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tweets for 2011-06-29

last breakfast in Las Palmas (@ Hotel Santa Catalina) http://4sq.com/lU11Br

finally arrived (@ Terminal 5) http://4sq.com/kJhZlG

of course the bus to the parking has stopped running #fuckingairports

on the plus side, finally full mobile internet again! #fuckyeahinternets

tweets for 2011-06-28

breakfast (@ Hotel Santa Catalina) http://4sq.com/kSmrZ1

tweets for 2011-06-27

relaxing in luxury (@ Hotel Santa Catalina) http://4sq.com/m1mJHx

hotel room balcony http://instagr.am/p/GgPZ7/

wow that rum & coke totally sapped my energy

time to freshen up before dinner

tweets for 2011-06-26

Home from road trip to Crocodile Park (@ Hotel Concorde) http://4sq.com/mz8GUN

tweets for 2011-06-25

dinner (@ El Bodegòn De Vandama) http://4sq.com/lWVNUz

tweets for 2011-06-24

great coffee (@ Gelato Italiano) http://4sq.com/jOiMgz

tweets for 2011-06-23

yay, Hotel Concorde in Las Palmas has wifi in its rooms now #vacation

tweets for 2011-06-22

Listening to fellow passengers on this flight to Oslo kvetch about the Greeks and their lazy ways #whitewhine

tweets for 2011-06-20

I just ousted Hans K. as the mayor of Polisen on @foursquare! http://4sq.com/br73t8

Back from picking up Leo at Arlanda. Still undecided whether we’ll make it to London tomorrow

Mt. Gox == Magic The Gathering Online Exchange #wtf #lol #bitcoin

tweets for 2011-06-18

I’m at ICA Kvantum Sickla (Siroccogatan 4, Nacka) http://4sq.com/lwYtXH

tweets for 2011-06-17

pity Swedish libraries have to use Adobe’s DRM for their ebooks. Right now I hate Adobe’s PDF world with the heat of a thousand suns

tweets for 2011-06-16

How sad, Patrick Leigh Fermor is dead at 96 - http://is.gd/pf0FyY

tweets for 2011-06-15

indoktrinerar knodden genom att tvinga honom läsa Ny Teknik #civing4evah

tweets for 2011-06-13

chockad av att antagningspoängen för Teknisk fysik på KTH är 21,5 #wtf

lulz Teknisk fysik på Chalmers, 19,5 #smackdown

tweets for 2011-06-12

I just ousted @videren as the mayor of Lidl Sjöstan on @foursquare! http://4sq.com/a7nNZL

I just ousted Victor S. as the mayor of Willy:s Sickla on @foursquare! http://4sq.com/aMJJUM

tweets for 2011-06-10

“Jackie Brown” on Kanal 5 - “when you absolutely, positively have to kill every motherfucker in the room”

tweets for 2011-06-07

gotta love how Apple has just yanked the SMS rug from under the carriers with iMessages #ios5

evening ride - free air pump doesn’t work with my valves though (@ Lumabryggan) http://4sq.com/iTgiEO

tweets for 2011-06-05

short ride around Hammarbyhamnen (@ Barnängsbryggan) http://4sq.com/lP7nQM

tweets for 2011-06-03

Kul diskussion om #kärnkraft på morgonens #subrosa. Ekar inte #KanTysklandKanVi lite 30-tal? ;)

Man I don’t really want to sit in the office right now! Gimme a shady lawn and some beer plz #fb

this is obviously where the local youths hang out on Friday nights, chugging brews and listening to r’n’b http://4sq.com/l6ep9y

rooting for Moldova, they need a win more than we do

all the ads are for Swedish companies, seeing that Moldova is poorest in Europe

tweets for 2011-06-02

I voted for Sweden joining the Euro in 2003 but seeing the idiots in the ECB now I’m glad we didn’t #econocalypse

heading home, still light at 10pm (@ Gullmarsplan tvärbanan) http://4sq.com/jPY4UT

tweets for 2011-06-01

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