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tweets for 2017-01-31

“The banner bright, the symbol plain Of human right and human gain”

TIL Sven Nykvist was cinematographer on “Sleepless in Seattle”. Must have been a sweet gig.

tweets for 2017-01-27

Björn Ranelid har tatuerat en tiger på bröstet, samt kör med manbun. Never change, dude #skavlan

tweets for 2017-01-26

Not really seeing how “rogue” and “alt” accounts for US agencies is helping with fake news…

tweets for 2017-01-25

What is the preferred programming language of the Many-Angled Ones from Beyond Space-Time?

OK so now the world is starting to remind me of John Shirley’s A Song of Youth, except with crappier music

tweets for 2017-01-22

Tangerine Nightmare #ageoftrump

tweets for 2017-01-20

showerthought: nuclear winter might be just the thing to stop global warming! #ageoftrump

tweets for 2017-01-13

On the Internet, no-one knows you’re a 400lb hacker

tweets for 2017-01-06

Min fru gillar ingen i #PåSpåret ikväll…

När @manmedskagg drar på 10 poäng i #PåSpåret är hustrun motvilligt imponerad

tweets for 2017-01-04

I hear that if you get an Assuage from Julian you always get a Happy Ending

tweets for 2017-01-02

Påminn mig att sluta köpa DAB.


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