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tweets for 2019-06-30

Green grass - it’s the Lawn of the Land

tweets for 2019-06-27

Reflektion kring matbordet när det diskuteras sjukhusserier:

Alltså, svengelskan är out of control.


tweets for 2019-06-24

In these days of boomer Facebook storms we need a new name for Brecht’s iconic character: Mutter Outrage

Extracting weregild for technical debt will probably improve code quality

tweets for 2019-06-20

Boris Johnson is probably a Death Eater - He Who Must Not Be Combed

tweets for 2019-06-19

It’s typically Swedish that the 2 days that you’re most expected to be free from work (Midsummer’s Eve and Christmas Eve) are not, technically, holidays (röda dagar). This is just something you’re expected to know

Looking forward to Brexit bringing is the sort of new coinage like the old “engelska sjukan” in Sweden (“the English disease”) for rickets.

tweets for 2019-06-13

The problem, as always, isn’t the technology. It’s the people using the technology.

Motivationsnivå: NOLL

tweets for 2019-06-12

TFW you realize you’ve been mis-hearing an @aimeemann lyric for almost 30 years…

tweets for 2019-06-05

just randomly surfing B&H and finding photo equipment that costs more than a MacPro

tweets for 2019-06-03

FINALLY #revolutionspodcast ep 10.3 drops, I’ve been waiting since last Monday to learn more #Marxism!

new MacPro - someone misread the design brief. Instead of “like the next-to-last one, but greater”, they read “gratier”


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