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tweets for 2016-10-28

If you find you can’t find a specific product, it usually means the market for it is too small. Sometimes the market is just you.


tweets for 2016-10-27

The new Macbook represents the final triumph of Emacs over vi

tweets for 2016-10-21

Putin wants a “color revolution” in the US. The color, of course, is Cheeto orange.

tweets for 2016-10-19

The network was interrupted from within the house! #Assange

tweets for 2016-10-18

If Assange is as unstable as Equador says he is… depriving him of internet can’t help (extrapolating from own experiences)

tweets for 2016-10-14

Apple moves in mysterious ways #newiphone

tweets for 2016-10-13

I wonder how many millions Apple saved by making the little SIM holder poker from bent wire instead of stamped steel?

restoring from iCloud backup to a new phone with 2FA implemented - complicated

“Restoring from iCloud - Time remaining: About 1 hour” are you f*cking kidding me

Glorious 64GB…. so much space #newiphone

o/~ how many songs does a man have to write / before they can win him a prize?

Wait, the original Alien Blue is no more? Gone when changing phones. New “Reddit” app looks shite @cukeking #newiphone

New phone AND new router on the same day?! Stop the world, I wanna get off! #fb

tweets for 2016-10-07

“Soylent bars is poople!”

Note to self: review gear I have previously owned before planning to buy same stuff again

Can’t for the Hurrican #Matthew victim truthers… You know they’re out there

Kvällstidningslexikon: “mild förvåning” - CHOCK #fb

It’s 2016 and I still see the text “1 Documents” on our fancy-schmancy new printer #fail #fb

In the dark future of Sony, there is only one camera: α40,000 @tybstar

tweets for 2016-10-06

<#Sony makes hand gestures> You don’t need a bigger battery in your camera


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