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tweets for 2007-07-31

Eating a carb/sugar-laden cookie and drinking instant. This is in preparation for a shopping outing, and I can’t drink as I’m driving :P

where the hell is the Facebook IM interface?

back from the hypermarché

tweets for 2007-07-30

Sun comes up, it’s Monday morning… the 3 beers I had yesterday are making themselves reminded.

tweets for 2007-07-29

Safely back home

tweets for 2007-07-21

got HP7, 180 SEK in the local bookshop, no queue. Got one for the fantasy-lovin’ in-laws too.

Hitting the sack, driving to Halland tomorrow. Planning to stay offline, may tweet via mobile.

tweets for 2007-07-20

6 1/2 hours to go

4 hours to go!

1.5 hours to go!

The Vacation Starts NOW

a nice meal with 4/5 of the family at the local pasta place

tweets for 2007-07-19

2 days to go!

testing the facebook twitter app

Facebook: where’s the RSS?

trying to access my ancient email account via POP3

spray.se sucks giant rotten donkey balls

tweets for 2007-07-18

so far this day sucks

tweets for 2007-07-17

4 days left until vacation

tweets for 2007-07-12

just got a call from the camera store, my D40 has been repaired!

signing in to Meebo for the first time in a long while

tweets for 2007-07-11

social networks are just forums writ large

tweets for 2007-07-09

Today the house sale will be finalised!

tweets for 2007-07-08

1 load of crap to go until the house is empty

tweets for 2007-07-02

ah, Monday


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