be interested in” and stop worrying.

tweets for 2013-09-25

Mycké götteborg just nu, frugan ragear över klanen Hysén och Lasse Kronér orérar i tévé #kanaldrigfåförmycketgöteborg #goagubbar #fb

Did I just pull twitter rank (who first joined) on some random Mormon on IRC? I believe I did! #douchemove

tweets for 2013-09-24


Time to put on the mother of all Lloyd Cole playlists in preparation for tonight’s concert #fb

The night before my 43rd birthday I’m eating broccoli and I like it #finallygrownup #fb

going to concerts my age you run with an older crowd #lloydcole

concert with intermission! now I’m really old

tried to keep track of the set list but some old crone thought I was tweeting and tapped my shoulder #lloydcole

shocked to see someone here obviously in her early 30s #lloydcole

Well, that was pretty awesome #lloydcole

I’d walk home instead of waiting 9 minutes for the tram if it weren’t 10 degrees above absolute zero outside #winterisfuckingcoming

tweets for 2013-09-23

The instructions to print a document are so complex I need to print them #1stworldproblems #catch22

“In your service desk work, do you go the extra mile for your customers?” “No, we’re on the metric system”. h/t @varjag #work

tweets for 2013-09-20

Goodbye iOS 6, 3 different people with iPhone 4 have convinced me to take the plunge

Now I remember why I turned of iCloud sync for Outlook… it literally freezes for minutes when switching to Calendar….

Well eff me raw, they’ve removed Podcasts from Music. Bastards

OH “my dad lived in Kazakhstan when he was testing biological weapons”

Anyone have the Nokia Tune as an iOS ringtone?

Windows and iCloud, sitting in a tree, ripping their effing throats out

Notifications center is officially confusing me, people!

“500px is the g+ to flickr’s fb” - me, drinking 3rd glass rose cava

tweets for 2013-09-19

Quick eyeball of fellow passenger’s iPhones show a low penetration of iOS 7 so far 😉

I’m shocked that @Eising let so-called “real life” get in the way of updating his phone OS!

Installing Emacs under cygwin lives up the old adage of it being bloated, it’s pulling in X11, Perl and more!

tweets for 2013-09-18

o/~ On the second night of my drinkin’ / I was lookin’ for my car / and as luck would have it I found it / parked outside my favourite bar

I’m sorry but if you can’t keep your servers synced to the correct time I simply don’t have much respect for you.

I’d like to touch wood but my desk is laminate!

tweets for 2013-09-17

There’s something wrong with the sun, it’s rising later and later, but Maintenance say they don’t have a budget to fix it this year!

tweets for 2013-09-16

13.4% - great alcohol volume, shitty packet loss

tweets for 2013-09-14

Påstod #tv4nyheterna just att Knugen var den regent som suttit längst i Europa? Både QE2 samt DKs dronning har suttit längre.#fb

tweets for 2013-09-13

Finally caved in and rejoined Google+. Looks quite nice now actually.

Apparently the Twitter reply spammers really trigger on mentions of Google+. That’s good news for G+ I guess?

tweets for 2013-09-10

Hmm under this particular combo of linux, gnome terminal and ssh, I can’t type Swedish characters. I think I’ll deal

tweets for 2013-09-09

Standards are great. There are so many to choose from! Most apparently sabotaged by the #NSA.

This here netbook we can use for on-call #work is pretty damn crappy even for a netbook

tweets for 2013-09-05

The thought that so much of our technology relies on shell or batch scripts sometimes terrifies me.

tweets for 2013-09-04

Gonna ditch Ubuntu and test Elementary instead.

Don’t update to the new Google Authenticator app unless you want to lose all your auth tokens

To set up Google Auth again, you need to choose the “Move to a different phone” option in Account->Security->2 step

Not ashamed to admit I’d rather be home installing Linux… #work

Tolkar taggen #obamase som något sorts slang tills jag inser det ska uttydas “Obama SE” #gettingold #fb

Själv föredrar jag taggen #bamzse framför #obamase #hiphop #vitsigt #kanjagklämmainentaggtill? #fb

If there ever was a hipster Linux, Elementary is it. If 90s Look&Feel trials are triggering, DON’T TRY IT!

Linux on the desktop has arrived, it’s called OSX.

tweets for 2013-09-03

Vore “kul” om Maddes barn uppfostras till katolik och inte kan ärva tronen. Med #republik skulle vi slippa sånt här tjafs.

tweets for 2013-09-02

Can’t believe it took me nearly a year to script this tedious weekly task

Today’s word I simply cannot spell: localhost


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