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tweets for 2012-10-31

Not for the first time since it was written I’m reminded of Bruce Sterling’s “Heavy Weather” #anthropocene

tweets for 2012-10-30

Installed iOS6 30 minutes ago, just reported my first map issue.

Glad to see we can leave the long national nightmare of seeing NYC drowned by a hurricane and look forward to more crappy Star Wars movies.

tweets for 2012-10-29

It’s that semi-annual ritual of wondering why the heck we use #DST anyway.

tweets for 2012-10-26

I wish I could tag my music in iTunes…

Thanks @koehntopp for letting me know you can create smart playlists in #iTunes based on the Comments field! #win

Reading up on Jordan’s government to find out how they could eff up their DST transition so totally #wikipedia

Another #iTunes wish list item: folders for smart playlists, a la Lightroom ;)

Mission Impossible 4: Goat Protocol #ReplaceMovieTitleWithGoat

The Goat Identity/Supremacy/Ultimatum #ReplaceMovieTitleWithGoat

Hitgoat #ReplaceMovieTitleWithGoat

Skygoat #ReplaceMovieTitleWithGoat

GoatEye #ReplaceMovieTitleWithGoat

You Only Goat Twice / The Man with the Golden Goat / Goatfinger / From Russia with Goat #ReplaceMovieTitleWithGoat

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Goats #ReplaceMovieTitleWithGoat

Done with the goats now I think.

tweets for 2012-10-24

“Christ. Another day.” – Stephen Maturin #pob

You know a case has gone pearshaped when you learn the 6-digit pin for the daily conference call by heart #work

So, this week has been pretty hectic at #work so far, and we still have the DST shift this weekend. And guess who’s on call?

tweets for 2012-10-23

Today I am determined not to get blindsided by #work - I am prepared for everything below direct meteor strike.

The iPad Mini costing 3,000 SEK in Sweden proves the 1 USD = 10 SEK CE exchange rate (well it’s mostly the 25% VAT)

tweets for 2012-10-22

Made an effort to get to #work early. Not entirely sure it’s worth the tradeoff.

Listening to Asimov’s Foundation - I remember nothing from my reading of it in Swedish when I was 13 ;) #sf

tweets for 2012-10-19

Man I miss Friday’s in the 90s when you got #NTK in the ole email inbox.

Pretty sure I’m way out in the weeds with this #ProjectEuler problem but at least I’m making a pretty path.

tweets for 2012-10-18

Perl array flattening bites my ass again.

Still can’t buy a #Nexus 7 in Sweden. Oh well, guess I’ll wait for the iPad mini then.

tweets for 2012-10-17

Glöm Romney vs. Obama! Årets fajt är helt klart Svd vs. Svenska akademin #fb

We’re usually pretty good at meeting discipline at #work but it’s broken down big time today. Oh well I guess I can get my flow back…

tweets for 2012-10-16

Regarding assertion that Baumgartner fell at “supersonic” speeds - not faster than speed of sound at the pressure he was at #sciencefail #fb

tweets for 2012-10-15

o/~ Me and old Jack Daniels become the best of friends / We got all them Baptists to die for our sins #drivebytruckers #work

THIS SO DAMN MUCH RT @andyy: RT @joshsusser: If you don’t hate time zones, you’re not a real programmer.

tweets for 2012-10-14

Watching “Haywire”. The pronounced fisheye distorsion in many scenes bugs the hell out of me.

tweets for 2012-10-13

Still can’t decide what was stupider, giving the Peace prize to Obama or to the ET

meh, I meant EU in my last tweet, ET actually deserved the Peace prize ;)

tweets for 2012-10-12

I’ve added this to my CV today: Nobel Peace Laureate 2012 (hat tip @jimh) #fb

Jag misstänker att fredspriskommiténs möten är blöta tillställningar. #fb

I hope representatives of Germany and Greece accept the Peace Prize, FOR THE IRONY

#BBT S06E03 really stepped it up

tweets for 2012-10-11

For the first time in a long while I’m able to use memoization to deal with cases #work

Laddar DN.se ungefär en gång om året: för att kolla vem som fick litteraturpriset #fb

I wish Kickstarter had downvotes so those with stupid ideas had to pay us money

It’s Southern night! Drive-by Truckers, checked “Justified” on tvtropes, and learned Frankfort is Kentucky state capital

tweets for 2012-10-10

We’re billing way to little for doing this stuff at this time in the morning for $customer #work

I actually asked for more cases to work on as my load right now is really low #work

tweets for 2012-10-09

Got “Let England Shake” on repeat right now

tweets for 2012-10-08


Beyond lame RT @paulmutton: Twitter appears to have bound the F5 key to the retweet action (when looking at a single tweet). #wtf

tweets for 2012-10-04

Låt oss fira korporativismens fortlevnad genom Kanelbullens dag! #fb

tweets for 2012-10-02

It’s that awkward time of year when dates are hard to read: 20121002 #work

So, that walk I was gonna take tonight… didn’t take it #lazy

Just got asked about combinations by Leo - 5 choose 3 specifically. Could I explain? I could not. That’s what Wikipedia is for.

tweets for 2012-10-01

I can’t believe it’s October already.

Stuff that thankfully didn’t catch on: vlogs.


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