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tweets for 2021-02-28

TIL that Richmal Crompton (whose works TBF I haven’t read since 40 years) was a woman

tweets for 2021-02-22

I’d just like to interject for a moment. What you refer to as Emacs, is in fact GNU/EMACS, or as I’ve recently taken to calling it, Vim.

Daft Punk split up!

“So who gets to be Daft, and who gets to be Punk?”

“Whoever gets lucky”

(h/t @varjag)

tweets for 2021-02-19

Does the term “Houston, we have a problem” refer to the fact that Ted Cruz lives there?

tweets for 2021-02-18

Enums in PHP, records in Java - I’m betting Pascal is gunning for a comeback!

tweets for 2021-02-08

Finally, $BTC and $TSLA has coalesced into a frothy ball of FOMO

tweets for 2021-02-03

I can’t believe that POTUS45 is gonna invoke “freeze peach” as a defense for treason. He really is the uber-Boomer


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